What is Sonography?

Sonography is beginning to be an important but great source of technology in the medical field. “Sonography is a diagnostic medical procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to produce dynamic visual images of organs, tissues, or blood flow in the body (Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography).” Sonographers use ultrasounds to monitor many things in … Read more

The Importance of Being HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA compliance isn’t a very difficult concept to comprehend. Basically, you don’t share a patient’s medical information with anyone that isn’t the patient or has been designated by the patient. Examples of HIPAA compliance in a medical office include physical patient files that are kept under lock and key, away from unauthorized persons and electronic … Read more

Ways of Making Exercise More Fun

Making Exercise More Fun Nothing beats waking up in the morning with the thought of going to the gym to lift weights or jog on the treadmill. After a hard days work, the gym is one place you don’t even want to think about. Sometimes, even the thought of exercising at home with your own … Read more

The Signs of Psychological Disorders of Polonius in The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, a Play by William Shakespeare

The Psychological Health of Polonius In The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, several characters exhibit the signs of possible psychological disorders, such as Prince Hamlet, Ophelia, and Polonius. With Polonius, Shakespeare seems to characterize a sneaky, untrustworthy snake of a man. Upon further inspection, however, it seems likely that Polonius suffered from one or … Read more

Review on Hemophilia bleeding disorder

Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder. It can make the body not be able to clot blood normally, and have excessive bleeding after an injury. There is not enough clotting factor in their blood. Clotting factor is a protein in blood that controls bleeding. People with hemophilia do not bleed any faster than normal, but can … Read more

Discovering Three Main Reasons for Body Modification Practices

Body Modification Body modifications have been around for thousands of year. The oldest documented tattoo is from Otzi the iceman from 3300 BC ,states fragrancex.com. Since then, many more body modifications have evolved, such as; scarification, skin stretching, forked tongue. “Body modification is the deliberate altering of the human anatomy or human physical appearance,” says … Read more

Pros And Cons Of D- Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic is a form of amino acid used to boost hormones levels and libido in men. Although the product may give you some health benefits, it also has its drawbacks. It is advisable to consider the D-Aspartic acid (DAA) pros and cons before adding the supplement to your diet. Pros: Boost hormones growth: D-aspartic plays … Read more

Introduction Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Introduction Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a chronic and often severe psychiatric disease. It is characterized by recurrent, intrusive and distressing thoughts, images, or impulses (obsessions) and/or repetitive mental or overt acts (compulsions or neutralizing behaviors) performed to reduce or remove distress and anxiety caused by these obsessive thoughts and to prevent any perceived harmful consequences … Read more

Stress management of teachers

Introduction Teachers are the key persons within the frontline to guarantee the quality of teaching to provide to succeeding generation. They have an enormous role in generating great leaders. The majority sensible leaders can agree that they learned valuable organization skills and personal development skills from their teachers. These skills helped them to achieve where … Read more

Comprehensive Overview Of Smallpox: Characteristics, Stages And Symptoms, Etiology, Transmission Etc.

Background Smallpox is an infectious illness caused by the variola virus, a part of the class Orthopoxvirus, within the Poxviridae family. The title is determined from the Latin word for “spotted”. Classification There were two clinical shapes of smallpox. Variola major was the extreme and most common shape, with a more broad hasty and higher … Read more

Ethical Aspects of Cell Phone

ETHICAL VALUES Mobile phones have both negative and positive impact on the society, but the negative impacts are weighing more than those of positive. Nowadays, more and more people use the cell phone technology to get access to anything in the world, but this can create many security threats in the society. Many people use … Read more

The Initial Process Of Puberty

A major part of adolescent development that causes dramatic physical change is puberty. It is essentially a process in the brain that results in physical changes that we all imagine when we think of puberty, like armpit hair and growth spurts. To understand the initial process of puberty, you should know that it activates the … Read more

Using a traditional therapy model and a community psychology

Although there are many different approaches to mental health care, services within England are predominantly designed and organized around a western, individualized and biologically understood approach. Psychiatric diagnosis has come under much scrutiny for not being holistic when trying to understand emotional distress as they exclude psycho-social contributors to distress and overemphasize the need for … Read more

Coping styles and mechanisms

Many people have different ways of coping with the numerous problems life throws. Due to the reason every person goes through different issues in life the result is that every person has their own unique coping mechanism. This essay will give people the knowledge of how everyone has different coping mechanisms. A person may have … Read more

Cayratia trifolia (L.) Domin medicinal uses

Medicinal Uses (Traditional/Folklore): Whole plant is used as diuretic and astringent and is useful in tumors, neuralgia, splenopathy and treatment of leucorrhea. Leaf, root and seeds are used as poultice to ulcers and boils. Fomentation of hot decoction of leaves and root is used as diaphoretic and recommended in high fever. Sap of stems and … Read more

Executive Home Care Franchising LLC v. Marshall Health Corp

In the case Executive Home Care Franchising LLC v. Marshall Health Corp., the Third Circuit deliberated on the district court’s denial of injunctive relief requested by the Executive Home Care Franchising LLC. Executive Care is best described as a home health care franchisor. The franchisees entered into a franchise contract with Executive Care in February … Read more

Traditional medicine in the world

The traditional medicine is one of the oldest in world. It had different branches like Ayurveda,Yoga, Siddha, Tantric, and folk medicine. People used various herbs, metal and animals as medicine in order to cure their diseases. The drugs in the pharmacopoeia of the Kaviraj or native medical practitioners are derived alike from the vegetable, animal … Read more

