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Persuasive Speech Outline On Terrorism Essay

Terrorism Outline Cordell Williams, Alex Goff Introduction to the issue The long, terrifying issue in this country is currently terrorizing. American people’s travel and public safety. Also Recruitment of American people into ISIS and become a terrorist and risk our safety. All acts of terrorism are committed by groups of people in the middle east. The attacks in 9/11 were carried out by a group named Al-Qaeda. The group that we are concern about now is ISIS. It is so controversial because, either we can declare war and have many innocent people perish or use other alternative actions to resolve this issue.

The department of Homeland Security and many others like private sectors, and communities across the United States to better protect and support our country. After 9/11, Homeland security had Advance passenger Information and Passenger Name Record Data. They are used to distinguish high-risk travelers in airports to better protect the American people. Visa Security Program, is a specific program that is designed for trained special agents in order to identify potential terrorist attacks and criminal threat to protect the American people. These are just some of the example of how our government does to protect American citizen from terrorists.

Since ISIS is located in Syria, in the Middle East. Iraq is the fifth largest oil producers in the globe. They are also the third highest in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia and Iran. Iraq’s daily production of oil is about 3. 4 million barrels per day. By comparing to the repose of the Global population estimate are less than 4%. The fact that Middle East have the top three oil producers in the world, without the import from them. Will greatly affect us in oil price, and custom. With oil price increases our economy, such as costs of production and manufacturing in the United State will also be affected.

For example, if the cost of gas increase for airplane fuel and cars, as the result transporting goods and price of airline tickets will increase. High oil prices will affect our cost of apples from California, and other goods that need to be transported into the stores. II. Historical Background ISIS can be traced back through the Sunni terrorist organization al Qaeda. They are responsible for many terrorist attacks such as bombing, kidnappings and beheadings in Iraq. In 2003, the US gain control of Iraq, and follow by the Second Gulf War, which led to the failure of Saddam Hussein’s empire.

In this state Iraq was in deep destruction and it government was broken. For the next nine years the United States had an army stationed in Iraq, but, they were unsuccessful in creating new and strong security. When al-Zarqawi was killed in 2006 by an American airstrike. The leadership of the terrorist group fell into an experience and well known leader name Abu Du’a. Not only he is an experienced Iraqi fighter. He also had been into U. S custody in Iraq. The past response to the terrorist attacks is to first find out what is going on and by who. Then we go and fight the issue that is being addressed.

The way we solve our issue is attack the group that attacked us first. we declared war on the Islamic state because of the terrible acts they did on 9/11 in 2001. The past policies in regarding the issue of terrorism is first not to go directly to war with the Islamic state, but to make sure the issue is addressed to the right terrorist group and make the issue less resolved. The economic issue is now to clean up all the damage that the planes had caused when when the towers collapsed. III. Affected Parties There are different parties and groups of individuals are affected by ISIS.

In religious and ethics view, Yazidis, Turkmen, Iraqi Christians and Shiites. These minority religious groups are under threat from ISIS. Other individuals such as James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, Alan Henning, and Peter Kassig were all been executed by ISIS. The people affected by the 9/11 terrorist attack were the families of the ones on the planes and in the towers. Other people that were affected were the ones on the plane that hit the Pentagon and the plane that crashed in PA. James Foley was an American journalist who was on the assignment in Syria’s conflict.

He was kidnapped by ISIS in November 2012 and later was murdered by the terrorist group ISIS. After his execution, ISIS had released another video of another journalist Steven Sotloff. At the end of the video, his life was ended followed by three other people name David Haines and Alan Henning, and Peter Kassig. David Haines and Alan Henning were British and Peter Kassig were American. During the early 2015, ISIS had released videos of two Japanese hostages being murdered and a Jordanian pilot being burn alive. They are affected by the fact that their friends and family members were killed, and will never come home.

The period of grief and mourning has begun. The families have suffered great loss, and will be sadly missed to the ones lost on 9/11. IV. Alternative Courses of Action There are many different and possible courses of action. First, the United State can send all our military into ISIS and bring down the terrorist group. During the attack on September 11, 2001, the United State was willing to use all of it military power to bring down the terrorist. By using ground forces, it will cost many soldier’s life and financial. Which is one of many reason why this action will never happen.

Second, striking Syria in the air instead of ground. By striking through air, the United State will not lose many troops and is also much cheaper to finance. However, only if it were that sample to defeat ISIS. Reasons are Syria’s government is corrupt and we will also be killing many innocent lives in Syria. In the past Syria has three years of civil war which have destroy the country. On top of that the rise of rebel groups make President Bashar al-Assad even harder to repair Syria. However, the rebels group and President Bashar al Assad have common enemy, ISIS.

In the past President Obama had try to conduct military action with Syria’s government. This raised many questions, such as, does US really want to work with Syria’s government in a country that don’t have a stable government and most importantly that we can trust. Will bombing Syria destroy ISIS or stalling them. Third, the United State could sanction ISIS’s funding including supplies, and military weapons. If US can’t use military power against ISIS, then we can defeat them by bankrupting their wallets. Reasons are that if you need money for food, weapons, vehicles, and other important needs to sustain itself.

This might bring down ISIS with less lives lost and more efficient. People who support ground forces, are both the Republicans and Democratic. Republicans are also in supporting of airstrikes as an alternative action against ISIS. By using air strikes it can potently reduced many lives that are at risk. The American people will also be support of military action against such a terrorist group. According to the poles, 49% of American people are in favor of sending more American troops into Iraq to combat against ISIS. However, the other 49% oppose to this action and the other 2% are unsure.

In 2014, Republican’s view was as America, we have not done enough to solve this terrorist problem. In 2014, according to CNN and the survey 76% of Americans would like to have more airstrikes against ISIS and supported more military action in the government. In Democratic view, they believe that ISIS are not just America’s problem, it is a world’s problem. They believe that ISIS need to be defeated to keep the American safe from terrorist. Democratic party have a strong hatred toward to ISIS. Clinton (democratic party) wanted President Obama to train the army rebels in Syria.

By helping them to train the army it will help them to defend themselves from ISIS. She also recomend to to support the effort in Syria to help protect women, and innocent citizens. She also mention the failure of Iraq’s government by helping to create the terrorist group ISIS. V. Recommended Course of Action First, we will not be able to win by military force so diplomacy is the key solution. Our recommended course of actions are to weaken ISIS first, then air strike, and lastly send military troops into ISIS to destroy and help rebuild Iraq.

By weaken ISIS, they will not have the the resources to strike back and sustain themselves. Cutting off their supply and money. By bombing ISIS base we can further weaken ISIS. Sending troops into Iraq to prevent further threat from the Middle East. Push for the end of war in Syria and start helping them to rebuild the nation. Our implementation strategy will be working with other countries in isolating and cutting off ISIS supply and finance. To make ISIS less powerful as it is. In economic, this strategy will cause tremendous amount of money to finance the military.

In political ramification, VI. Evaluation We will know our recommendation is successful, is when ISIS has been weaken and the war in Syria has ended. When Syria’s government and it’s nation is rebuild. When we had reach diplomacy with Syria. It depend on how long it takes to weaken ISIS and to create diplomacy with Syria’s government. New problems might be created by our recommendation if we can’t not reach to a diplomacy many innocent lives might be loss during the process of diplomacy with Syria. We might not even to compromise with Syria and eventually been defeated.

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