Do Pangolins Exist

On April 23, 2015, officials investigated a supposedly abandoned warehouse near the Belawan port in Medan, Indonesia. Inside, they found sixty poultry crates filled with ninety-six terrified and dehydrated pangolins. Also inside of the warehouse were two refrigerated shipping containers. They held boxes and bags of dead pangolin alongside bags of pangolin scales and meat. … Read more

Sasquatch In Finding Bigfoot Essay

Lurking in the woods and mountains of America lies one of the most controversial topics amongst scientist. A possible missing link in the evolution chain of human beings and apes, alluding society, as well as existence for some. The existence of Sasquatch, or otherwise known as Bigfoot, has become a huge phenomenon within American culture … Read more

Hatchet’ Speech

Hatchet’ by Gary Paulsen is a great book about survival in the wild. It follows the time of a boy, Brian Robson, who crash lands in the middle of a Canadian forest. I think Brian would have though of his time in the forest as fulfilling. Maybe not in the middle of the story, but … Read more