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Op-Ed What Cause Cancer Essay

Professor Harris’s own data show consumption of cigarettes falling both in times of falling and rising real prices. Indeed, if the objective is to reduce the incidence of smoking, Harris should applaud moves by generally well-managed companies away from production and marketing activities of which he disapproves. Taxing cigarettes as a percent of value distorts production and consumption patterns and reduces the reliability of cigarette taxation for revenue-raising. Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body.

Not all tumors are cancerous; benign tumors do not spread to other parts of the body. Cigarette smoking causes more preventable deaths from cancer than any other modifiable risk factor. Smokers who stop smoking increase the length of their lives substantially and reduce their risk of heart attack and cancer. However, many smokers still discount the increased risk they fact with continuing smoking. They are discounting their physician’s advice by being too optimistic that their chances of getting a life-threatening disease will be nil.

All the governments should increase funding for cancer research because increasing numbers of people are affected by cancer each year, innovative technologies require funding support and better understanding of cancer will lead to better preventive care. Most people do not realize that there are many ways to prevent cancer, you must first have to know what are the causes to be able to avoid many of them and thus reduce the likelihood of cancer, and should you also have to realize what cancer mean and seriousness, and what are its results and pains. u must accommodate you are very wrong and dangerous practices will lead to your death and not only will live at the end of your days, tough stages and won’t be good, so you also have to read carefully this causes his loyalty and good and realize their riskiness. Studies found out that Tobacco or smoke causes 30% of deaths and 87% of lung cancer cases, but not limited impact on the lungs only, but it is possible that it leads to kidneys, pancreas, cervix, and stomach cancer, and blood, bone marrow, and the perfect solution to stop smoking to avoid all types of cancers.

Every time when we walk in a street or a place we find that there are many people have cigarettes in their mouth of various kinds, they don’t know that they are killing themselves and the loss of it. Furthermore, they do not realize the blackness in their lungs, smoking is the leading cause in cancers and the main cause of the loss of the most important organ in the human body.

Lack of physical activity: Exercise at least 30 minutes during the day throughout the week it greatly reduces the risk of cancer, practice yoga, aerobics and running, all of this also reduces obesity, which is an influential factor on cancer. Genetics play a major role in the development of cancer, such as breast cancer, you should take in consideration of your family history of cancer to be able to take caution of the causes and risks. As-well the unsafe sexual contact: increasing the risk of cervical cancer and cancer of the anus and vagina.

Environmental factors: There are some minerals in the construction industry and housing materials that may cause a variety of medical problems, and some studies have also shown that people who are exposed to large quantities of gasoline are more susceptible to cancer. Direct exposure to the sun: Exposure to ultraviolet direct radiation from the sun causes skin cancer, so the sun and tan is a cell caused by sun damage, you should always use sunscreen when you go out and try not to sun exposure from 10 am until 2:00 pm period, they are strong so it may cause burns.

Dear listener, if the pollution in our atmosphere has increased it will still affect us, especially smoking is becoming more and more everywhere in the world, its increasing the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and this is affecting us no doubt we have to take care of our health and more attentive to our souls. Cancer is a malignant disease, also called the silent disease, as it does not cause a lot of symptoms that indicate it, and the public the seriousness of the symptoms are similar to much of it with a lot of other diseases, at least, including: Weight loss. Dora high body temperature. •Anorexia. • as there are symptoms of localized part affected; as a change in skin color, and the presence of a solid mass, and the presence of abnormal secretions in some cases; such as breast cancer, and cervical cancer, as well as the symptoms of the most dangerous and is that indicate the proliferation of these cells in the body, and is in the bulge Lymph nodes.

Research indicates that the cause of cancer is an imbalance in the genes of the cell, it produces these changes for several factors, including the occurrence of a genetic mutation which causes a defect in DNA transfer, or external, such as smoking causes, exposure to chemicals, or virus injury, or exposure to radiation, drinking alcohol, and others.

The most prevalent type of cancer varies depending on the sex, cancer is bladder and liver cancer is more common in males, whereas breast cancer, the lymphatic tumor, leukemia is more prevalent in females, in addition to a wide range of cancers such as thyroid cancer, colon cancer, as that there are types of cancers that are limited to sex without the other, such as cancers of the prostate in men, and cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer in women, and the children’s blood cancer is the most prevalent among them.

You can protect yourself from cancer by following a few tips, including: Non-use of cooking utensils scratched, pots stomach so as not to stick through the material flake paint them quickly, allowing PFOA leak acid, and this acid works to promote the growth of cancer cells, and thus once this happens scratch in pots, it must be disposed of. Quit smoking, smoking is linked to many cancers such as lung cancer, kidney, mouth, it enters the body of many toxic chemicals, as well as a lot of other diseases such as; heart clots that can cause sudden death. un protection, despite the importance of the sun for all forms of life on Earth, and its importance for the body to get vitamin D, but the sun’s ultraviolet rays lead to skin cancer, and thus should use sunscreens and wear long when you go out the afternoon Times and avoid going out as much as possible. You can cure cancer with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, or treatment using antibodies monoclonal or other means.

The choice of therapy depends on the location and tumor grade and stage of the disease, as well as the general condition of the patient (performance state). There are also a number of experimental methods for cancer treatment under development. The goal of treatment is completely removing the cancer without damaging the rest of the body. Sometimes this can be achieved by surgery, but the tendency of cancer to invade surrounding tissues or spread to distant sites by microscopic metastasis often limits its effectiveness.

Chemotherapy also limited its effectiveness often to the amount of toxicity to other tissues in the body. Radiation can also cause damage to normal tissues. Because “cancer” refers to a class of diseases, it is unlikely to be there at any time, “one cure for cancer,” just as there will not be a single treatment for all infectious diseases. Previously I thought that angiogenesis inhibitors have the potential to serve as a “miracle cure” for many types of cancer, but this was not the case in practice.

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