Turner Campus Rape Essay

Campus rape is an extremely prevalent issue in today’s culture. According to Stanford University’s 2015 Campus Climate Survey, 4. 7 % of women reported that they had been a victim of sexual assault and 32. 9% reported experiencing sexual misconduct. Of those attacks, 80% of the perpetrators were Stanford students and 85% were men. Many … Read more

Violence Against African-American Women Research Paper

African-American women continue to be sorely in need of an anti-rape to have this matter changed. According to the 2010 U. S. Census, 13. 6% of the population self-identified as African- American (Rastogi, Johnson, Hoeffel, & Drewery, 2011). African- American women reported substantial rates of criminal and sexual victimization, including rape and violence. Specifically, 18. … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Chemical Castration Essay

The Improved World To protect the young children, men, and women of the next generation, it is recommended sex offenders involuntarily undergo chemical castration which will influence nonviolent society. This effect has the tendency of a non-threatening environment with its extended treatment on sex hormones to reduce the levels of testosterone, desires, and unwanted fantasies. … Read more

Not Another Teen Film Analysis Essay

Explore how young people are represented in teen-orientated comedies, how does this representation set a “social norm” for teenagers in the real world? Teen comedies, such as “Superbad” and “Not Another Teen Movie”, present the audience with a stereotypical representation of characters that exist within the “teen world”. The representation of these characters is usually … Read more