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Personal Narrative: Divorce Has Changed My Life Essay

Identity: the fact of being who or what a person or thing has. Identity is something every living human has. Identity is who you are as a person. As a person what are you. I as a person have gone through almost anything I could possibly go through. Anything thrown at me, I have overcome. I’ve gone through growing up with divorce, switching schools often, and having little money. No matter how hard things have gotten I’ve found a way to find the good. My identity is a fighter. Divorce. Divorce has taken up a lot of my life, having it happening with almost everyone I care about.

My mom went through it with my dad. My grandma went through it with my moms father. My grandpa went through it with his ex-wife. My grandma on my father’s sides parents went through it. My step dad went through it with two different people. So basically everyone in my family got orl gets dragged down constantly with all of that. Things were hard for a long time with the divorce of my parents. Almost all of the money excluding money for food, and items needed for everyday was used toward my mom fighting to keep us.

Things didn’t look like they would get better, although I was young I got the general idea of everything going on. My mom worked three jobs trying to take care of everything. My grandparents would help but in the end they had there own money problems. In the end, the court ruled out something | already knew, that my dad was at fault. My mom now has full custody of us with no support from my dad, he no longer has rights but he no longer pays. Things were even harder without money provided by him. But, I overcame that situation with my mom and my sister. Schools.

As you probably already know this is my first year in the district. I have actually never gone to the same school for over two years. Year after year, I am promised we aren’t going to switch schools again but I am eventually let down. It’s really hard to constantly switch schools, and leave friends behind. This has beat any other hard thing I have had happen, having to make new friends is something I would never choose to do. I had great friends. I miss my friends from last year more than anything. I don’t want to move on.

But honestly, I didn’t see myself here. ast year at this time, or four years ago when I moved to north carolina. That makes me think, what if next year I move somewhere even better. If I had the choose to go back, I don’t know if I would. If I look at the little innocent six grader that was, the kid that knew nothing, was unexposed to the world, was scared to talk in front of people, scared to talk to people. From me moving, I have learned so much more than I would have if I didn’t making me feel like even though I had to move again this year, I will probably and already have learn more than I would have without moving.

Money. Money is probably an issue for most people, sometimes it feels like I’m the only one. My family has never not had enough money but we have always really had just enough to survive. In the last three year things got worse. My parents started not having enough money, so my grandparents started helping out. They moved in with us because we had a big house. My grandparents started sharing bills with my parents. Things got a little better, we didn’t think it would get worse. Last year, around this time my step dad and my grandpa both lost their jobs in the same month.

This through everything out of balance. Within two weeks we were moved out of our nice house to a home okay to live in but not ideal. We pretty much lived off my grandparents saving for a year. With all of that going on I had to start a new school, the house was not the same school as my last one but it was close so I could still hangout with friends from my previous school. Even with having pretty much nothing it was one of my best years, I made really good friends. Friends that would help me and make me feel like things were okay.

Friends that even with everything going on, I felt like I had no pressure on me, I felt I had everything I could ever need. I did have everything I needed family, food, friends. The three f’s, all you need in life. After all of this, I have figured out how to push through and overcome. I am a fighter. Only someone who has the will to fight could overcome this. If someone said they had worse than this, then they are a stronger fighter. I know that I can honestly beat anything thrown at me because I have already hit my lowest point and overcome that.

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