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This Life Time has 42048000 Minutes

Listen up soldiers, we have a crisis on our hands. A silent army has been built up over hundreds of years and is the most deadly enemy we have ever had to face. This enemy you people have known since the day you were brought into this world. You are face to face with this enemy every day, unknowing that every step you take, every move you make, and every decision you face is contributing somehow to this armys strength. In case you havent noticed yet, ladies and gentlemen, this enemy is ourselves.

Slowly and surely we are destroying nimals, ourselves and most importantly the only planet we have, Earth. You have probably all heard this speech a thousand times before, and well if this has to be the 1001 before we get off our lazy, self-destructing asses and do something to fix it, so be it! I admit Im no better than the rest of you at the simple things in everyday life that are destroying this planet, but the whole issue pisses me off. Our whole existence revolves around money, and our personal benefit.

We have forgotten how to do things for thers, how to help the planet and, in turn, how to benefit the species. The fact is simple people, were killing ourselves. Many, however, dont notice it. They believe what theyre doing is either beneficial, or that they are too small to do anything about it. Well most of them are right, most of us fall under some sort of higher power, which means that the root of the problems are mainly the governments. Dont think that this is leading into one of those x-filesy, conspiracy theory type lectures, however if youd like to call it that, I wont be ne to judge.

I do believe the governments know how to prevent and stop much of the problems in our world today. For example, its a widely known fact that we have the technology to use water instead of gas for cars, but the government wont allow production because they get money off gas, and to them its more important than a clean environment, more important than contaminating the water, or killing off animals because of the pollution even when the money they get from the gas ends up being put back into trying o control these problems anyway.

And who was the guy who thought that burning fossil fuels would be a good source of energy anyway? Did they take the first suggestion that came up or what? Fossil fuels are not everlasting guys, HELLO! Is our species so narrow-minded that we cant see into the future and realise that one day it will run out. Or did we know that in the beginning and not care cause it was the only resource we could use? Did we then become so lazy that we couldnt spend the time and money (ooo not money!! o figure out some other sort of fuel or energy source?!?! This is nuts!!! So go ahead try and hide.

Protect yourselves with your fancy guns and munitions, run away with your trains, planes, and automobiles or go about as if nothings happening. None of those will help you much cause the only way we can shelter ourselves from whats to come is if we stop it from ever happening. Now are you all able to get off your couches, stop watching your TVs and do something about it? Didnt think so but it was worth a try anyway.

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