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Persuasive Essay On Syrian Civil War

I can’t come to school or go to work without listening the international news. Every morning, rather than getting something to eat for breakfast I turn on the TV and flip through the channels between CNN, BBC or Aljazeera to watch the news about Syrian civil war. The Syrian civil war is an ongoing conflict that’s happening in current time. The problem started in early spring of 2011 within the context of “Arab spring” protest and nationwide demonstrations against the policy of the Syrian government.

Although the United States of America has a policy of intervention and involvement in country like Syria, they should not do it because it could increase the civil war even more, it could make even more people immigrate and it will save the lives of our military from getting killed in the conflict. Syria is one of the struggling nations of our era that is going through a crisis. Since 2011, demonstrations have started in Syria, and most people believe that the United States should intervene or involve solving the conflict in ways such as declaring war to solve the issues.

However, the involvement could make the entire country a battlefield, which could lead to the death of many people. A mass of people has been killed so far and hundreds of people are dying every day, including women and children due to the civil war taking place. Doug Bandow, a Special Assistant of former President Ronald Reagan, in a Greenhaven Press mentioned that “Ronald Reagan’s greatest mistake was getting involved in the Lebanese civil war, which at one point contained 25 warning factions. The U. S. invasion of Iraq sparked civil conflict which killed tens or even hundreds of thousands of civilians. (Doug 1).

Therefore the intervention and involvement will create more causality and unsafe condition in the region. In addition the country will be in complete disasters; there are no hospitals or clinics that are open to treat people. Imagine living in the city that has no running water, food, electricity where bombs are dropped from the sky, and guns are fired from left and right every day. A mother should not let her child leave her sight since he or she might get shot. People are bombed and killed during the day and night.

Men have been shot in front of their families and taken to unspecified areas and never seen again. This is the kind of life Syrians are going through every day as long as the civil war is ongoing. Truly the leader of Syria has been a dictator for more than a decade and he has made political errors and has not fulfilled his people’s need, however it doesn’t justify the death of so many more people. If it wasn’t for the involvement and intervention of the United States, all the numbers innocent people who died during the war could have been way less than what we see today.

The intervention and involvement of the United States by supporting the opposition group with intelligence, weapons and even forces on the ground will make the people to migrate to the neighboring countries to avoid ting caught in the middle of the war. Those who manage to escape the war zone, are going through a horrible situation. The civil war has caused more than one third of the nation to leave their homes and forced to leave their country and migrate to the neighboring countries like Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and some to Iraq.

The majority of people who have fled the civil war now live in Turkey. In the article “Syrian refugees entering Turkey create Dangers for the United States,” the author illustrate that more than 3. 5 million Syrians have been displaced by the end of 2013 but since then the civil war has escalated and even more people has been fleeing the country (Grey, 1-2). Therefore, we all can imagine how many people have left their country as the civil war get more intense, especially in current time more people will be leaving the country to avoid conflict and get out of the war zone.

All of them have gone through hardships to get to their destination with no transportation, no water to drink, nothing to eat walking through the desert with the temperatures extremely high in the summer and extremely low in the winter. In addition, during the migration many people are losing their lives in the sea trying to get to Europe. People are taking risks immigrating because they don’t know if they will survive after leaving their country. For example, when they get to the refugee camps there is no accommodation for them due to the overwhelming population of migrants.

Those that chose to fight in their countries military face uncertainties also. Moreover if the military engage in the action, the causality will be unpreventable which it will lead to the death of soldiers and innocent people. Whenever the military leave their base to the battlefield there will be expense and that money comes from tax payers, millions of billions dollars if not trillion. All this money could be used for humanitarian support to the Syrian people to those who struggling in the refugee camps.

A military strategy it’s not always a solution, it could also backfire in the way of home growing terrorist. In the article “Deconstructing Syria”, the author states that “It could jeopardize the safety of American citizens given the possibility of attacks by Westerners returning from the Syrian jihad. “(Michael p1. ). Therefore, the policy of intervention could create long-term effects that could follow the United States beyond the war. The Syrian government should be the one who solves their own problems without the intervention or involvement of the United States of America.

The war will affect the people wants to leave the country since they will face hardship. People who decide to stay will live in fear for their family and themselves. Those who decide to stay and fight for their country could get wounded or killed. If intervention and involvement is needed from outside to help the people of Syria let the United Nation take responsibility. They can have the dialog between the Syrian government and the opposition group. I hope and wish for people of Syria to stop the civil war and have a peaceful life under a responsible government.

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