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Personal Narrative: My First Car Essay

Most people dream about what kind of car they want to get when they start driving. First cars are really special. Like most teenagers, I had to settle for a used car even if it was not my dream car. My first car was my most memorable car because I got my license in it, it was all mine, and I had a wreck in it. When it was time for me to get my license, I did not have a car. Thad practiced driving my sister’s car because it was much smaller than my mom’s SUV or my dad’s truck. It was a silver, four-door 2000 Toyota Camry. I drove that Toyota when I took my test to get my driver’s license.

I was very nervous because most of my family and friends did not think I would pass the test. I passed my test the first time. I had a great sense of accomplishment. If only I had my own car. My parents told me I had to wait a little longer before I would have a car. My sister would let me borrow the car when she was not driving it. I enjoyed being able to listen to the music I wanted to listen to when I was driving around. I also liked being able to visit my friends, going out to eat, or being able to do what I wanted to do without waiting for someone to give me a ride.

Even though I liked driving the car, I still wanted my own car. The summer after I got my driver’s license I went on a trip with my church. While I was on the trip my parents bought my sister a different car. When I got home my parents gave me the Toyota Camry. I was so happy; even though that car had lots of dings and dents from a hailstorm. It also had a purple pinstripe on both sides. The interior of the car had faded from a dark gray to a dull gray. However, it did not matter to me because I finally had my own car. The Toyota Camry gave me a sense of freedom and adventure.

I was so glad to be able to drive to school every day. I no longer had to wait for my mom to pick me up, ask someone else for a ride, or hang around school until my dad got finished coaching. Having my own car was very memorable. Another reason why I will always remember my first car is because I had a wreck and totaled that car. My friends and I were out riding around trying to decide if we wanted to go to Carowinds. I was driving too fast and jerking the wheel back and forth. I lost control of the car. The car ran off the edge of the road, and I hit a ditch damaging the left side of the car.

The car then spun around and the right side of the car hit the ditch. The airbags popped out and hit me in the face. After we stopped spinning I asked my friends if they were ok. Fortunately, none of us got hurt. I had to call my parents and tell them that I wrecked the car. The police came and gave me a ticket and showed me at fault in the wreck. The wrecker picked up the car and took it to the body shop. The insurance adjuster looked at the car and said it was totaled. | had to wait a long time before my parents would even consider getting me another car.

Thad to go back to waiting for someone to pick me or asking somebody else for a ride. Although wrecking my car will always be an unpleasant memory of my first car, it taught me a valuable lesson about driving safely. My first car was my most memorable car because I got my license in it, it belonged to me, and I destroyed it in a wreck. Even though the Toyota Camry was not my dream car, I was extremely happy to have a good, dependable car that gave me a sense of freedom. All people remember the first car they had. I have a different car now, but I will always remember that Toyota Camry with fond memories.

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