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Personal Narrative: My Life In High School Research Paper

I became a sophomore just one year ago and I have enjoyed every bit of the High School. I’ve met new friends and I have seen some old good friends. I have appreciated what I have right now in school, grade and teacher wise. All of the teachers have been extremely helpful throughout the time I have been in High school. For the first few months of High school I had some bummed out times. I was bummed out because I was disappointed that I didn’t have any classes with any of my friends.

I figured if I had at least one or two classes with my friends it would be another awesome year like ninth grade was when I had almost all of my classes with at least one of my friends. Like before I talked about how I was bummed for the first few months of school because I didn’t have any classes with my friends. I realized that I was perfectly fine the way it was in tenth grade because I was still able hang out with my friends during the sophomore lunch period because we were capable of having off-campus lunches unlike the sophomores this year who were incapable of having off-campus lunches ever again, it seemed like.

I was also happy with what I had because not having the luxury gave me the opportunity to meet new students in my new classes. I have made it through the whole year to accept that what I had and have now has been easy and do-able. High school can seem like a bummer to get to with all other eight grades students have to go through, but it can also seem accomplishing to actually get to High school and be successful through the years you have left to graduate.

Students will soon, if they haven’t already, realize that High School will be the easiest and fastest moving grade levels that students will mostlikely have during the rest of their learning experience; God know it was for me, but I’m only a junior right now. When I started High School in tenth grade I became ill with anxiety throughout the first few weeks of High school. I felt this way because as I walked through the hallways I could feel other people’s eyes on me like a snake trying to suffocate me through tightening itself around my neck.

I believe to label myself as anti-social though my year of High School even now. After walking through the hallways for the first time it felt like it took hours just to get from one side of the school to the other because so many students in one school and so little walking routes to take in order to get to class. When I would walk by students in the hallways I would see nothing but people I do not want to turn out as after High School. I have seen students do illegal acts to and around school property.

It felt like I was in a crowd of tigers just waiting to strike their prey for something to entertain themselves. It felt like a small world in just a little dome of people spreading hatred against each other. Thave survived that year of High school through meeting new people and just, simply getting over it. Meeting new people was most-likely the things that has helped me the most through High School so far. The majority of students around me have finally matured enough not to just let everything fall downhill, but there is still the minority of people that still don’t accept reality the way I do right now.

Mostly what I have learned through my progress of High School is that I need to accept that what I have as a student at, Charles Page High School can not be used to make no progress in life after High School. The first time I stepped foot in this school I thought it was going to be nothing but failure to me in the sense of accomplishment, but obviously that wasn’t the case. Even though each day I fear for my future after High School I still feel that I make excessive progress in all of my classes. What I learned was that I don’t need much attention to accomplish my goals throughout the year.

What I found out through my pursuing years of High School is that I can accomplish what I want if I try hard enough and the things is, I don’t need to work that hard to accomplish what I want. The reason being is because I listen to what I need to know and I keep it going by doing what I have to in order to reach my accomplishes. I discovered that; even though much attention would help out a great deal through my progress of High School, I do not need an extreme amount of attention to help me get to where I am going. I just need to remind myself that what I have right now, education wise will help in the long run for years to come.

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