Different types of diodes

A diode is an electronic component allows current to flow easily in one direction but blocks current in the other direction. Most diodes are made from a silicon semi-conductor material. To make silicon a more effective semi-conductor the material goes through a process called doping. This involves adding impurities (holes) to the material. By adding … Read more

Statement Of Purpose (Master Of Science In Business )

I am an Engineering graduate with major in Biotechnology from Visvesvaraya Technological University, one of the top universities in India. Few significant courses I studied were Calculus, Engineering statistics, Programming, Operating systems and Pearl programming. After my graduation I worked for Infosys technologies as Quality Analyst for more than 6 years, where I got to … Read more

Heat exchanger technology and applications in heat exchanger engineering

Over the years, all parts of a commercial refrigerator, such as the compressor, heat exchangers, refrigerant, and packaging, have been improved considerably due to the extensive research and development efforts carried out by academia and industry. However, the achieved and anticipated improvement in conventional refrigeration technology are incremental since this technology is already nearing its … Read more

Gaming Addiction

Game or otherwise digital game is one of the mostgreatest technology industry right now. Developer can get so many advantages, for example Destiny. Destiny has already smashed analysts’ expectations for first-week sales with a $500 million launch. From this, we can conclude that game industry is on of the greatest industry. But now, gaming could … Read more

Effect of Video Games on Children

The advancement in technology has brought changes in entertainment sources. Changes in technologies bring the potential for changes in users’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (Kipnis, 1997). The games played by modern children are very different from the games played few decades ago. The games, which involve physical activities, are almost diminished and have been replaced … Read more

Cloud Computing Security

BRIEF INTRODUCTION ABOUT THE TOPIC: Cloud computing simply means ?Internet computing, generally the internet is seen as collection of clouds; thus the word cloud computing can be defined as utilizing the internet to provide technology enabled services to the people and organizations. Cloud computing enables consumers to access resources online through the internet from anywhere … Read more

Digital Devices And Well-Being

To understand the severity of how digital devices can affect our well-being whether it be in a positive way or negative; it is important to understand how present we have made these devises a part of our everyday activities. Take a moment and think, cellphones are the most readily available device to a great percentage … Read more

Silica gel formation

Silica gel is an important adsorbent use as desiccant in our daily life. The term ‘gel’ merely indicates the condition of the material it is a hard glassy substance as it is manufactured from raw material. It has different characterization parameters It has porous structure characterised by chemistry of the arrangement of the pores and … Read more


While you want to shed a bit light to your optical fiber troubles, flip to an OTDR. Optical time DOMAIN reflectometers (OTDRs) are fantastic portions of device. They ship pulses of mild into optical fibers at a wide variety of pulse widths, analyze the minuscule amounts of mild contemplated back to them from faults inside … Read more

 Sampoong Department Store

On 29th of June, 1995, the Sampoong department store in Seoul, South Korea, completely collapsed. The collapse is the deadliest modern building collapse until the attacks in New York City and is the deadliest non-deliberate building that collapsed until Savar building collapsed in 2013. The tragedy occurred due to multiple errors made by the designers … Read more

Roman Invention: Arches

Rome was able to control a vast empire due to their military success. According to Bee Breeders, an Architecture competition organisers, Roman architecture was at its peak during the Pax Romana period, a period in which the Roman Empire didn’t expand and wasn’t invaded, and which lasted over 200 years. One of the Roman inventions … Read more

Different types of scanner devices

The scanner is a device that optically scans images, printed text, handwriting, any object, and which converts it into a digital image. Scanner which are Commonly used in offices are variations of the desktop flatbed scanner where the document is placed on a glass window for Scanning. Types of scanner Drum Flatbed CCD Scanner CIS … Read more


Enlightenment which is very famous in sociology. Therefore, many significant thinkers and philosopher have evaluated enlightenment according to their minds. One of them is Immanuel Kant. He defined his thoughts with a basic and understanble language according to his mind regarding enlightenment. In the meantime, he used social acts while define the enlightenment. Enlightenment’s meaning … Read more

Importance of MIS (Management in Information systems in BPR (Business process redesign)

Abstract Nowadays, MIS (Management in Information systems and BPR (Business process redesign) partner with each other to ensure success. Any businesses using Information technology for process reengineering or redesign had enormous benefits in the past and are getting benefited currently. This emphasize on utilization of capabilities of Information technology methods by businesses who aspire to … Read more

Proportion in architecture

Proportions are understood as a cooperation of different parts in a whole. It is a commonly known term called proportion. But trying to understand the proportion in architecture turns out to be more complex due to massive amount of hidden information and theories, but those things let us understand the true meaning of proportion and … Read more

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is a very precise and decently hard career to pursue.  Computer Engineering deals with the design of products for electronic computation and communication. These people who pursue this career focus on the creation and processing of electronic information. I chose this job because of how much I enjoy playing on computers and looking … Read more

8086 Microprocessor Overview

“ Microprocessor – the computer whose entire CPU is contained on one integrated circuits. The important characteristics of a microprocessor are the widths of its internal and external address bus and data bus (and instruction), its clock rate and its instruction set. Major Features 8086 Microprocessor is a 16-bit microprocessor. It is the highest data … Read more

