Guatemala Research Paper

Guatemala covers 42,042 sq mi and it has a population of over 17 million. Guatemala City, which is the capital is the city with the largest population. Guatemala has a very mixed ethnicity. Over half of the population is Mestizo and European. The other part of the population has a very diverse ethnicity. In Guatemala, … Read more

Outbreak Movie Analysis Essay

For this assignment, I choose to watch the movie Outbreak, which is a movie about a hemorrhagic virus called “Mutoba”. In the movie, the host of the virus was a monkey. The descriptive epidemiology of the disease is as follows the virus was first discovered in 1967 in a small village in Zaire that was … Read more

HIV/AIDS Epidemic In Sub-Saharan Africa Essay

In the 19th and 20th Century, the relationships between different parts of the globe changed more than ever before as advancements in technology altered cultures, increased communications between nations, created unparalleled levels of economic integration, or made the feel earth smaller. The politically developed countries harnessed colonialism, imperialism, soft power, and neoliberal power structures to … Read more

Christianity and HIV

As an outsider who shares many values with sincere and faithful Christians, I am troubled with the apparent lack of effectiveness of their most common approaches to the current HIV crisis. The Christian ultimate objective of saving souls is not universally shared, and arguments from that perspective will not be persuasive to a general audience. … Read more

The new faces of HIV/AIDS: Our Children

The condition known as leprosy was very well known in ancient history. Usually because of the fear associated with the disease and ignorance of the disease most societies were quick to label anyone with leprosy as an outcast. In fact, Jewish religion and law classified anyone who exhibited the symptoms of leprosy as unclean. In … Read more