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Informative Essay: Tim Burton The Movie

From an introverted child who likes to draw cartoons and watching old movies to becoming one of the most famous creative minds in the world has turned his passion and hobby into his career. Tim Burton is blessed with artistic abilities, a passion for movies, and a wild imagination. He is a film director, producer, writer, and artist. Tim Burton has worked his way up from being an animator for Disney to being one of the most well-known directors and producers in the film industry. (Thesis) Tim Burton is one the greatest creative minds of all time and Burton is qualified as an outlier by Gladwell’s terms.

Upbringing Tim Burton was an introverted child. Burton spent most of his childhood creating cartoons, watching old movies. Burton’s mother, Jean Burton, was an owner of a cat gift shop and his father, Bill Burton, was a former minor league baseball player who worked for the Parks and Recreation Department in Burbank, California. His parents wanted to their son to live a normal life and play sports, but Tim wanted to release his artistic talent from his dark, haunting imagination.

After high school 1976, Burton enrolled at California’s Institute of Arts and got recruited as an apprentice at Disney’s animation studio by his second year. In 1979, he got drafted to join the higher animation ranks. However, Burton did not enjoy being an animator or being a conceptual artist because he would have to draw the same backgrounds and characters over and over again. This got tiring for Tim Burton, so he cut loose from Disney to fulfill his own projects. After Burton finished his project Frankenweenie (live action 1984) and many other short films, Horror writer Stephen King went to go see Frankenweenie and ecommended the film to Bonni Lee, an executive from Warner Bros, then the word spread to Paul Ruebens (Pee Wee Herman). Paul saw Frakenweenie and then invited Burton to direct the movie Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (1985), which led to his first directing job and the movie ended up being such a huge success. Opportunity After Burton graduated from high school, he attended and graduated from the California Institutes of Arts with his short films King Octopus and Stalk of the Celery Monster.

Disney admired Burton’s works and was offered a spot in Disney’s animation studio. After Disney, he landed his first directing job for Pee Wee’s Big Adventure when Paul Ruebens, Executive Bonni Lee, and Stephen King saw Burton’s live action film Frakenweenie (1984). Burton has also gotten the opportunities to direct the blockbuster films Batman, Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow, etc. Timing After Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and all its success, Burton did not work on anything for three years until he got a screenplay proposal for the movie classic Beetlejuice (1988).

This movie was also successful because of the twisted humor and spooky style led to the big blockbuster movie Batman (1989) an expensive, huge Warner Bros production. “It was one of the most successful films of all time, setting the opening weekend box office record of $50 million and going on to make $400 million worldwide”. (tribute. ca) Tim’s style led to many more successful films and left the audience laughing, speechless, or even in awe. However, there have been some times where projects couldn’t continue.

In the late 1990’s, Kevin Smith was hired to write the script for the film Superman Lives and Smith suggested that Tim Burton should direct the film. Burton agreed until Warner set the release date and set Nicolas Cage as Superman. Tim didn’t like the script and hired Wesley Strick to rewrite the film script. As is progressed to pre-production, there were so many issues with the script. So they asked Dan Gilroy to rewrite the script again. This caused delay in the film production and Burton moved on to work on Sleepy Hollow (1999). SO, Warner Bros. had to let the project go.

Burton had a difficult time with all the creative control and complications with the film, he had to move on. Tim Burton said this about the project. “I basically wasted a year. A year is a long time to be working with somebody that you don’t really want to be working with. ” (Child) (Logical Fallacy: Rationalization) 10,000 Hour Rule Tim Burton has directed and/or produced more than twenty-five films and contributed to projects in his lifetime. He has gotten so much practice in his entire life with his artwork, painting, poems, short films, and contributions to major films.

Burton had to draw characters over and over again with the same background which took about 129,000 frames for classic films such as The Fox and The Hound and The Black Cauldron. Traditional animation takes a lot longer to animated, especially by hand. That might be one of the reasons Disney has stop making two dimensional films when The Princess and the Frog (2009) was released. Burton has also contributed to over 30 movies, including Nightmare Before Christmas. When Disney realized that Tim wasn’t at his full potential, they gave him a position as a conceptual artist.

Tim has done concept art for older Disney movies like The Black Cauldron. However, Burton’s concept art was not the happiest pieces of art on earth and did not fit Disney’s standards. So, Burton set himself loose from the traditional ways of animation to the inspiring world of stop motion animation and live action films that led him to directing and producing the Burton-esque films we know in love. (Emotional Appeals: Appeal to Tradition) Meaningful Work Tim Burton started from being an animator for Disney studios to becoming one of the most famous directors, producers, and screenwriters of all time.

Tim Burton is known for his dark gothic style and twisted humor in his movies. He had his own style. Even though parents try to shield their children away from his films because some of his films are too dark or too twisted and think his films should be taken off the big screen. (Logical Fallacy: Ad Hominem) Tim has directed and produced more than 27 films and has his own exhibition to showcase all of his early work. What makes Burton’s films so amazing is the relations and similarities the audience can get from the characters in the movie.

For example, in Edward Scissorhands (1990) the main character was judged for his appearance and not who he really was or Corpse Bride (2005) was in an arranged marriage. Most of the characters in these movies can be relatable to the audience and have pity or sympathy for them. It’s the connection you have with the characters or the story that makes a movie. (Emotional Appeal: Appeal to Sympathy) Legacy Burton changed super hero movies forever with the film Batman (1989) Tim Burton showed produced a multimillion masterpiece with his dark imagination that brought the full muse of superhero films into the American Film Industry.

He twisted the original plot to make it grimmer, more realistic, and have disturbed, psychological characters. Batman (1989) became one of the biggest box office hits in movie history. Burton even has his own (not official) style of art people call Burton-Esque. (Urban Dictionary) That’s how people would describe something that relates to Tim Burton’s work. Tim Burton has turned the world upside down with his amazingly, haunting illustrations to his spectacular weird movies In Gladwell’s terms, Tim Burton has achieved the definition of an Outlier.

Burton had the opportunities to work on all on his short films and even make one of his shorts to a full length film Frakenweenie (2012). Not a lot of people get to break the chains of big corporations like Disney to pursue their dreams. I believe that Burton has also filled the 10,000 Hour Rule position by working for Disney as an animator and a conceptual artist. He set himself loose from Disney to pursue his personal projects like Frankenweenie (1984) which led him to his upbringing. Frankenweenie (1984) helped Burton get his first directing job of

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