Wall-e Film Analysis Essay

Wall- e is a kind of animated science fiction film directed by Andrew Stanton in 2008. The film perfectly depicts possible consequences of consumerism and over reliance on technology. Even though some blame technology to be the foe of human beings and this planet but its humans who are turning into their own enemies. The … Read more

Movie Review of Gattaca and Wall-E

Many humans have tried to predict the future of humanity. While the predictions of futurism are often vastly different, they often have a similar underlining. The feature films Gattaca and WALL-Ediffer in regards to the current state of the Earth, the physicality of humans, and the mentality of humans, but converge on the idea of … Read more

Unraveling The Secrets of Dystopian Society in Pixar’s Movie, Wall-E

Pixar’s WALL-E is a creatively and brilliantly animated children’s movie. Though entertaining, it has an underlying message and warning. This film represents a dystopian community, perhaps portraying America’s supposed future, hidden behind a sweet love story between two robots. The theatrical elements such as specific portrayal of color, shadow and light, and angles, along with … Read more