Friendship in A Separate Peace by John Knowles and the Movie Dead Poets Society

Friendship: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly One of the main elements in both the coming-of-age novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles, and the quirky movie Dead Poets Society, written by Tom Schulman and directed Peter Weir, is friendship. Friendship can involve many stages, and at times, can be very complex, but in … Read more

Tutsi and Hutu Differences and Similarities and the Horrors of Genocide in Hotel Rwanda, a Movie by Terry George

Discrimination of all types is an issue. Before the movie Hotel Rwanda, Terry George’s film, was released, many acted as if genocide was taboo. This movie helped raise awareness to the Rwandan Genocide, which many refer to as a “Modern-day Holocaust.” Hotel Rwanda was very effective in showing that genocide was a big issue by … Read more

A Critical Analysis of Civil Disobedience, an Essay by Henry David Thoreau

In his Essay, “Civil Disobedience”, Henry David Thoreau argues that society functions the most efficiently when it is not ruled by an overpowering monarch, or by a strong central government, but by the people, essentially having self-reliant peoples that do not necessarily need a government, per se, yet are able to call upon it in … Read more

Themes And Motives In James Cameron’s Titanic

Mise En scene: The Titanic In James Cameron’s academy award winning film The Titanic[1997], themes of good versus evil awry when Jack and Rose fall in love aboard the sinking ship, and complications of social stratification becomes apparent both in the musical scoring by James Horner and the epic scenes in the film. Jack and … Read more

An Analysis of Perseverance in Citizen Kane, a Movie by Orson Welles

Through its portrayal of human experience, Welles’ Citizen Kane reinforces the significance of perseverance. To what extent does your interpretation of Citizen Kane support this view? In your response, make detailed reference to the film. The perseverance of a definitive truth about the nature of human experience is inhibited by subjectivity and the intrinsic obscurity … Read more

Casablanca Movie Analysis

Casablanca is a movie that took place in Casablanca, Morocco, which was the pace for people trying to get away from the bad conditions of the war in Europe as well as the Nazi concentration camps. This film demonstrates the conditions in Europe and the importance of the letters of transit, which allowed people to … Read more

Explore how the theme of love is portrayed in “A view from the bridge”.

Love—of one kind or another—is the main motivator of Miller’s characters in this play, and drives the major events of its plot. Catherine’s love for Rodolfo and Eddie’s intense love for Catherine lead to the central problems of the play. But even before this, it is Marco’s love for his family that motivates him to … Read more

Reviewing The Movie Lean On Me

Lean on Me is a movie based upon a true story, which begins in 1967 at an urban high school called East Side High in Paterson, New Jersey. All of the students were well behaved and the school itself was in remarkably good condition. It was youre by all appearances a model school. Within East … Read more

Birdman: Movie Summary And Analysis

Birdman Ending Scene: Film Analysis After watching Birdman, the scene that was most powerful and significant, for me, was the ending of both the film and Riggan’s play within the film. It is hard to say exactly when this scene starts because of the fact that the whole movie is shot in the illusion of … Read more

Analysis Of The Documentary Film “Facebookistan”: Implications Of Social Media Influence

With a user base of nearly one third of the global population, Facebook is the largest social networking platform on the internet. Guided by their corporate manifesto of constructing a more connected and open world, Facebook connects individuals across digital space through their online profiles; however, just how open is Facebook itself? The documentary Facebookistan … Read more

A Look at How Henry David Thoreau Views Advancement as Illustrated In His Book, Where I Lived, And What I Lived For

Progress for the Sake of Progress “Progress for the sake of progress must be prohibited”. Although this quote is from Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter, it accurately describes Thoreau’s attitude towards progress in Where I Lived, and What I Lived For, an excerpt from Walden. Where I Lived and What I Lived For is Thoreau’s … Read more

Personal Growth Through Taking Risks: Analysis of the Characters from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Black Balloon

English Persuasive Essay: Individuality and Relationships. Taking risks are essential for growth The risks we make throughout our life are essential for growth. Les Brown once said, ‘Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.’ From the hard decisions we undertake to the difficulties we face, these problems … Read more

“Bela Seshe” assignment

This is an assignment about the movie “Bela Seshe” that was shown to our class. We were asked to write a review about the movie. The objective of the paper is to, first- learn about the movie and then to relate the movie with our society and also with our sociology course. The outline of … Read more

