Wells Fargo and Its Ethical Platform

Introduction Founded in 1998 as a result of a merger between the initial Wells Fargo and a Norwest based financial corporation, Wells Fargo is currently the largest financial company in terms of global market capitalization and the fourth largest bank in the United States (Rau, 2001). It is a public company traded in the NYSE … Read more

Color and Light in Fargo and No Country For Old Men

The Language of Color and Light Words and pictures are the fundamental method of communication within a film. They propel plot and provide a way for the audience to understand the thoughts of the characters. However, one of the most important methods of communication within Fargo and No Country For Old Men is the use … Read more

Adam Bernstein’s Fargo: A Movie Review

Mise-en-scene is the framing arrangement of lighting, actors, decor, costume and props including the camerawork and frame. It is actually a French name meaning placing on the stage. The film Fargo was based on a true story. According to the Coen brothers who produced and direct the film they wrote a fictional story around the … Read more