Arguments Against Gun Rights Essay

The Support of U. S. Gun Rights Rough Draft When a six foot four, 300 pound man breaks into a young woman’s house, she stands no chance. On the other hand, if that girl is waiting on the other side of the door with a . 44 magnum revolver, then a different story can be … Read more

Safe School Shootings Essay

School: is it Safe? Schools are supposed to be a safe environment for students to learn and thrive, not an environment of constant alertness and anxiousness. Families should not feel nervous or apprehensive to send their children to school because they are not sure of their safe return home. Because of how common school shootings … Read more

Pistol 19 Case Study Essay

In the case of scenario two, the shooting incident was taken place in a crowd of people when an individual was delivering speech on a slightly raised podium at a range of 25m. A low popping sound was heard by most people in the crowd but the shooter or the gun was not seen by … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Bullet Proof Clothing Essay

Is bullet proof clothing helpful and should it be made? Over the years the world has used bullet proof clothing to protect many people. It’s mainly used in military and police regimes. Bulletproof vests are mainly used on a daily basis by these forces. These vest are a type of modern light armor specifically designed … Read more