Background of the story Avatar

In 2154, humans have exhausted Earth’s natural resources, leading to lack of resources. The Resources Development Administration (RDA ) mines for a valuable mineral — Unobtanium on Pandora, a densely forest habitable moon. Pandora’s atmosphere is harmful to humans, is lived by Na’vi, a species of 10-foot tall, blue skin, big eyes and have high … Read more

Unvacant Vessels: Women’s Oppression in “Persepolis” and in Recent Nonfiction

The roles of women in Middle Eastern culture have varied throughout the decades, ranging from being delicate creatures in need of protection to becoming blind soldiers suddenly dedicated to a misleading cause. This is most noticeably depicted in the graphic novel Persepolis, in which author Marjane Satrapi illustrates her own memoir while recalling certain events … Read more

A look at the customary roles of gender as depicted in the movies Beauty and the Beast, Mr Mom and The Little Mermaid, and Mulan

Traditional Gender Roles and the Media Traditionally, girls must be gentle and submissive while boys can rough house and have the freedom the opposite gender is denied. This idea of gender roles is birthed from the static expectations of old societal views. Although the media is shying away from this nowadays, many films do not … Read more

Sant Tukaram (1936) and Sant Dyaneshwar (1940) movies

In the saint films like Sant Tukaram (1936) and Sant Dyaneshwar (1940) there is an attempt towards regional-cultural negotiation of the biographical genre., Nnarratives one around the life of respective Saints are presented through its emphasis on devotional philosophy, which could be read as Non-Brahmin culture. Here we see, possibilities of challenging the caste and, … Read more

Hamilton, the Musical: Alexander Hamilton’s Wife and Her Achivements

Eliza Hamilton: History, Broadway, and Beyond Hamilton: An American Musical is the Broadway smash-hit based on the story of American founding father, Alexander Hamilton. The brainchild of composer, lyricist, and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton chronicles the life, death, and legacy of the titular statesman, along with that of his family, friends, political enemies, and superiors. … Read more

The Representation Of Female Characters In Disney’S And Miyazaki’S Animated Films

Since the 20th century, America has been subject to waves of feminism, from the suffrage movement to the Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1970s. This increasing demand for equality in America stemmed an increasing demand for positive female role models in film, specifically films aimed at children. Disney responded to this call creating more three-dimensional … Read more

Censorship and dehumanization in V for Vendetta by James McTeigue and in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Government control over its citizens is significant to the regime and it is this dominance over their people that leaves little room to question authority, but rather conform to the regime’s ideologies. This is portrayed in V for Vendetta by James McTeigue and in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Both film and novel show … Read more

The lumiere brothers film production

Auguste Lumiere and Louis Lumiere are French inventors who pioneered photographic equipment and manufactured the first motion picture camera and projector known as Cinematographe, which led to a new form of art and entertainment known as Cinema. They were both born in Besancon, France and are sons of Antoine Lumiere, a painter turned photographer. When … Read more

No One Can Hear You Scream in Space: Evaluating Ridley Scott’s Prometheus

After eternally transforming the science fiction scene with his groundbreaking film Alien, Ridley Scott returns to his home turf years later with an implied prequel, Prometheus. Though the potential of the new film sent devoted Alien fans into a frenzy of anticipation, it quickly became evident that Prometheus would be nothing like its predecessor. Lacking … Read more

Friendship in A Separate Peace by John Knowles and the Movie Dead Poets Society

Friendship: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly One of the main elements in both the coming-of-age novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles, and the quirky movie Dead Poets Society, written by Tom Schulman and directed Peter Weir, is friendship. Friendship can involve many stages, and at times, can be very complex, but in … Read more

The Analysis of Troy Character in "Fences"

August Wilson’s Fences is a classic play about African-American life written in 1983 and set sometime in the 1950s. It serves as the sixth installment in Wilson’s “Pittsburgh Cycle,” which spans ten installments in total. Fences is a period piece during a decade through which Wilson had personally lived by the time he wrote the … Read more

Borderline Personality Disorder of The Protagonist In ‘Good Will Hunting’ Movie

Good Will Hunting Reflection In the movie Good Will Hunting the main character, Will Hunting, can be diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I think he has this disorder because people with borderline personality disorder see the world in black and white, apply their harsh either/or judgments to others and to themselves, have an unstable sense … Read more

The story of Maleficent

“Maleficent may be known as a wicked villainess but she didn’t start off that way.” The story starts with meeting Maleficent as a child living alone in a tree, orphaned. In these early stages, Maleficent is confident and gentle. Then the story follows Maleficent’s encounter with Stefan, a boy from the surrounding village belonging to … Read more