How You Can Self-Hypnotize Yourself To Sleep

Well, that title has already put ideas into your head. You probably have this idea that self-hypnosis involves mind control, brainwashing or just some peculiar form of mind frame. Shock on you! Self-hypnosis does not involve any of these things. You will be pleased to know that during self-hypnosis you are fully aware and in … Read more

Sleep Problems Essay

There are a wide variety of sleep problems in the world today. For example sleep apnea, snoring, sleepwalking, confusional arousals, sleep-related eating, sleep paralysis, nocturnal seizures, teeth grinding, Rapid Eye Movement (REM), and sleep talking. Many of these disorders can be damaging to your health, or might not effect you at all. Also, if one … Read more

Dreams Short Report

In my report I want to tell you about dreams. Dreams are a communication of body, mind and spirit in a symbolic communicative environment (www. sleeps. com). To make that statement easier to understand dreams are a review influenced by factors in your life and spirit (www. sleeps. com). Our brains are constantly active. It … Read more

Sleep Apnea

Sleep is essential to life; it is one of several components, including food and water, which keep the living alive. However, a significant percentage of the human population has considerable difficulty reaching and maintaining Stage IV within their sleeping patterns, the stage that allows the mind and body to fall into a deep and restorative … Read more

Sleeping And Dreaming

Despite the large amount of time we spend asleep, surprisingly little is actually known about sleeping and dreaming. Much has been imagined, however. Over history, sleep has been conceived as the space of the soul, as a state of absence akin to death, as a virtual or alternate reality, and more recently, as a form … Read more