Water Balance in the Body

Fluid balance is maintained by insuring that the amount of water consumed via food and drink is equal to the amount of water excreted. One way our body keeps us putting in the effort to maintain water balance is through thirst and salt cravings. The kidneys are the most important factor in excretion of water, … Read more

Neuroplasticity Definition And Benefits

Abstract This paper will present a deeper insight about what neuroplasticity means and the importance it has. More than five published articles and academic journals will be employed to support and analyze the subject of neuroplasticity. These articles and academic journals will provide evidence on the importance neuroplasticity has for people who have suffered a … Read more

Analysis Of Old Spice’s Advertisement

Old Spice’s promotion “How Your Man Could Smell Like” is an appealing expression used to pull in the group of onlookers to buy the item. (stylist Kristen, 2017) The commercial intended to catch men’s consideration through ladies. It presents and perfect picture of how a man should smell. The promotion utilized sexually themed technique to … Read more

An Overview of the Importance of the Nervous System

Nervous tissue is a vital part of our nervous system. Without the nervous system, humans would not be able to function. Nervous tissue is composed of cells called neurons, which allow the body to convey messages through electrical nerve impulses. Neurons help us make sense of stimulation, control muscle contractions, and coordinate many bodily functions … Read more

Vision, Mission, & Ethics in Organizations

Any new hire within the company structure should understand what is expected of them. It allows a new employee to conduct themselves according to the merits found in the best interest of the organization, its partners, clients and shareholders. This alignment can be achieved in multiple ways. This includes a published code of ethics, a … Read more

My impressions about the book: The curious incident of the dog in the night time

The main social issue dealt with in the book is ‘mentally disable boy’. Christopher Boone, a 15 years old boy’s disability causes some challenges like the disabling environment in which he lives. This disabling environment includes a number of deal with Christopher and his many unique requirements and rites. For example, he only eats foods … Read more

Dermatologist Salary Overview

Learn More about a Dermatologist Salary If you value healthy skin and want to help others feel confident about their appearance, then pursuing a career as a dermatologist may be right for you. A dermatologist is a type of physician or medical doctor who diagnoses and treats patients with conditions of the hair, nails, mouth … Read more

Understanding Soap Operas: The Origin, Uniqueness, Misconceptions and Ethical Concerns

Analyzing Soap Operas. A Brief History The soap opera genre originated from American radio in the 1930s, and owes its name to the sponsorship of the programs by large soap powder companies. They were targeted at women, particularly housewives, and designed to entertain, without distracting them from there daily chores while their husband was out … Read more

Organs of Digestive system

Mouth The mouth chews the food using the teeth to tear, chew and grind the food. The tongue has skeletal muscles (involuntary muscles) that move the food around the mouth for efficient mechanical digestion. Salivary glands beneath and in the back of the tongue secrete saliva which allows for easier swallowing to begin chemical digestion. … Read more

The most surprising remedy to relieve sunburn

Menthol-containing shaving foam can be an effective, if “absurd”, alternative for cooling the skin and relieving the effects of mild sunburn, those known as grade 1 burns. This is recognized by dermatologists Rosa Taberner and Eduardo Nagore, dermatologists at the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) and the Piel Sana Foundation. The fashion for … Read more


Stone breaker is a natural kidney stones treatment containing 100% pure chancapiedra extract also called as kidney stone crusher. Chancapiedra scientific name Phyllanthusniruri, is a plant indigenous to the amazon rainforest , it is a herb and the whole plant is used to make medicine. Chancapiedra has a long history of traditional medicinal use for … Read more

Zygomatic complex fracture- A review

Zygomatic complex fracture Type of manuscript- review article Running title- zygomatic complex fracture Swetaa.A Undergraduate student Saveetha Dental College, Saveetha university Chennai, India. Mr. K. Yuvaraj Babu Assistant professor Department of Anatomy Saveetha Dental College Saveetha university, Corresponding author Chennai, India. Corresponding author- Email- [email protected] Telephone number- 9566047924 Author name- Swetaa.A Guide Name- Mr. K. … Read more

Nutrition Plan For Muscle Growth

Nutrition Plan for Muscle Growth The truth of the matter is, you will not achieve maximum muscle gains and growth without implementing and following a strict nutrition plan which is required to help you achieve desired results. Consuming good nutrition is more critically important that paying for the latest and greatest sports supplement – regardless … Read more

Blood circulation in the human body

Although the heart plays one of the biggest roles in the circulatory system, the rest of the system is also very important as it is what transports blood to and from the heart to keep the body alive. Blood is transported throughout the body by blood vessels. Blood vessels are complex structures but can be … Read more

What is Chronic Kidney Disease?

