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2001 A Space Odyssey Summary Essay

Nikhil Jain
Professor Kornreich
Astronomy 1105
10 July 2015
Analyzing the Science of Science Fiction
As our knowledge of the universe expands, so does our imagination. Today’s science fiction movies, such as Interstellar, are based on new discoveries and research that older movies, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, did not have. However, both movies stayed true to science, etc
My goal in this paper is to discuss the accuracy of the physics and astronomy in Interstellar, and compare it to 2001: A Space Odyssey. To achieve this goal, I have divided my paper up into 3 sections. The first section is a brief plot summary of Interstellar. The second section is a discussion of the scientific accuracy of Interstellar, and the third section is a literary…

It was a 5-dimensional object (3 dimensions of space, 2 dimensions of time) shaped in a 4-dimensional representation (3 dimensions of space, 1 dimension of time) so that Cooper could interact with it. It was an endless array of copies of Murph’s room. There were rows and columns extending out in all directions. Each copy of the room was slightly different, however, as each room represented another point in time in Murph’s room. Cooper used this to communicate with Murph and send an adult version of her the quantum data that TARS had collected while in the black…

He falsely claimed that a part was malfunctioning, and when the crew discovered that the part was working perfectly, HAL suggested that they return the part to its spot outside the spaceship. Frank Poole went outside to do so, and HAL killed him in the process. When Dave Bowman asked him what had happened, HAL lied and told him that he had insufficient information about what happened. Dave went outside to retrieve Frank’s body, and in the meantime, HAL turned off life support for the crewmembers in cryogenic sleep. He then tried to lock Dave Bowman out of the Discovery, but Dave was too clever and managed to sneak in and disconnect HAL. The theme of man’s tools replacing man was a dark reminder about the dangers of technology and the fragility of…

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