Individuality in the fashion industry: Qualitative data.

Individuality is defined as, the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when marked strongly’ (Individuality, n.d.). The idea that all humans are individuals and that each individual is different from one another is seemingly logical. Each of our life experiences is tailor-made … Read more

Odessa: A City With Special Characteristics

Students/Educational Plans: Boobie Miles was good football, but haunted by injuries. He was not a very good student. All he wanted to do was go to major university for football and then go into the pro’s. He received a scholarship to Ranger Junior College for football, and flunked out after a year. Brian Chavez was … Read more

How Television Makes Us More Violent

What’s on TV? This is a common question of today’s generation. A person might reply with one of the following; news, sitcoms, cartoons, sports, or any other various programs. Is this what is really on television? Take a closer look. What is consistently in these programs? Violence, violence is what’s on television. Objections may arise … Read more

Reinhard Heydrich’s death

In April 1939, the Nazis came into Lidice, Czechoslovakia. None of the residents paid much attention, but what happens three years later almost put Lidice off of the map. What did Lidice do to deserve what happened to them? The Lidice massacre all started with mission “Operation Anthropoid.” The mission was to assassinate top Nazi … Read more

Professional, Ethical And Privacy Issues In The Work Environment

With the cutting edge innovation development, representative checking has turned into a questionable on the planet in last period. After this advancement, it has changed the conventional method for the work and the method for the representative administration. Abusing of Company property, low profitability, assaults, thefts, brutality, work environment incidents are the principle purposes behind … Read more

Loneliness And Exile In Mohsin Hamid’S ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ 

By uncovering certain ambiguities in Changez’s ideological rhetoric, the paper will portray how Changez’s analysis of American corporate fundamentalism branches from his absence of a sense of belonging to a foreign culture and from a feeling of displaced identity.[Keywords: Mohsin Hamid, Reluctant Fundamentalist; post-9/11 America; Pakistan, alienation, fundamentalism, identity, ideology]Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist is … Read more

The Ethical Dilemma of Therapeutic Cloning

If the ability to cure a deadly and deliberating disease like diabetes is within a scientist’s grasps, should it be taken? What if this involves offering or copying genetic DNA to accomplish this task? Individuals within the science community and the general public have been arguing at length about the ethical issues involved with therapeutic … Read more

The Writing That Helped Shaped the World we Live In

The earliest of writings that are derived from western world are important when studying what shapes today’s society. Some might think that old texts are outdated or aren’t resourceful anymore, but they are actually the roots of all aspects of society. The messages or underlying meanings in some of these ancient texts are still relevant … Read more

What Makes A Good Portfolio Or Showreel?

What makes a good portfolio or showreel? Your portfolio or showreel piece is your most accomplished and valuable work you choose to present in any given job or occupation that you choose to pursue. There’s nothing more significant to your career than presenting your finest work in an appealing, professional and easily approachable portfolio. There … Read more

The Florentino Crime Family

Italian Americans immigration to Calif. Italians were a number of the primary European explorers and settlers of Calif. . non secular duties and also the rummage around for new fishing grounds were initial reasons for Italians to explore what later became the 31st state, however their reasons for staying distended once inward. although we regularly … Read more

Lewis Harrison: biography, workout and nutrition

Lewis Harrison is a fitness athlete and model. He is 27 years old and comes from a small town known as Kendall, England. He is a twin brother of Owen Harrison who is also a fitness model with him. They are famous and known as Harrison Brothers. When Lewis Harrison was a teenager, he used … Read more

Freedom from Domestic Violence and the Enforcement of Restraining Orders: Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales case

In Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales (2005), the Supreme Court majority ruled that Gonzales Fourteenth Amendment was not violated. The Fourteenth Amendment states that a State shall not “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. The plaintiff Gonzales argued that her due process was violated because law enforcement … Read more

Is American Dream in Hillbilly Elegy Feasible or Not

J.D. Vance, in his memoir Hillbilly Elegy, uses his own experiences living in rural Kentucky and industrial Ohio to paint a picture of the problems facing the poor white class—and its accompanying “Hillbilly” culture— which dominates American Appalachia. Recounting his experiences from childhood, to his time in the marines, to his college education, Vance sympathetically … Read more

Aileen Wuornos

Aileen was born on February 29, 1956 in Rochester, Michigan. Her parents were Leo Dale and Diane. When Wuornos was young she experienced horrible and violent things during her childhood. Wuornos’ “…father was a psychopathic pedophile who was in jail at the time of her birth” (The Famous People). Her father later killed himself while … Read more

Evolution of Tattoos

They’re what you see on your friends, family and people walking on the streets. This growing debate on tattoos brings me to the point of the evolution of tattoos. Tattoos were once believed to be a risky trend and are now becoming more of the norm. As we know it, tattoos are not as unusual … Read more

Letter To Aunt Bessie

November 1906 Chicago Dear Aunt Bessie, We are living in a time of growth, and when politicians create laws to help our society. There have been many protests, amendments, Political Machines, and Reform, and muckrackers to expose what is wrong in our country. There are many movements going on. I believe Child Labor, Living Conditions, … Read more

Witold Pilecki’s biography

Witold Pilecki was born in the Russian Empire on May 13, 1901 in the town of Olonets in Karelian. In fact, it came from the descendants of an aristocratic family (szlachta) from the Grodno region. Grandfather Jozef Pilecki h. Leliwa was a Polish shepherd member and a special Polish nationalist. Also he had been the … Read more

