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Unit 2 Assessment Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

During the unit 2 assessment test, I learned that I am all over the charts between good and poor. I fell mostly in the middle of okay with the majority of the answers. It’s a reality check about your skills when you list them on paper in black and white. It helps you learn a lot about yourself when it’s on paper and it’s laid out in front of you. Evaluating yourself is never easy and something you don’t always want to face. There is always going to be things that needs to be changed and you may not be ready to take that step.

One of my huge weaknesses is low self-esteem and confidence (Bethel University, 2014). Having this as a poor skill in life makes a lot of the other skills hard to conquer. I think if I had a higher confidence level then maybe I wouldn’t struggle so much with public speaking, management of people and seeking support from others. I don’t give myself enough credit and I am hard on myself. Another weakness that I struggle with is the ability to focus on one thing at a time. I have struggled with this quality as far back as I can remember.

My mind is always racing and trying to complete more than more thing at a time. I have always focused more on my strengthens than weaknesses. Throughout the survey the three main strengths that stuck out about me was responsible, honest and a good listener. My main strength that I was told early in life that I had was that I well a level headed responsible person (Bethel University, 2014). I have always reminded myself of that and used that throughout my life and tried to do the responsible thing.

I have used that reference to make big decisions in my life ecause responsible always seems to be the right choice. Another strength that I give myself credit for is honesty. I try to follow the motto “Honesty is the best policy. ” I choose to always be honest with one another, because that is how I would want people to be with me. Throughout my childhood, I was always the one everyone came to talk to because I was a great listener and would give the responsible advice. As I have gotten older, I still catch myself doing the same thing to this day. Always listen to what everyone has to say and then be honest with my advice.

My plan is to work on my weakness of confidence by working from the inside out. I have been trying to do things that are outside of the box that aren’t in my comfort zone, so I can work on building my confidence. I think, in general being a good person is being responsible and honest. I will continue to be that kind of person and keep those strengthens throughout my life. Bethel University. (2014). Who are you? Retrieved from https:// www. betheluniversityonline. net/ Good Communication skills are an important factor in the world today, rather it be written or oral.

A lot of us talk the way we write with incorrect grammar and slang (Bethel, 2014). We use communication on a daily basis at work, school and at home. Great communication skills are key in the workforce. If you learn to talk correctly you will go further in your career (Bethel, 2014). You are more likely to give a better sales pitch with the correct communication skills. Let’s say for an example that you work in an office as a salesman. You will either talk to someone face to face, by phone or simply by email. If you are in sales position, you have to communicate with buyers to get your product across to them.

If you don’t have good communication with the buyers or investors they are not going to purchase or invest in your product or services. You are not going to be successful in your job or business. I plan on improving my communication skills by paying more attention to the way I speak to one another not just at work but with my kids as well. If I can help myself and help them at the same time to talk correctly, I am accomplishing a lot these days. Tam going to try to quit using so much slang and incorrect grammar when texting or speaking to friends and family.

I think if you improve your communication, you are going to excel better in everything you do especially career wise. You will be up for better job opportunities, promotions and established career. That is what we want is to be successful in life. Bethel University. (2014). Who are you? Retrieved from https:// www. betheluniversityonline. net/ The APA style stands for American Psychological Association (APA) and it is used in Psychology and other Social Sciences. (APA Manual, 2009) It was created to establish a simple set of procedure or rules that would make the many components of writing more consistent.

It covers uniform use of elements such as punctuation and abbreviations and most importantly for Bethel students the use of in-text citations and references. (Bethel, 2014) APA format aides in the organization and format of an essay, so the student has time to concentrate on the content. APA recommends four major sections of a paper: title page, abstract, body and reference page. Learning the APA format can improve the writing skill of college students. When preparing a paper or essay in APA format it should include 1 inch margins, be double spaced and use 12-point font.

One great advantage to APA style is that it gives proper credit to the original author. Which helps students avoid plagiarism. Another advantage is it makes the submitted work easier for the instructors to grade. It can make it quicker for instructors to determine if the students understand the subject. The APA style can be very confusing to students when formatting for references. I know that I am struggling with understand the correct way to do the references in text, at the end of paragraphs and at the end of the paper.

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