Plot Of The Finding Forrester Movie

Finding Forrester Summary Finding Forrester is a movie about finding yourself and finding your talents no matter what others think and or do. Jamal is a 16 year old boy going to a public high school, he gets average grades and is excellent on the court. He lives his whole life believing those things until … Read more

Movie review: Remember the Titans

Situational leadership is the idea that one changes his or her leadership style in a given situation. According to Hershey and Blanchard, the type of leadership that is appropriate for any given situation is driven by follower readiness or development. Readiness is based on two factors: ability, meaning the follower has the necessary knowledge, skill, … Read more

The Avatar Plot Summary

Avatar Avatar, what I know about this movie is that there are a bunch of blue “people” that are fighting against each other or against one thing. In other words, I have never seen this movie and the most I have ever even read about this movie are the two reviews that you just had … Read more

The Philosophical side of Supernatural

Supernatural was a show that first aired on September 13, 2005. The show mainly focuses on two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who face terrible circumstances as they hunt monsters, demons, and angels. Violent memories and harsh throwbacks are a burden on the two brothers and strongly impact their lives. Old tricks and useless tools … Read more

Amistad Movie Analysis

Amistad Summary Sengbe Pieh, later known as Joseph Cinque, used to be an ordinary man. He owned a rice farm in Sierra Leone, and lived with his wife and three children. However, one day, everything changed. Cinque was suddenly torn away from his family and his home by slave traders, who imprisoned him in Lomboko. … Read more

House of Flying Daggers

Women’s roles in film are changing significantly as a way to reflect society’s changing attitude towards them. This is beautifully illustrated in the film House of Flying Daggers, where the director, Zhang Yimou, portrays the changing roles of women, in this Chinese Wuxi martial-arts action-adventure movie, with a strong female lead protagonist, Mei, who is … Read more

American film-making ideology

In general terms, ideology can be defined as a belief generally upheld by groups in society, at a specific time and place. It is how we understand the world around us. In analyzing films, we can get better understanding of how certain ideologies are formed, and why they are sustained or changed over time. Virtually … Read more

The Idea of a Hero: A Critique

What Makes Them a Hero? Superman, Iron Man, The Flash, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, all of these figures have been lauded as the ideal of a true hero for the better part of a century, but have we ever really stopped to think about what antiquates, depicts or defines a hero. There are certain … Read more

The Bridge Between Chhinese And American Culture In The Joy Luck Club

Cultural divides are difficult to overcome in storytelling, because readers must both re-orient their largest cultural assumptions and understand the ideas of specific, unique characters. However, in The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan effectively makes much of Chinese culture comprehensible to American readers. In describing a culture that is exceedingly different from the American way … Read more

The Theme Of Happiness In American Beauty, Death Of A Salesman, The Great Gatsby And Revolutionary Road

Happiness can be defined in many different ways and is based on perception. In the eyes of every individual, the pursuit of happiness has a greater meaning where many of the characters try to find it in their own manner. People disguise their own happiness as an escape from reality and for a major part … Read more

The Analysis Of The Film "BlacKkKlansman"

“All power to ALL the people.” This motto is repeated throughout the latest “Spike Lee Joint.” BlacKkKlansman is the newest film by the director of acclaimed films like Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, and Inside Man. The film is set in the early 70s, and follows Ron Stallworth (John David Washington), the first African … Read more

An Overview Of Radicalization Of The West: A Homegrown Threat Helping Law Enforcement In The Capital City And America As A Whole

The report about the radicalization in the West becoming a homegrown threat attempts to help law makers and law enforcement agencies in the capital city and the entire America by providing a systematic indulgent of the type of threat that the United States of America faces domestically. The report also seeks to bring a solution … Read more

Wadjda: A Portrayal of Women’s Struggle in a Misogynistic Society

The film Wadjda directed and written by Haifaa Al Mansour explores the cultural orders that perpetuate gender segregation in Saudi Arabia. The film achieves this by following the experiences of an ambitious young Saudi girl, Wadjda, who questions the country’s misogyny with everything she does. Overall, this worthwhile film comments on the oppressive intersectionality of … Read more

Codes and Conventions of Three Different Film Genres

This paper discusses critically the codes and conventions of three different genres of film and how they effectively communicate to an audience. You might wonder, “What is a film genre?” Well, simply put, a genre is a category/group of films characterized by a particular style, form or content (Merriam-Webster, 2018). The three groups/categories of films … Read more

Farley Mowat’s A Whale for the Killing, The People of the Deer, and Never Cry Wolf’s Depiction of the Significance of Naturalism

Farley Mowat’s three novels Never Cry Wolf (1963), The People of the Deer (1952), and A Whale for the Killing all agree on the role of naturalism, the plight of the animal, the commercialization of hunting, ruthlessness of man, and survival of the fittest. Mowat records that “my early years as a naturalist were free … Read more

Understanding Chicago, West Side Story, Miss Saigon, And Oklahoma Musical’s Political Significance

“Miss Saigon” is one of the world’s four most famous musical dramas, created by Claude-Michel Schoenberg and Alain Boublil. The story takes place during the Vietnam War and revolves around a romance between an American soldier and a Vietnam hostess, the heroine Kim, who sacrifices her life without hesitation for her child. As far as … Read more

Titanic: Love Story Of All The Time

Love or Lies? The RMS Titanic, known as the “unsinkable” ship, tragically went down in the middle of the ocean, leaving many to freeze in the icy waters. The boat may not have been unsinkable, but it was still the most extravagant adventure of the time. However, for the story to completely captivate viewers, the … Read more

The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist is a 2017 American biographical comedy-drama film produced and directed by James Franco. Written by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, the film is based on Greg Sestero and {Mary|Ben|Jeff} Bissell’s non-fiction book of the same name, and chronicles the making of Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 The Room, widely considered one of the … Read more

Harmful Effects of Fasts Foods in ‘Supersize Me’

For this assignment, I have decided to choose the documentary created by Morgan Sperlock entitled “Supersize Me”. In the film Super-Size Me, Director Morgan Sperlock attempts to show the entire world the long-term effects and subsequent results of eating nothing except fast-food for an entire month straight. The very beginning of the film starts off … Read more

Marji and Marxism: The Detrimental Effects of Consumerism and Religion in Persepolis

The Complete Persepolis, an autobiographical novel by Marjane Satrapi, tells the tale of Marjane’s childhood in Iran. In this story, Marjane (Marji) is brought up by communistic parents. Evidence of this Marxist upbringing is displayed several times throughout the book, most especially when Marji exclaims that “it was funny to see how much Marx and … Read more

Demystifying the myths on the great war as depicted in Under Fire by Henri Barbusse and All quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria

Writing towards the end of the twentieth century, German literary scholar Hans Wagener reflects on the deep resonance of war literature, stating: “When we think about certain periods of history, epoch-making books come to mind that capture the spirit of those times most vividly”. Indeed, literary expressions of the Great War have performed a crucial … Read more

Wells Fargo and Its Ethical Platform

Introduction Founded in 1998 as a result of a merger between the initial Wells Fargo and a Norwest based financial corporation, Wells Fargo is currently the largest financial company in terms of global market capitalization and the fourth largest bank in the United States (Rau, 2001). It is a public company traded in the NYSE … Read more

Kiss Me Deadly by Robert Aldrich – one of the most famous films noir

Robert Aldrich’s film, Kiss Me Deadly, has been referred to as, “the definitive, apocalyptic, nihilistic, science-fiction film noir of all time.” The film was produced in 1955, during the time of the classical Film Noir era’s spread throughout Hollywood. The term, meaning “black film,” was originally applied to thriller and detective films made in the … Read more