Guilt Consequences In Brad Anderson’s Movie, The Machinist

Abstract In the movie The Machinist, the character Trevor Reznik suffers from primary insomnia as a result of his guilt. In addition to his guilt, anxiety, stimulants, and irregular sleeping patterns also contribute to his inability to sleep. His insomnia causes him to have an inability to sleep, hallucinations, delusions, inability to focus, and accident … Read more

The Persistence of Racism and Unconscious Bias in Brent Staples' Just Walk on By: Black Men and Public Space

In Brent Staples’ ‘Just Walk on By: Black Men and Public Space,’ Staples portrays the matters, stereotypes, and censures he undergoes as a black man in public settings. Staples offers his viewpoint by introducing the audience into believing he is committing an offense but ultimately indicates the manner in which his actions taken towards him … Read more

All Facts About Aaron Tveit

American singer cum actor, Aaron Tveit, on several occasions, has been described by fans as the star of the Broadway stage. His usual heart-melting smiles and handsome face makes a whole lot of difference on the screen and his natural charisma has really endeared the famous artist to his female fans who have loved him … Read more

Nurse practitioner rough draft 

The profession of nursing in an extremely rewarding job. Nurses are disposed to a new challenge everyday, molding them into stronger individuals. In order to pursue a career as a nurse practitioner , one must understand the duties and important qualities expected, the education required, job security and outlook, and the flexibility and quality of … Read more

Facts on Walking

Currently, the world is facing an epidemic rise in Non-Communicable diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. These diseases are caused in a part by the trend of rising in obesity which corresponds to the declining rate of physical activity. Walking is the only exercise which helps in reducing the obese condition. Facts on Walking: … Read more

Carolus Linnaeus: The Biography and His Contribution to Science

THE BIOGRAPHY OF CAROLUS LINNAEUS EARLY LIFE Carolus Linnaeus was born to Christina Brodersonia and Nils Linnaeus, a church minister and botanist. Linnaeus was born in Rashult, Sweden on May 23, 1707. Growing up, Linnaeus was educated in the subjects of latin, religion and botany. Linnaeus’s interest in botany flourished as he spent more of … Read more

Kenneth's Regret in The Intruder by Andre Dubus

Kenneth’s Biggest Regret Andre Dubus introduces Kenneth Girard in The Intruder as a thirteen year old boy who struggles to find his identity. This is Kenneth’s story because he is the main person that the narrator speaks about. Kenneth shot who he thought was a prowler because he was influenced by his religion and expectations … Read more

Accepting Failures – My Greatest Achievement In Life

Morihei Ueshiba once said, “Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.” Everybody loves success yet not everybody accepts failure. My greatest achievement in life so far is learning how to accept my failures. It is my motivation. It makes me stouter, wiser in choosing actions that I shall take, and strive … Read more

A Comparison of Grit by Angela Duckworth and Mindsets by Carow Dweck

The Misleading Concepts of Grit and Mindsets Angela Duckworth and Carol Dweck are both extremely intelligent professors of psychology that have seemed to gain a recent common interest: success. More specifically, what led to students becoming successful in their endeavors as opposed to giving up. In their respective books, Grit and Mindsets, both women write … Read more

The Positive Impacts of the Acts of Kindness

The Power of Kindness Humans are constantly interacting with one another, whether it’s via technology or face to face. These interactions range from conversing at the dinner table to ordering coffee to eye contact made in an elevator. Too often, these interactions aren’t used as opportunities to be kind. Negativity is all around us and … Read more

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

It’s not necessary that every time you try something new will definitely gives you success. By something we mean new in business or in life. One bad thing in a day or in a life doesn’t define your rest of the day or rest of your life. Change in any direction is an irreversible process. … Read more

Importance Of The Sense of Ownership

According to our current societal beliefs, you may own just about any tangible good that is not strictly prohibited by a higher power. This sense of ownership is what gives items and money their value, and also a measure of our own self worth. In accordance to your self worth, your moral character is also … Read more

The Ineffectiveness of the Film Adaptation All Summer in a Day Through the Analysis of Language Elements, Physical Elements and Casting

”All Summer in a Day” Translating a fictional text into a film is an art in its own. It’s a whole process, seeing the creation of one art into another one. The goal is to recreate the same feelings and emotions of the story into something visually appealing. The director tries to conserve the main … Read more

How to throw a successful lingerie party

Before throwing a party at all, there are steps to consider and their different reasons while you may want to throw a party. But when it comes to throwing a lingerie party you must follow some procedures and other things. When you desire to throw or put up a lingerie party? Lingerie parties are becoming … Read more

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s biography

Andrew Lloyd Webber was born in Kensington London, he is the oldest of William Lloyd Webber, his father a composer and organist, and his mother Jean Hermione Johnstone, a violinist and pianist. His younger brother Julian Lloyd Webber is also a noted solo cellist. Webber started writing music at a very young age as early … Read more

Personal Ideal Workplace

Growing up in Japan, I had the immense privilege of experiencing a culture very much centered on high levels of respect, honor, and hard work. Being surrounded by these cultural attitudes has allowed me to develop a somewhat different approach to the professional arena. While working at my mother’s clinic in Japan I developed an … Read more

Understanding True Love

Well! There are many misconceptions about True love that I would try to change with my opinions on this particular topic. Hello fellas! I have considered being one of the toughest roles to be a social worker. Everyone has his/her own set of problems. I came across the thing really unexpected that I didn’t even … Read more