Intellectual Interests

My personal intellectual interests and passion revolve around Biology and Chemistry. My love and passion for science are derived from my curiosity about nature. I have always found nature to be fascinating since I was a child. That childhood fascination with nature has not left me but has deepened over the years into my interest … Read more

Analysis Of The Covers Of The Book Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice continues to be a well-loved classic in any readers’ bookcase. The anxieties of marriage, distinctions in social status, significances of reputation, unreasonable expectations of women and inconveniences of too much pride and prejudice are some of the themes presented in the novel. Among the various characters introduced, Elizabeth Bennet is … Read more

Is Book Banning A Solution?

Would you rather your child to grow up being oblivious to the real world or learn to know what the world is about early on? Many people would choose the latter, then go to say that they agree to banning books. If this is your case, then maybe you need to choose a side, because … Read more

What Is The Treadwear Rating On A Tire?

Tyres are the solitary point of contact between your car or bike and the motorway. Good maintenance of your tyre ensures easy steering, braking as well as safety on the road. A recent study by the Transport research Wing of India reports, the number of deaths due to tyre related accidents reached almost 1.5 lakh. … Read more

Banning Books Is Banning Freedom

Throughout history, the suppression of knowledge through banning or destroying books has been seen at some point in most modern societies. The reason as to why books are banned varies from different governments and their respective culture. In America, books have been restricted based on the type of themes or messages that it attempts to … Read more

The Origin of Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood fusion is a style of dance that mixes basic Bollywoodstyle of dancing and music and fuses it together with other styles of dancing such as Hip-hop andjazz. Bollywood dance originated in India, around Bombay, in the 20th century and is dancingthat we now see in Indian films. Bollywood dance is a wide variety of … Read more

The Dancing House in Prague

The Dancing House is the great historic significant building in Prague. It was constructed in 1992 and completed in1996. The Dancing House is located at the corner of Jirasek Square and Rasin Quay alongside the river Vltava. Before the Dancing house was built, it originally occupied by a Neo-renaissance style house from the end of … Read more

Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) defines three categories of IUU fishing: First, there is the illegal fishing, which consists in fishing activities conducted by foreign vessels without permission in waters under the jurisdiction of another state, or which contravene its fisheries law and regulations in some other manner. For example, … Read more

The imaginative look of Bicycle wheel by Marcel Duchamp

Art has always been important in many societies throughout history. The meaning of art has changed greatly over time. And the meaning of art is something that is often debated and does not have one set definition. Art is something that is highly subjective and everyone has their own interpretation of what art means to … Read more

The Constant Gardener And Blood Diamond As Examples Of The Evolution Of Film In Africa

The Constant Gardener and Blood Diamond are examples of the evolution of film in Africa. The films both reference the African environment, landscape and quest for African resources. Cinematography is used in a way that captures the beauty and horrors of Africa. Yet, both films pay homage to the uneasy coexistence of Africans at the … Read more

Illness Narrative

Phoebe grew up dancing for countless of hours at her local dance studio, a place she called her second home. Anyone watching her could see how passionate she was about moving and expressing her emotions through graceful choreography. It was at this very studio on a day in the middle of March 2017 while she … Read more

The History of Jazz Dance in America

The origin of jazz dance can be traced all the way back to Africa. In Africa, it was custom for natives to dance as a celebration of cycles in life such as birth, puberty, marriage, and death. This was to express their cultural beliefs. Drums, string instruments, chimes, reedpipes, and other percussion instruments set the … Read more


With a history that dates back to 3,000 B.C., Tonga is governed by King Tupou VI, consists of 171 islands, and is over 99% Christian today. It has a rich culture and history, where women ‘eiki to men; that is, women outrank men. Dance has been a fundamental element of that culture. “Dance in Tonga … Read more

Arthur Brooke’s Poem “The Tragicall History Of Romeus & Juliet” As A Basis Of Shakespeare’s Romeo ; Juliet

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (1594-1596) is mostly based on Arthur brooke’s poem, “The Tragicall History of Romeus and Juliet”, published in 1562, which in itself was another translation from an Italian folklore which can be dated back many years. Shakespeare in turn, adapted brooke’s poem, his main source of inspiration, of a nine month duration … Read more

