Essay about Socrates Vs Crito

In the reading CRITO the verdict of execution has already been given and now Socrates and colleagues must make the decision to flee the city of Athens or stay and face his fate. In this conversation you have Critos point of view and Socrates. Based on Critos reasoning he states three reasons why Socrates should … Read more

Jacques Louis David Death Of Socrates Analysis Essay

The Death of Socrates is completed in 1787, oil on canvas painting by Jacques-Louis David, a French painter in the Neoclassicism period who’s born in Angst 30, 1748 and died on December 29, 1825. The painting’s dimension is 129. 5cm x 196. 2 cm, and it is located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Jacques-Louis … Read more

The Gadflies Of Society Analysis Essay

The progress of anything is due to the generation of new ideas pertaining to it and the introduction of new perspectives on that topic. This idea of how progress comes about can be applied to anything, but is most aptly applied to society and its constant innovation. One of the oldest examples of someone questioning … Read more

Socrates Myth Of The Metals Analysis Essay

Socrates proposes a “myth of the metals” the ideal city’s citizens must acknowledge. These citizens accept their respective positions so as to maintain the social and political order, or, as Socrates articulates, to prevent revolution (422a). The “myth of the metals”, or the “noble lie”, emphasizes the importance of each individual fulfilling a specific function, … Read more

Socrates and Plato: Significant Philosophers of Ancient Greece

The Unexamined Life is not Worth Living. This is the famous quote proclaimed by Socrates, a controversial philosopher of ancient Athens. He believed that anyone could lead a significant and meaningful existence by examining his or her own life and ideas very thoroughly. (Soccio) Socrates was wise in respect to the fact that he never … Read more

Socratic Piety Essay

“You were on the point of doing so, but you turned away. If you had given that answer, I should now have acquired from you sufficient knowledge of the nature of piety. “(Euthyphro 14c) To understand why Socrates was tormenting Euthyphro throughout this dialogue and why he considers himself to be “the god’s gift to … Read more

Greek Society vs. Socrates

Throughout many texts of Greek society the picture of a perfect man is painted and apparent. This man, the perfect man, is the virtuous Greek citizen. Who is virtuous not only in the eyes of society, but also at home, in war, and in his relationship to the God(s). Also in Greek society, there was … Read more

Socrates Plato and Christianity Through the Eyes of Friedrich Nietzsche

Socrates has undoubtedly had a major impact upon western philosophy and society in general. Plato, whose work is essentially an elaboration and expansion upon that of Socrates, has had a similar effect. Naturally, these two philosophers have been subjects of immense academic interest for over two thousand years. With this great interest comes both praise … Read more

Three Sweeping Reforms

Of all the questions posed to the class only one question really made me think. Socrates had a grand ideal for a city of sorts and how he, with his fellow philosophers, would plan it out. All of the ideas they came up with for their city, like physical training and a specific education for … Read more

Socratic Piety Essay

“You were on the point of doing so, but you turned away. If you had given that answer, I should now have acquired from you sufficient knowledge of the nature of piety. “(Euthyphro 14c) To understand why Socrates was tormenting Euthyphro throughout this dialogue and why he considers himself to be “the god’s gift to … Read more

The Republic of Plato

The Republic of Plato explores the meaning of Justice from both an individual and societal point of view. It also looks into the incorporation of Justice into human society, in other words, how to create an ideal state of social order in a society. This is carried out through the various dialogues and arguments between … Read more

Socrates, important historical figure as a philosopher

Socrates is a noteworthy and important historical figure as a philosopher, because of his and his pupils influence on the development of the philosophical world. His teachings, famous arguments, and ideas began the outgrowth of all later western philosophies. Born in 469 BC just outside of Athens, Socrates was brought up properly, and thoroughly educated. … Read more

Plato’s Republic

Platonic philosophy begins to appear in the middle dialogues. What are the important elements of this philosophy? The middle dialogues are dominated by the theory of the Forms. This is a theory that Plato developed from certain seldom-stated assumptions that Socrates held. Socrates’ view was that the reason he and his interlocutors failed to find … Read more

Solomon vs. Socrates

Solomon and Socrates are thought of as the wisest men in history. Solomon was a man of God who wrote Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Songs of Songs in the Bible. The great philosopher, Socrates, lived in the Classical Age of Greece. Their styles of teaching and perspectives on wisdom were very different, but they did have … Read more

The Crito

The purpose of "Crito" seems intended to exhibit the character of Socrates in one light only, not as the philosopher, fulfilling a divine mission and trusting in the will of Heaven, but simply as the good citizen, who, having been unjustly condemned is willing to give up his life in obedience to the laws of … Read more

Socrates vs Gilgamesh Comparison

Socrates view of death in the Phaedo, Crito, and Apology is complex. His argument tries to prove that philosophers, of all people, are in the best state to die or will be in the best state after life because of the life they lead. Socrates views are sharply contrasted in The Epic of Gilgamesh. In … Read more

The trial and ultimate death of Socrates

The trial and ultimate death of Socrates may possibly be one of the most unjust verdicts imposed in the worlds history. Socrates was merely a radical thinker in a transitional time in Athens, and after Athens lost the Peloponnesian War to Sparta, Socrates principles were just not tolerated. Roman westward expansion and militant domination had … Read more

Sophists: man is the measure of all things

Subjects: Plato, Truth, Philosophy, Epistemology. Keywords: task of Socrates, Greek philosophy, kind of good, knowledge of the mechanisms, main art, essence of the teachings of Socrates, criterion of truth. Man and consciousness – this is a topic that enters into Greek philosophy instead of with sophists (sophists – teachers of wisdom). The most famous among them were … Read more

Socrates, his teachings and philosophical methods

One can only learn about the life and work of Socrates – one of the greatest philosophers of ancient Greece – from the works of his contemporaries and students, primarily Plato, because Socrates himself did not leave written sources behind him. Plato also met Socrates eight years before the death of the latter, when Socrates … Read more


Bibliography Socrates was born in 469 BC. The son of the Athenian stonemason Sofronisk and the midwife Fenarethy. His first philosophical sayings came at the time of the era of Pericles, i.e. at the beginning of the Peloponnesian War. The conflict, which is ripe between slave democracy and aristocracy, in the second half of the … Read more