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Narrative Essay About Moving School

When I was little my parents got divorced. As that happened they said I had to move schools. I would have never thought this would ever happen, but my parents just decided to move where it was halfway from work both ways, so they decided Royalton. Moving to Royalton was very scary, but also a great, fun change. It was scary being the new kid, but I worked my way around it. There was a bunch of different changes I went through. I also had a very fun time living at royalton since fourth grade and to graduating.

It was the middle of the school year after Easter break when I started attending Royalton. Before going to Royalton I used to go to Pillager. Pillager is a fantastic school and it is where I made all my friends, but I started my new life at a new school called Royalton Elementary. I moved when I was in fourth grade, after Easter break. I was very nervous on my first day of school, but luckily I already knew Brooklyn from the day before. Sol at least had one friend made already. My class was very large, it had twenty nine kids, which is a lot.

It is always so weird to be the new kid, because I had to make new friends, learn about different people, do different school techniques. I was always doing things differently at the first week. I would always have my hands behind my back, because at Pillager they made us walk in a single file line with our hands behind our backs. Also at lunch I used to always used to have the milk carton out on the table and not on my tray, because that is what everybody did. I eventually grew out of the habit and do what everybody else does now, which was normal for me since the end of fourth grade.

Also another thing that was really different thing for me was that the lunches were so different. At pillager the breakfast and lunches were so good. For breakfast they used to give us funnel cakes which were really good. For the lunches there was so much different lunches which was really good. When I went to royalton the lunches were not as good, but it probably changed at my old school. As the years went on 1 started getting more used to everybody, making more and more friends.

When I say stuff now, I am always talking about that like Royalton more than Pillager, yet again I was at Royalton longer. Sometimes I wish I could got back to Pillager and see all my friends again, and all the changes. I really like Royalton and I’m really glad I moved there. Royalton is my favorite school out of the two. Just because it is smaller and like I said I was in Royalton longer. My life is at royalton and I would hate it if I would ever have to move again. It is very fun at Royalton and I would not want to change it in any way.

Royalton is really fun and I’m so glad I moved here. My grade is the best and I would not trade them for anything, but maybe some. My friends are some of the greatest and they are the reason I wake up in the morning and go to school. Moving to royalton was such an excitement after knowing now that I’m with all these amazing people and at a school that I love. Going back to when it’s so scary to be the new kid, it was really hard and I was always so nervous of everybody for a couple of weeks. My friend Brooklyn would always introduce me to her friends which I would become friends with them.

But as the years went on I faded away from my first friends and went with a different group of friends as I’m with today. Moving to Royalton was very scary, but a fun experience which I will never regret happening. While being there since fourth grade Royalton is where I was meant to be. I learned a bunch of different things and I consider myself as not a new kid, and I’m happy to be here. And what made this all happen was when I was little my parents got divorced. As that happened they said I had to move schools. I would have never thought this would ever happen, so they decided Royalton.

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