Road bicycle racing is the cycle sport discipline of road cycling, held on paved roads. The two most common competition formats are mass start events, where riders start simultaneously and race to set a finish point. Stage races or “tours” take multiple days. and consist of several mass-start or time -trial stages ridden consecutively. Professional … Read more

The imaginative look of Bicycle wheel by Marcel Duchamp

Art has always been important in many societies throughout history. The meaning of art has changed greatly over time. And the meaning of art is something that is often debated and does not have one set definition. Art is something that is highly subjective and everyone has their own interpretation of what art means to … Read more

What Is The Treadwear Rating On A Tire?

Tyres are the solitary point of contact between your car or bike and the motorway. Good maintenance of your tyre ensures easy steering, braking as well as safety on the road. A recent study by the Transport research Wing of India reports, the number of deaths due to tyre related accidents reached almost 1.5 lakh. … Read more

Review on the Brompton Bicycle

Brompton Bicycle is a UK manufacturer bicycle based in Brentford, London by Andrew Ritchie in 1976. Models are named using a code to describe the handlebar type, a number of gears and factory attached fixtures. An optional suffix is appended to show the inclusion of titanium upgrades. In Britain the club’s membership is changing, now … Read more

Analysis of Detroit Bikes

Detroit’s economy after the crash of 2008 has been on a consistent rise due to new manufacturing companies like Detroit Bikes. Detroit Bikes is an American bicycle manufacturer that wanted to improve its Direct-To-Consumer sales through its e-commerce website. I aided with implementing Search Engine Optimization strategies and analyzed the decision Detroit Bikes made to … Read more