Neato Botvac D5 Connected Navigating Robot Vacuum Review

With the Botvac D5 Connected, Neato is trying to democratize connected vacuums. A little less expensive than usual, this new robot has an unprecedented function: it can be ordered to work via Facebook Messenger. Last year, we tested the Neato Botvac connected, a robot vacuum cleaner connected to a formidable efficiency to which was added … Read more

Screenless Display Contents

This paper discusses advent of the Screen less display which is a developing new technology, has become a good vision in the near future for a wide range of applications. As the name implies it deals with the display of several things without the screens. It involves three different working principles. First is The Visual … Read more

Gaming Addiction

Game or otherwise digital game is one of the mostgreatest technology industry right now. Developer can get so many advantages, for example Destiny. Destiny has already smashed analysts’ expectations for first-week sales with a $500 million launch. From this, we can conclude that game industry is on of the greatest industry. But now, gaming could … Read more

Mobile Phone Use And Academic Performance

Today’s generation has captivated humanity and greatly increased its mode of survival more than ever. Scientific and technological advances brought radical changes to all aspects of life along with complications. Particularly, Information and Communication Technology/ies (ICT), the technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications, has dramatically changed the way we communicate through the introduction … Read more

PESTLE Analysis Example

Political and Legal Environment The political and legal environment is one of the most important aspect in the United States drone industry, that could either ban or allow these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones to fly all over the US. The US drones industry is now under control of The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), … Read more


An amplifier is an electronic device that is designed for the purpose of increasing signal waveform and level of voltage, current, or power and achieving this without changing other parameters of the waveform such as frequency or wave shape. Signals that are amplified are very often not sine waves, though many time they are. The … Read more

The Evolution of Technology

The society has been dramatically changed with the evolution of technology. Before the advent of modern technology, life was burdensome and everyday chores consumed too much of our time. Immense opportunities are being provided by technologies which play an important role in human life. The access to education, medicine, industry, transportation, has been simplified due … Read more

iRobot: the history of robot cleaner

In 2001, the British technology company Dyson built and demonstrated a robot vacuum known as the DC06. However, due to its high price, it was never released to the market. In 2002, the American advanced technology company, iRobot launched the Roomba floor vacuuming robot. Roomba vacuum inventor turns robots into reality. Watching the original “Star … Read more

Innovation in health and medicine

Rapidly changing medical technology and availability of high technology diagnostic and therapeutic equipment together with changing practice pattern of doctors has revolutionized the way health care is being delivered today. Without doubt, medical technology is indispensable for people’s health and better quality of life in some areas; and contributes billions of dollars to the economy. … Read more

Introduction to Calibration

Definition: Calibration can be defined as a test in which known values of measurand are applied to the transducer and corresponding output readings are recorded under specific conditions. Calibration is the process of comparing sets of measurements for accuracy i.e. comparing one measurement of known verified magnitude or correctness on one device with another similar … Read more


Since the dawn of civilization, the Internet that constitutes the ultimate feat of technology has utterly invaded in human beings’ lives having simultaneously dire side effects at our ‘’common aspiration”, the right to freedom. Inextricably interwoven with the aforementioned allegation, is the fact that the right to Internet access has jeopardized rights via cybercrime, data … Read more

The benefits and limitations of using pictorial techniques to represent a given engineering component

The benefits of isometric drawings include; isometric drawings can provide an all-inclusive view of a given part/assembly/design. When using orthographic views, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of how the various views fit together to form the final part. I would say that the main disadvantage of an isometric drawing would be … Read more

Entity relationship diagram

Introduction When there are people, there are data, and when there are data, there is its storage. The data may have a variety of attributes, classification, so grouping the random data under one thread could be another major difficulty. A proper system of logically organizing the data is required so that whenever there is a … Read more

What Is Electrochemistry?

Electrochemistry is the study of chemical processes that result in electron movement. Redox reactions are reactions which include changes to the oxidation states of elements. Oxidation is the process when a substance loses electrons, and reduction is the process when a substance gains electrons. The substance that is oxidized is referred to as the reducing … Read more

Authentication and Authorization

How are authentication and authorization alike and how are they different? What is the relationship, if any, between the two? Reasoning: Definition of Authentication: It is basically, check of who or what somebody is. Verification is required in frameworks all over the trade and business with a specific end goal to check the character of … Read more

The role of a leader in the organization

The role of a leader is a key factor for successful innovation in an organization. The perception of followers with respect to the traits linked to an innovative profile of their leader can act as a driving factor for innovation. The main reason for this article might have been to explore the qualities of an … Read more

Babel-Fish Earbud Translators

Abstract This paper explores published articles from online resources (internet) that depict a probable solution to near real-time language translation in support of targeting, situational understanding, and/or information collection. As technology shrinks the distance between nationalities and cultures, language remains a barrier that still prevents a shared understanding between the pair. This paper will examine … Read more

Design of Hydraulic Fixtures

Fixtures are the production tools which make the standard machine tool, more adaptive to work as specialized machine tools. Manufacturing industries have brought lot of revolutions in manufacturing technology, as a consequence of which several developments like CNC lathes, CNC machine center, robotics etc. have been developed. The fixture should be designed to adopt cost … Read more

The Role Of Photo Editing Nowadays

The first digital camera was made by Kodak somewhere in the late 70s. Ever since then there have been experiments on the way photography has evolved both as an art and as a hobby. The art of clicking photos is to realize and take note of the background, proper lighting and making them such beautifully … Read more