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Meat Masquerade Research Paper

Everyday millions of people are consuming hazardous rations. Meat is consumed in huge amounts every year. The nutritional benefit of consuming less meat, body systems that are improved, and the horrors that are not discussed when meat production occurs will enlighten one and change lifelong choices. Vegetarianism contrary to popular belief is the healthier life style choice and one that will not be regretted. Many rumors will persuade you that lower nutrients will be gained when leaving meat out. For example your diet will be “low in unsaturated fat” (Paleo Leap) However when one is a vegetarian you are constantly aware of nutrient intake.

In fact, it is typically a higher intake of valuable food. All people have cramps even when eating meat but some will insist if you ignore meat consumption you will have “Too much fiber which causes gramps and bloating” (Paleo Leap) If one is aware of their nutrition value too much fiber will be avoided. Also meat can also cause cramps. Unproven facts tend to lead to faulty statements. According to Morris M” thinking about steak reduces aggression. ” There are many times when there is a random smile or happy moment that pops into someone’s head.

For this fact it is not possible to prove what one is thinking about. If one is not interested in the nutrition but animals, scientists are “now at the stage where we can grow burgers in a lab. ” (Morris M) This may cause relief but there cannot be healthy ingredients. Not to mention how unhealthy it is. On a positive note going green is an advantage. “Some people become vegetarians after realizing the devastation that the meat industry is having on the environment. ” (Vegetarian Times) Everyone knows we are nothing without a healthy environment. Animals cannot breed without a habitat.

The EPA estimates that nearly 95 percent of the pesticides residue in the typical American diet comes from meat, fish and dairy products. (Vegetarian Times) This destroys immune systems which will lead to more disease. Illnesses could also come back. Another thing we are all scared about is money. “The 7 billion livestock animals in the United States consume five times as much grain as is consumed directly by the American population. (Vegetarian Times) This could lead us into famine. Also the more land we buy for over populated animals the more money that is spent towards agriculture.

Eating a plant-based meal for lunch instead of a burger saves 2. 5 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, 133 gallons of water, and 24 square feet of land. ” (Amy Duesen) This could add up in the future and make this a healthier planet. Our resources will also be cheaper. Not just the planet will be healthier your body will be too. “ Fatty red meats and many processed meats are high in saturated fat which raises bad cholesterol and increases risk in coronary heart disease” (Dr. Rachel K) Many heart problems are a leading death in Americans. A healthier heart means a more active life with friends and family.

Those who ate the most red and processed meat were found to have the highest risk of breast cancer. ” (Amy Duesen) This means less victims, Not to mention people will have more time to find cures. Lower risks of diseases is also a benefit. “ A vegan diet a weapon against type 2 diabetes. ”(Nursing Degrees) This leads to healthier kids. Leaving kids with a lower risk of a disease that takes many lives. Another perk is “A diet rich in whole grains is beneficial to your health in many ways, including lowering high blood pressure. ” (Nursing Degree) This will lead to less pills that are needed.

Less pills means other healthier organs. Let’s not forget the fluffy animals of the world that are becoming victims. “. ” 9. 1 billion cows, chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigs, and sheep were slaughtered for food in 2011. “ (Amy Duesen) If meat production was lost animals wouldn’t be force bred to be slaughtered. Not to mention the force breeding that takes place and makes these numbers possible.

“Some chickens grow so unnaturally large that their legs cannot support their outsized bodies, and they suffer from starvation or dehydration when they cannot walk to reach food and water. (PETA) IF a food is so pumped full of chemicals that it messes with genetics why would one want to consume it? Not to mention to cause such suffering is not a service but sadism. These antibiotics that are filling animals lead to sickness. “Antibiotics are used to make animals grow faster and to keep them alive in the unsanitary conditions. ” (PETA) Obviously animals should not be kept in these conditions but that in beside the point.

There are people working in these factories and no one deserves to work in unsafe environments. Research shows that factory farms widespread use of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria that threaten human health. ” (PETA) Not taking care of animals affect humans and this could possibly lead to death from disease. Even children could be born less resistant. The horrors that are hidden in mean consumption are now being leaked out. A happier life will be found when ditching the chemical filled rations that intrude upon one’s body. It is up to humans to take care of the earth and animals that inhabit it.

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