The Process of Respiration

Respiration has a critically vital role in our lives. The process of respiration is essential for not only life but also speech production. Although the two are closely intertwined, the function of speech for life is vastly different from respiration for speech. Respiration is breathing moving air in and out of our lungs. The process … Read more

Comparing the Concept of Human Morality in Emily Dickinson’s Because I Could Not Stop for Death and Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Tears, Idle Tears

The poems “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” by Emily Dickinson and “Song: Tears, Idle Tears” dramatize different attitudes toward human mortality. The theme of mortality is analysed in poem “Song: Tears, Idle Tears” by exhibiting fascination with the death of poet’s loved ones whereas the poem “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” … Read more

Depression Among International Students

Depression among international students In the present scenario many students move to foreign countries to explore the knowledge and learn practical skills to achieve their life goals. During this period, they face some challenges that turn in to depression. The depression is a mental health illness that affect human behaviours negatively. The main indications of … Read more

Pros and Cons of Caesarean Section Delivery

Caesarean section delivery is also called as C-section delivery. This method involves the deployment of surgery for delivering babies i.e. one or more. The Caesarean section delivery is often essential when there is risk on the life of mother or baby due to vaginal delivery. This may include issues with the umbilical cord or placenta, … Read more

End of Food

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food,” said Paul Prudhomme. Good food leads to a good mood. It can also lead to a healthier lifestyle considering you know what is meant by good food and how to make the right choices. Good food shouldn’t come at a high price making people turn … Read more

What is blood’s composition?

All humans have blood, but what is blood? What is blood’s composition? What is blood’s purpose? How is blood produced? How does the blood circulatory system work? What are the types of blood? Do all animals have blood? Is blood always red? This report will tackle these questions and provide a scientific answer to each. … Read more

Is the Human Body a Prison for the Soul?

In this section of Plato’s Five Dialogues, Phaedo includes a narration of the dialogue between Socrates and his friends during his last hours in his cell. Socrates believed that as long as a philosopher’s soul is confined to their body, they will never be able to acquire the truth because of the body’s need for … Read more

When Western Medicine Fails

By: Catherine Alfonso Blogger – Los Angeles, CA Preventative versus diagnostic healthcare. Alternative versus conventional medicine. Holistic versus homeopathic. East versus west. It can be difficult to narrow down the differences between so many medical practices and approaches available to us today. But the general consensus seems to be that a holistic or preventative approach … Read more

The Art Therapy

The National Institute of Mental Health defines schizophrenia as “a chronic, severe, and disabling mental disorder characterized by deficits in thought processes, perceptions, and emotional responsiveness.” Patients suffering from schizophrenia exhibit a diverse range of symptoms which are categorized under positive and negative. The positive symptoms of Schizophrenia include delusions, thought disorders, and hallucinations. Negative … Read more

The caffeine consumption review

We all love to drink coffee, we used to drink coffee when we wake up in the everyday to kick-start our morning. But you will absolutely not love the bad effects that coffee can bring to you.Caffeine goes about as a stimulant by enacting the central nervous system. It can battle tiredness and enhance concentration … Read more

The male reproductive system

The male reproductive system is a series of organs located outside and in pelvis region. The male reproductive systems main purpose is to provide sperm to fertilize the ovum. The major parts of the male are the sperm production and storage. The first category is sperm production and storage. The production of sperm occurs in … Read more

The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne: What’s Special about It’s Romantic Heroine

Hester Prynne is considered to be both one of the first heroines and feminist icons in American Literature. This is despite Nathaniel Hawthorne, born on July 4, 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts, being labelled as a misogynist, threatened by the growing feminist movement. How Hawthorne portrays his female protagonist and her interactions with the overbearing society … Read more

My Eight Dimensions Of Wellness

Influencing the Eight Dimensions of Wellness to some element of every day existence can beautify intellectual and physical wellbeing for people with mental and moreover substance utilize scatters. Wellness is being in extremely good physical and emotional well-being. Since psychological well-being and bodily wellness are connected, troubles in a single area can affect the other. … Read more

Theory Of Sexual Morality Through A Kantian Sexual Ethic By Thomas Mappes

Thomas Mappes developed his theory of sexual morality through a Kantian sexual ethic, by following the logic that one should never treat someone as a method to our own ends, we must treat others as an end in themselves. The Kantian principle is embedded with key ideas, such as, “it is morally wrong for A … Read more

Principles of the American Physical Therapy Association

“Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.” (APTA). This is the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) vision for all members and Physical Therapist. As a student, in a doctorate of physical therapy (DPT) program, I want to reflect on how that vision will advance my personal and professional development in my career … Read more

Evaluation of the Advantages Associated With Social Media Dependency

Benefiting from an Addiction Smart phones are carried by almost everyone these days, adults, teenagers, and even children! They offer people an easy access to worldwide information while being anywhere in the world. By using social media, people can sort through different posts concerning different topics that interest them. However, just like it is with … Read more

The Extinction of Pyrenean Ibex

Pyrenean Ibex were wild goats that lived in the mountain areas of Europe, north-central Asia, and northern Africa. According to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System, there are five species of Ibex (Bradford, 2014). These species were one of the two subspecies of Spanish Ibex that went extinct. The scientific name of Pyrenean Ibex is Capra … Read more