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Argumentative Essay About Tupac Death

In discussions of controversies, one issue that has been on the mouths of plenty for many years has been the death of the hiphop artist Tupac Shakur. On the night of September, 7th, 1996, Tupac Shakur was claimed to be shot. On the morning of September 13th, 1996, Tupac Shakur was pronounced dead. The headlines of every newspaper and TV news station were about it. However, his death has been an issue of controversy for about two decades simply because people did not believe that he died. No matter what evidence fans are given, they will always believe there is more than meets eye, or here, more than meets the papers.

By going through this paper, we will go over facts, fiction and stories that remain to be told for two decades and begin to question the fact on whether or not Tupac Shakur is really dead. Tupac Amaru Shakur also known as, 2Pac, Makaveli, or just Pac, was a famous rapper who was also an actor and poet that started to rap at the young age of 17. He had many albums and songs on all types of things, songs such as “California Love,” talking about how Californians knew how to party, other songs not having the same meaning.

Songs talked about respect for women or raising from being just another Black face, in songs like, “Dear Mama” or “Nothin’ but Love. ” In the year of 2007 he sold over 75 million records, two of which hit the top 15 of Billboard’s most listened to songs in 2007 were, “How Do U Want It” and “Dear Mama” (“Ramirez”), both being on the top ten for 19 and more weeks each. Tupac left an impression and impact on the youth of 1996 and the youth of the 2000’s, rappers, and even some gang members have all looked up to this one man for various reasons. We hear his name in songs by Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 cent and many more, all xpressing themselves in their own ways such as, fighting their opponents or stirring up trouble, rappers have rapped it all.

Each saying that they look up to Tupac, he is their role model and they try their best to be like him, some even going to the extent and claiming to be the next 2pac (“Krishnamurthy’). Though, the mention of Tupac was positive, there was a negative impact that arose. An example of that is in a simple song by Cormega called “American Beauty” saying, “She was stressed because she missed Pac/ She still crying after B. I. G. died askin’ ‘when will this shit stop? ‘, giving a very brief sentence of the grief, pain and a taste of what it looked like for the East and West 1990’s. It only began at the shooting of Tupac, after that, it escalated even more than people expected. Failing a violence which caused the death of Notorious B. I. G and the alleged shooter of Tupac’s death, an everlasting battle between Bloods and Crips.

Christopher Wallace, also known as Biggie or Notorious B. I. G was Tupac’s his rap rival who died six months after the death of Tupac, killed in a similar shooting in Los Angeles, but no one has ever been convicted for his murder (History. om. ) The record company that Tupac was involved in called “Death Row Records,” who was run by a man by the name of Surg Knight who was a member of the Blood Gang. Surg Knight and Tupac were driving together the night of the shooting, Surg even got shot in the head, but was still able to live. The alleged shooter was Orlando Anderson, a Crip member, shot both and killing one. Which means that is an automatic red flag, the Bloods hate the Crips and the Crips hate the Bloods. Did that mean Tupac was a Bloods gang member or did that mean Surg Knight was the real target the September 7th, 1996 shooting?

If only Orlando Anderson could answer that questions for us, unfortunately, he himself was killed a little over 18 months after the shooting of Tupac (“Life and Death in South LA”. ) On the day of September 13th, 1996, Tupac was pronounced dead at a hospital in Las Vegas, six days after being shot four times out of the 12 gunshots fired, dying at the young age of 25. Nevertheless, this was not the first time Tupac Shakur was shot, on November 30th, 1994, a little less than two years before he was shot in a robbery that was taken place where he was working.

Though, it was was not a serious shooting, he was wounded by two robbers (History. com. ) Some believe that shooting had to do with the actual death of Tupac, being that is when the East coast and West coast rivalry began the hip-hop setting for the entire 1990’s. When they began to plan the funeral for Tupac, they decided to cremate his body. Not many people saw the body and Suge Knight, the man who was sitting in the car with Tupac the night they both got shot came out while being on death row and said, “The person who supposedly cremated Tupac … his guy got about $3 million.

Personally from me … cash … and next thing I know I never heard from the guy or seen him again … he retired and left. ” (Krishnamurthy. ) People say he was just putting into the conspiracy and did not say it because it was true. That being, his own doctor in the ER said he was going to recover fast and he will be back to normal. At this point there is not much evidence to put this story together, not many people saw the body, his own loved ones did not even see it. They were so quick into cremating the body it raises questions.

There is even an apparent picture was taken a day after the shooting, September 8th, 2015, with both Suge and Tupac driving, way before photoshop was even a thing. Making it harder to believe the small evidence given. At this point, we look a little closer to the alleged shooter, Orlando Tive Anderson, also known as Baby Lane. A man who is claimed to be one of Tupac’s biggest fans, as told by his family. A man who was educated and a family who was educated as well, though, they cannot deny he was a part of a gang in his early years, he was clean (“Life and Death in South Central LA. “).

There is not much evidence backing up the theory that it was Anderson who committed this crime, all we could do is wonder if he did know what actually went down that night and that is why he died 18 months later. After having a funeral, cremating the body, saying goodbye to family and friends and still people do not believe Tupac Shakur is still not dead. Is it just fandom? Just like fans have done for Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, is it one of those stories? Unfortunately, this story cannot be like the others due to it having more evidence proving Tupac is still alive rather than him being dead.

Firstly, Tupac had nine albums that came out after his death, all the way until 2005 he had brand new songs coming out, changing his name and giving himself a new name. Claiming that he created all this before he died and it just came out late. The only thing with that story is, how did he have enough time to create nine? It does not add up. Makaveli came to exist in 1996 when Tupac gave himself a new stage name, but what did he mean by Makaveli? Why did he have himself on the cover of his album crucified like Jesus christ? Who was Makaveli? Niccolo Machiavelli was an Italian man who faked his own death to get back at his enemies.

The cover with himself crucified like Jesus is believed to represent the resurrection seven days after his death (Krishnamurthy. ) Tupac’s songs that came out such as “Ain’t Hard to Find” he has lyrics that go, “I heard a rumor that I died, murdered in cold blood traumatized/ Pictures of me in my final states — you know Mama cried. But that was fiction, some coward got the story twisted. ” (Krishnamurthy. ) This is not the only song that makes a person over think, the song “I Wonder If Heaven Has a Ghetto” entire four minutes has your head spinning not understanding whether a scene is a hidden message.

Example, in the beginning of the music video you hear gunshots and he wakes up six days later inside of a resort infirmary. The video goes on and an old looking man comes to pick him up, on the radio it starts to blast, “breaking news on Tupac’s shooting” and then immediately shut down. Many people are shocked to see him, but there is also people who he runs into and they are not surprised and act natural, especially a young female that appeared to look like his wife was just glad he came home. Yes, it does say “Heaven” in the title, but what it had another meaning of heaven? Maybe the Islands or Mexico?

How about Cuba, is that close enough? After the funeral of Tupac Shakur, many phone calls came in claiming to have seen him in many states and countries, all at the same time. Though, an outstanding number of calls came in from Cuba, all the way until 2013. Why would he have picked Cuba though, what is so special there? A theory is that Tupac was very close to Assata Shakur, a political activist, and fighter, who left the states in the 80’s to go to Cuba. It would not be surprising if he would be, there are many beautiful women there, and no drama who would not want to be there?

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