The Analysis Of The Book "The Design Of Everyday Things" By Don Norman

Introduction This report is based upon the book The Design of Everyday Things; a revised and expanded edition, written by Don Norman. The report focuses on the key principles for each chapter. Author details Donald Arthur Norman, commonly known as Don Norman is regarded for his expertise in fields such as cognitive science, usability engineering, … Read more

Parens Patriae And The Idea Of Best Interests

Recriminalizing Delinquency One concept that I saw appear throughout the reading was the idea of best interests and parens patriae. The reading discussed how when making decisions regarding the punishment of juveniles, it was often thought that the biological parents were not fit to make a decision or to educate their child in the search … Read more

Analysis of Detroit Bikes

Detroit’s economy after the crash of 2008 has been on a consistent rise due to new manufacturing companies like Detroit Bikes. Detroit Bikes is an American bicycle manufacturer that wanted to improve its Direct-To-Consumer sales through its e-commerce website. I aided with implementing Search Engine Optimization strategies and analyzed the decision Detroit Bikes made to … Read more

The Image Of African American In "Dear Martin" By Nic Stone

“Dear Martin” is a first-person perspective about what it means to be a young African American in today’s era. Specifically, Stone explores topics such as microaggression as we watch Justyce’s classmates make racial jokes and accuse him of being “too sensitive”; white privilege, systemic racism, and white fragility all while racial profiling and the need … Read more

The Concept Of Balanced Reciprocity In The Article "What Chimps Understand About Reciprocity" From Wall Street Journal

One concept from this week’s reading I found interesting was Balanced Reciprocity, or the exchange of something with the expectation that you will receive something in return. There are three stages of Balanced Reciprocity: giving, receiving, and reciprocating. I found this particular topic interesting because of how prominent it is in our society. There are … Read more

My hobby is Technology

Technology is something I have been passionate about. The attraction for technology and technical field is that technology has never failed to astonish me and grow my passion everyday more for it. I have been in the exact generation where I will be able to preserve up with and observe the impact of technology on … Read more

Review on the Brompton Bicycle

Brompton Bicycle is a UK manufacturer bicycle based in Brentford, London by Andrew Ritchie in 1976. Models are named using a code to describe the handlebar type, a number of gears and factory attached fixtures. An optional suffix is appended to show the inclusion of titanium upgrades. In Britain the club’s membership is changing, now … Read more

Ryobi Trimmer Review

Having a problem tending to your overgrown hedge? Or maybe the overgrown bush at your backyard looks scary and needs attention as soon as possible? Look no further for the answer to this predicament as the Ryobi trimmer is a perfect choice. Ryobi is a firm with a niche in matters landscaping and gardening making … Read more

Dance inspiration: Misty Copeland

Every dance season has a fresh start, with that come new opportunities to set new goals, push yourself, but most importantly to be inspired by others. Recently I moved studios, and have been pushed places I never knew I could reach. This year I have been surrounded with new faces and new limits. New challenges … Read more

Bird Watching – A Hobby with A Cause

Bird watching as a hobby has long been contested by the birders, saying that the two are not in any way the same. While birdwatchers do such as part of an activity during recreation, birders are into it with intense dedication. The Birders May it be in the UK or in the United States, birders … Read more

Types of games

Action An action game is a game where there are lots of thing going on and you’re doing activities that are seen as unrealistic in real life. Some involve lots of killing which causes concern with parents. This is still an action game though because there is something exciting and out of the ordinary happening. … Read more


Road bicycle racing is the cycle sport discipline of road cycling, held on paved roads. The two most common competition formats are mass start events, where riders start simultaneously and race to set a finish point. Stage races or “tours” take multiple days. and consist of several mass-start or time -trial stages ridden consecutively. Professional … Read more

The Analysis Of The Articles "Mr. Trump’s Trade War" By Douglas A. Irwin & "The Four Fallacies About Trade Globalization"

This Analysis is based upon the articles “Mr. Trump’s Trade War” by Douglas A. Irwin, and “The Four Fallacies About Trade Globalization”. First, I will summarize “Mr. Trump’s Trade War” article and then, I will summarize “The Four Fallacies About Trade Globalization” in order to compare and contrast the two articles and then support them … Read more

Music as a life passion

When you really like something, you often don’t give it a second thought. Without you realizing, it becomes a staple in your life – like food or water, and you can’t imagine its absence. It’s a part of you. That’s how music is to me. I’ve learned Indian Classical music for around 8 years. I … Read more