Spotlight Effect As A Reason Of Low Self-Esteem

Application Essay #2: Spotlight Effect In society, people are constantly self aware. All they can think about is what others think about them. This thought process can be self-destructive as one becomes so self-conscious that they invent themselves to be exactly who society wants them to be and not who they really are. In psychology … Read more

How Can Blackboard be Used?

Audience Profile The document targets individuals in the remote villages of India such as North Eastern Area of Tripura. According to James (2012), most of the areas have been under insurgency between 2000 and 2008. Consequently, the ability to use classroom-based teaching was disadvantaged significantly. However, several organizations have invested in online learning to help … Read more

Where To: Experience Love At First Sip

As being part of the Market Research Team for Digital Marketing Solutions, my job was to analyze a Cafes operation from a customer’s point of view. Therefore, on the 18th of August, I went out for breakfast to Cafe 5 to personally experience its unique ambiance and simultaneously review the menu. The cafes opening hours … Read more

Is Knowledge the Systematic Organization of Facts?

The Piano Handbook by Carl Humphries is a great book for amateur piano-lovers. It consists of an introduction and 18 units that are arranged from easy to hard. However, can someone learn how to play the piano by reading The Piano Handbook, a systematically organized (from easy to hard) string of facts, without ever touching … Read more


Being the non residential India, I always had in mind to visit India’s best places during long holidays. Though it is my birth place but I breathe in foreign air from the childhood. While schooling, we were often given the brief lectures about the beauty and importance of the specific landscape in India. Since then … Read more

Coping styles and mechanisms

Many people have different ways of coping with the numerous problems life throws. Due to the reason every person goes through different issues in life the result is that every person has their own unique coping mechanism. This essay will give people the knowledge of how everyone has different coping mechanisms. A person may have … Read more

Writing A College Essay In Humanities

Generally, There may be humanities informative article delegated for anybody college students which are mission aclass at self-discipline. The world of humanities scientific studies completely different options of civilization on earth. Therefore composition subjects fluctuate in extent, adopting philosophy, sociology, historical past and cultural value, together with artwork points. Usually, Your individual humanities informative article … Read more

Critique Over An Art Gallery

The art gallery I chose is called the Silo gallery, it is the largest purpose built in central Texas. It features 3D sculptures and different art forms by a dozen of brilliant artists. The Silo gallery was built by Ralph and Jean Petley in 1985. Chester John and Elissa Beach then bought the Silo in … Read more

Leadership Experiences Of Women Executives In Public Sector Organizations In Ghana (Literature Review)

This chapter reviews related literature on the leadershipexperiences of women executives in public organisations. It begins with some definitions of leadership experiences of women executives. Some related theories will also be reviewed. This will be followed by empirical literature from other researchers in relation to the topic under study and a conceptual framework. The Sex-Based-Bias … Read more

Improvisation and other Jazz-like Techniques in Jack Kerouac’s Writing

Bop jazz divorced itself from its mainstream predecessor when musicians like Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and Thelonious Monk began to emphasize fast tempo and improvisation over the predictable music of the swing era. These renegade musicians valued spontaneity and inspired many listeners. It is no coincidence that these Bop jazz musicians were Jack Kerouac’s first … Read more

Statement of Purpose for MBA Programs

I am writing this statement of purpose in support of my application for admission to MBA program at University Canada West. I have chosen Canada for my study destination for many reasons including reasonable living and education costs (in comparison with other English speaking countries), the multicultural and welcoming nature of Canada’s society, and presence … Read more

Car safety features

In the video the car hit the wall, in physics it means the dummy will resist the change in motion, and unless something else stops it first, the dummy will crash in to the object. Momentum steps in in the scene, since the car is very heavy and its velocity is quite fast therefore it … Read more

The Internet Research "Public Thinking" By Clive Thompson

How many times a day do you use the internet? Almost everyone uses the internet, whether it be posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter; emailing one of your friends or colleagues; or even just doing some research. Thompson’s research says twenty-five percent of Americans report being almost constantly online. Billions of people use the internet … Read more

Professional, Ethical And Privacy Issues In The Work Environment

With the cutting edge innovation development, representative checking has turned into a questionable on the planet in last period. After this advancement, it has changed the conventional method for the work and the method for the representative administration. Abusing of Company property, low profitability, assaults, thefts, brutality, work environment incidents are the principle purposes behind … Read more

Multilateral Educational Pathways

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” according to Albert Einstein, but education sporadically stops after high school. Society is so convinced that one can achieve an intellectual cultivation solely through attending an exorbitant higher-education institution that it neglects to observe the multivalent dimension of education. Luckily, self-cultivation can and should … Read more

The impact of ecological systems by Bronfenbrenner, Theory of Cognitive Development by Piaget and Theory of Moral Development by Kohlberg’s in A Child Called ;It,; a Book by Dave Pelzer

In the book A Child Called “It” by Dave Pelzer, the reader learns how differently Pelzer developed compared to most children. Because of the situation that he was raised in, he goes through many stages of human development in a different way and at different points of his life when compared to his peers. The … Read more

The Dangers Of Ignorance 

The social media site Facebook has demonstrated its dangerous goal of a radical conforming public through its argument of the benefits that ensue the exposure of the intimate details of those who utilize its services and the abomination of free will. In his book World without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech, Franklin Foer … Read more

Unlicensed driving problem

Unlicensed driving has become a major concern nowadays. It is possible that drivers not having appropriate training and testing may be deficient in some aspect of the knowledge and skills required to drive safely and efficiently. Also, drivers who are unauthorized may have less incentive to comply with road traffic laws in that they would … Read more

The Failure and Success of the Russian Revolution

The Virtue of Inevitable Defeats Before the Russian Revolution, there was not a single successful proletarian revolution. Many prior attempts — such as the German Revolution of 1848, the Paris Commune of 1871, and the Finnish Revolution of 1917 — all ended in failure. However, the majority of bourgeois revolutions succeed and this is a … Read more

Success Stories Of Self-Made Millionaires

Cyril Ramaphosa In the year 1996 Cyril Ramaphosa began his exploits in the business field by trying to help underprivileged youth, by giving them bursaries to go to university. From there he got involved in other initiatives that helped uplift the community and eventually properly established the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation in 2004. This foundation includes … Read more

Damaged Society In No. 6 by Atsuko Asano

Human Failings in Perfect Societies Humans strive to push their way to the top of society to create what they see as a utopia. This drive exists in all of us. Good things result from this trait. Horrible events occur too. Once on top and in power, others who oppose the one on top get … Read more

Memories of Early Childhood

The first six years of my life were the best. I lived with my dad, my mom, and my younger brother in an apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City. Every season of every year is worth remembering. In the fall, Mom and I would go across the street to … Read more

Psycological Theories Of Arousal In Sports

The Catastrophe theory is a severe version of the inverted U theory. At first, an athlete is under-aroused meaning that they are distracted and not aware of their surroundings. Then they are at optimum level of arousal meaning that they are performing at their best. If the athlete then became over-aroused there would be a … Read more