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Discrimination In The Film ‘Remember The Titans’ Essay

Remember the titans
Why do you think we watched the movie?
Personally, I believe the reason as to why we watched the movie ‘Remember the Titans’, which is based on a true story, is because this movie is one that clearly speaks volumes on a very important issue that is, against racism. The movie contains action and comedy to grab the viewers’ attention however with all its excitement it intertwines a great lesson about being against racism.

The movie demonstrates the segregation between the black and the white population, the struggle between the two sides to obtain a shared happiness, as well as illustrating how each side was criticised for it.

Therefore, I strongly believe that we watched this movie to learn from the lessons that it has…

In the movie, the term discrimination is expressed by showing that certain traits are not acceptable and therefore people with that trait are treated as a lesser member of the group or society. Such traits can include sex, age, income or religious beliefs. In the movie ‘Remember the Titans’ sexual discrimination is portrayed in the scene where Bertier calls Ronnie Bass “Sunshine” because he is homosexual. Another example of discrimination is when the group feels uncomfortable with using the same change rooms as Ronnie, again simply because of his sexuality. These examples illustrate that discrimination is another issue that the people in the movie…

Personally, I have experienced racism in my life. Before coming to Australia, I was living in Iran as a refugee and I was never accepted as an Iranian citizen because of my nationality being Afghan. Therefore, not being accepted as an Iranian citizen introduced racism to my life especially at school and in the community. Initially, having to study became hard because the teachers and the students were not accepting of where I came from and thus I was not allowed to participate in some of the school activities and also I was not allowed to choose some of the subjects they had to offer. Furthermore, the community that I was living in was also not accepting of my cultural background and thus communication became hard because the community would use offensive language towards my family and I about our culture and beliefs. Ultimately, all these racial comments made living in Iran extremely difficult and…

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