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Personal Narrative: Why I Hated Everyone In High School Essay

I entered the school grounds and walked over to Juan to speak to him. But, he ignored me. Then he typed on his phone that he was being mute to everyone and that he would be using his phone to type to us, and in class, he would write on paper. But he wouldn’t be speaking to us the whole year. That was his goal. And it seemed, he would accomplish it. Talways hated everyone in school. Especially since freshman year, where I told everyone in LA1 Honors some very mean, incredibly fantastically, mean things. I know I had hurt people that day, but I didn’t care.

I realized before I entered and started my junior year, that I absolutely positively had to focus because it could quite possibly be my hardest year in all of my high school years. And the students, they’re distracting in Alta Vista. So I would have to not talk to them. In the hopes that they would leave me be and I could focus on me. On my life. On my school. On my future. Talways made fun of Juan in a joking way but this, I couldn’t resist. I used every joke and idea that came to mind and used that against him. It was brilliant. It was fantastic. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

I went with his mute thing and continued on, living my life. I had thought of the same thing, but I realized it wouldn’t work. I like speaking. I talk to everyone. There’s nowhere in the world you could put me that wouldn’t let me talk to someone. I am an extrovert. I can hold a conversation with someone forever. But I also hate people. I like to follow my own path. I like being alone as much as I love company. It really all depends on the way I feel that specific day. I can be an extrovert and an introvert. I know theres a word for someone who’s both.

But, who I am, I don’t care enough to find out. I am a person who doesn’t care. I don’t care about how the world is. If it’s falling apart. That’s not my responsibility. I am not a world leader. I am who I am and if I feel there’s something I need to change, something that personally affects me, then I will fight for what I care for. But I am not a Gandhi, I am not a Martin Luther King Jr, and I am most certainly not Rosa Parks. I am me. And that’s really all I wanna be. I don’t care enough to be a world leader. If people want change, let them change it.

But it isn’t my problem. Unless I care enough, you won’t get a helping hand from me. Unless you get pity from me, I am who I am. I simply believe in who I am. I know I have the power to do great things. But everyone has different standards of greatness. Of what it is to have achieved a perfect life. And I think I’m on the path to that. To a perfect world. But I don’t want to be shaped into something I’m not. I know who I am and I am not a world leader. And no teacher or student will turn me into anything I am not. But i’ll always have friends.

I’ll always have acquaintances. So, I can’t stop speaking to human beings. I cannot pull a Juan. But I always have my irrational and vengeful behavior. The way being mute is going is well. I’m ignoring everyone, though I have lost some friends. But it’s okay. I came here to be mute. I will stay mute. I will not talk to anyone except teachers and adults. And I believe what I’m doing is correct. I believe that no one is understanding why I’m doing what im doing. It’s because I don’t want to get caught up in high school drama and just focus on me and my schoolwork.

Currently, Juan continues his mute state in the hope of accomplishing what he wants. I still think he’s not got long before he cracks. It’s difficult for him to atay quiet now. He’ll crack. People have to have human interaction. He’s losing his ability to formulate a sentence because of the little amount of words he speaks. His pride is stopping him from giving it up but I know it won’t be long. I hope so because it truly is annoying having to wait for him to type up an answer so simple like answering “Why are you late” or things related to the sorts.

I have full faith in Juan and his actions but some things I can’t support and this is one of them. This story doesn’t have much of a continuation, if you think about it. We just have to wait for Juan to decide his life. And hope that the decisions he makes benefits, not only him, but us. Juan is an incredible student but sometimes, he makes some idiotic decisions. And that’s when his friends have to be there for him. To support him through the idiotic things like going mute or yelling idiotic and horrible things in class.

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