The Great Gatsby’s Life

In life, the way a person is raised reflects their future self. When you earn money by hard work you learn to respect others and the true value of money. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is a mysterious character who comes off as one person, but is someone completely different. … Read more

Great Gatsby Moral

The Great Gatsby is a modern classic of the early twentieth century, a novel which truly captured the luxurious atmosphere of the “Jazz Age. ” It is a moniker given to the 1920’s which is suitable, as the spread of wealth led to a decade of glamor and decadence. Among the variations of the novel’s … Read more

Wolf Of Wall Street Essay

The Wolf of Wall Street is a shocking film that plunges viewers into a life of excess— full of drugs, sex, scandal, and money. This film has been controversial claiming the director, Martin Scorsese, is endorsing Jordan Belfort’s fraudster and immoral behavior; however, this film is actually a cautionary story on Capitalism. The film contrasts … Read more

Sexism In The Great Gatsby Essay

How do we know if someone is sexist? In this context, someone is sexist if they belittle women or use stereotypical gender roles. An author who does this is F. Scott Fitzgerald. Born Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald on September 24, 1896, in St. Paul, Minnesota, Fitzgerald is an American short-story writer and novelist best known … Read more

How Is Gatsby Selfish Essay

The American Dream is a dream no one can ever truly achieve due to the corruption of reality and the inherent consequences. Those who disregard right and wrong are destined for a life poisoned by the glamour of society. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby examines a group of high class citizens who are free of … Read more

Who Is Jay Gatsby A Hero Essay

In our society there are certain individuals who we look up to as heroes. While these heroes may seem to represent admirable qualities on the surface, what they truly represent can often be something far worse. This is relevant in every aspect of our lives from athletes, to celebrities, to even politicians. While people may … Read more