What Ayurveda says about chronic kidney disease? As per written in Ayurveda, the urine formation and its filtration happens in the kidney, but actually its happens in the intestine only. According to Ayurveda, Fire elements( Fires) helps to dissolve the formation and process of the urine and urine and filtration collects the waste from the … Read more

The Digestive Process of Food in the Alimentary Canal and Accessory Digestive Organs in the Digestive System of the Human Body

The digestive system is categories into two separate groups, these groups are called the alimentary canal, and the accessory digestive organs. The major processes of the alimentary canal include, ingesting which is consuming any type of substance our body is able to swallow, digesting the breaking down of any dissolvable material and absorbing the chemical … Read more

Plant innate immunity

Plants are infected by a huge number of pathogens of which only a few succeed in causing disease. The attack by others is responded by a sophisticated immune system possessed by the plants. Entry of phytopathogen is a vital step in causing disease. Especially in viral infection, entry is possibly through physical injuries induced either … Read more

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a disease that destroys nerve cells and causes disability. The nerve cells gradually break down and die. Muscle twitching, weakness in a limb, or slurred speech is how ALS typically starts. It eventually affects the muscles needed to move, speak, and breath.The disease is progressive, and currently … Read more

The Significance Of Homeostasis

The role of homeostasis is to maintain a constant internal environment within the body despite changes in the external environment. For example, the body is able to keep its core temperature, blood sugar levels and water balance relatively constant.This ensures the survival and functioning of cells, organs and tissues. If homeostasis were to cease and … Read more

Digestive system: what is it?

DIGESTION is important for breaking down food into nutrients, which the body uses for energy, growth, and cell repair. Food and drink must be changed into smaller molecules of nutrients before the blood absorbs them and carries them to cells throughout the body. The body breaks down nutrients from food and drink into carbohydrates, protein, … Read more

Dreadlocks Origin And Atereotypes

xDreadlocks are ropelike strands of hair formed by matting or braiding. Its origins can be traced back to the mummies of ancient Egypt, the Indian deity, Shiva, as well as in Bible passages in the character of Sampson whose strength comes from his seven locks of hair. But the term “dreadlocks” itself emerged from the … Read more

Active recovery modalities

This week we will finish the topic of recovery by looking at active recovery modalities, nutrition, and some recovery methods that claim to work but may not actually do what they claim. If passive recovery methods are those you can apply with little to no effort, active recovery methods are those that require you actually … Read more

How To Remedy Penile Dysmorphic Disorder (PDD)

Anything that negatively affects a man’s sexual pride is indeed a sexual disorder! One such disorder is Penile Dysmorphic Disorder. What exactly is PDD? Penile Dysmorphic Disorder, abbreviated as PDD, is a mental illness or disorder. It is a condition in which you, as a man, are obsessively focused and ashamed with the shape, size … Read more

Discovering Three Main Reasons for Body Modification Practices

Body Modification Body modifications have been around for thousands of year. The oldest documented tattoo is from Otzi the iceman from 3300 BC ,states fragrancex.com. Since then, many more body modifications have evolved, such as; scarification, skin stretching, forked tongue. “Body modification is the deliberate altering of the human anatomy or human physical appearance,” says … Read more

Contact lenses versus glasses: what is better?

As you probably already know, there are quite a few differences between contact lenses and eye glasses. Glasses have been around a lot longer than contacts, although most people prefer to wear contacts instead of glasses. Contacts have become popular over the years, proving to be the best alternative to wearing bulky glasses. When you … Read more

The Constant Gardener And Blood Diamond As Examples Of The Evolution Of Film In Africa

The Constant Gardener and Blood Diamond are examples of the evolution of film in Africa. The films both reference the African environment, landscape and quest for African resources. Cinematography is used in a way that captures the beauty and horrors of Africa. Yet, both films pay homage to the uneasy coexistence of Africans at the … Read more

The Biography of Andreas Vesalius

Andreas Vesalius was born on December 31, 1514, in Brussels, Belgium, to Anders van Wesel, and his wife, Isabel Crabbe. His father was court apothecary to Charles V of Spain.In 1528, he got enrolled at the University of Leuven taking arts, but later decided to pursue a career in the military. In 1533, he got … Read more

Immune System in Human Body

This is the system that protects the body from harmful substances/microorganisms, they are like the soldiers of the body because they defend the body and kill the invaders. Immunity given by the immune system is the protection of the body from infections and agents that cause disease (Latha, 2012). This system is the most complicated … Read more

Core Anatomy of human body

The core has been described as a box which is made up of muscles including abdominals which makes up the front wall, paraspinal and gluteal muscles makes up the back wall, while the diaphragm makes up the roof and the pelvic floor and hip girdle muscles makes up the bottom. Inside this box are 29 … Read more

What is blood’s composition?

All humans have blood, but what is blood? What is blood’s composition? What is blood’s purpose? How is blood produced? How does the blood circulatory system work? What are the types of blood? Do all animals have blood? Is blood always red? This report will tackle these questions and provide a scientific answer to each. … Read more

Types of of bifocal lens

For a majority of us, presbyopia is something we have to live with. In definition, presbyopia is the lack of focusing on things in close range. The cause for this, is the lens in our eyes becoming less and less flexible as we grow older. The bad part is, most of us will need some … Read more

Quality Analysis of PCA’s Skin Care line

Evaluation of the Quality of a Professional Skin Care Product The professional quality skin care products in the market today are overwhelming to the consumers as the products are available over the counter and upon the recommendation of skin care professionals. PCA skin care is a line of products that was founded more than twenty … Read more