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Essay about Persepolis Reflection

Throughout the years our world has experienced a numerous amount of hardships and horrible events. Some of these events include the bombing of the World Trade Center, the Holocaust, the 1920s, the bombings in Paris recently, and global warming. Many of these came along with death, poverty, and depression, however, our world grew from these occasions and became who we are today. It is important to be aware of these events because they not only affect our world, but they affect us individually.

These events influence our day to day activities and have allowed countries to develop relationships with others, good and bad. We as a world, have learned how to cope with such drastic measures, and use our knowledge from past events and apply it to future problems and avoid destructions. Every country is connected in some way and everything one country does affects the whole world. This connection can help us effectively solve problems that are happening throughout our world today, such as global warming.

For my first genre page I chose to make a scrapbook to show the fun and entertainment that was started in the 1920s. Scrapbooks are used to show the memories from exciting and fun times in people’s lives and allows them to reminisce in their pasts when they look at the artifacts in the book. With a variety of pictures and descriptions, my genre helps recapture the memories and images of 1920, and conveys a message that the time period was idyllic, similar to what people considered ancient Persepolis.

Both of these time periods were considered to be filled with the greatest treasures and a time of happiness. Persepolis has many treasures such as Apadana Hall, Tachare palace, tombs of the kings, and inscriptions and artwork that the people here made throughout the empire. The people that lived in Persepolis were filled with joy because they were living in one of the richest cities and a place that was known as the jewel of Persia. In the 1920s people considered it filled with treasure because of all the new and popular events, and inventions that started to come out.

Movie theaters, cars, radio, and flappers are some examples that provided convenience and entertainment to the people of this time. However, despite the pros that came along with these time periods, there were also cons that each country suffered from. For example, during the 1920s people began to have a wealth perception and had an attitude of entitlement. People would buy items and invest in the stock market carelessly not realizing how much money they were spending. Banks allowed people to borrow their money to buy these “necessities” during this time.

These items were a symbol of wealth and gave people a sense of power. Though what these people weren’t realizing is that eventually this would lead to the Great Depression. October 24, 1929, also known as Black Thursday, the stock market crashed and was the start of the Great Depression which affect millions of families. During this time the average salary per household dropped forty percent from 1929 to 1932. Children started to drop out of schools because their parents couldn’t afford to send them anymore.

This event in time affected many people and our country eventually escaped this obstacle and regained who we were. I used this scrapbook page because even though people were suffering from a dramatic and depressive event, they looked at the positives during this time, tried to make the best of it, and in the end persevered through it together. My second genre I wrote a newspaper article in the New York Times about the bombing of the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon. This act of terrorism was from the group al-Qaeda and included nineteen activists who hijacked four airlines.

Two of these airlines crashed into the World Trade Center buildings, one hit the Pentagon in Washington, D. C. , and the last landed in a field in Pennsylvania. The suicide bombings left the US in shock and caused excessive demolition and death. Millions of people watched as debris covered the streets, people jumped out of buildings, and as each building fell to the ground killing thousands. Over 3,000 people died during this tragic event, including more than 400 police officers and firefighters. This day is sometimes referred to as the deadliest day in the United States.

President George W. Bush said that day, “Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve. ” This shows that America will not break no matter what someone does to our country. It tells people how strong of a country we are and that we have a strong foundation. The day after this devastating event, the US was already getting support and help from their allies, which include Europe, Japan, South Korea the Persian Gulf, and East Asia.

With the support and assistance from these countries, The US was able to proceed through all of the destructions that happened that day and become a stronger country at the same time. For my third genre I chose to do an advertisement page for “Peace for France” after the bombings and shootings occurred in November 2015. On this day an Islamic terrorist group known as Isis, used suicide bombers and heavy armed gunmen to take down Paris’s capitol of France. Isis attacked many places here that day almost simultaneously including a concert hall, a major stadium filled with over 80,000 people, and many restaurants and bars.

At least 129 people were killed and over 300 were injured. Included in my genre I have a picture of the Eiffel Tower made into a peace sign. This design was made by Jean Jullien who is a French artist. After he heard about what had happen in France he deigned this symbol. “I express myself visually, so my first reaction was to draw a symbol of peace for Paris,” said Jullien. “From there it seems to have gotten a bit out of my hands. ” He posted his photo on Instagram and Twitter, and by the next day he received over 1. 3 million likes and 42,000 retweets.

Jullien’s message spread quickly around the world and millions of people were upset about what happened. People all around the world wanted to help spread awareness for this cause and millions of people started to share Jullien’s picture. Jullien said, “I got someone emailing me saying they were happy to have seen my message because the feeling of peace and unity took over the raw anger that can come from such an event. ” His message made a difference in many people’s lives and helped turn this tragic event and the feelings that came with it around with just one simple drawing.

Our world came together and showed support to France by having memorial services for those who died, and many support groups for families and friends who were affected by this event. By joining together, our world was able to overcome such a catastrophic event and help those in need to reestablish what was destroyed. My fourth genre is a journal entry done by a little girl who is just starting her journey to a concentration camp during the Holocaust. I decided to do a journal entry because it allows me to go into more detail about what people in the concentration camps witnessed while there were there.

However, in my genre piece I try not to go into too much detail because the events that took place here are horrifying and disgusting, especially for an eight year old girl to be seeing. Hitler was the leader of this nonsense and believed that Jews were the inferior race, and also an alien threat to the German community. Hitler ruled for years and finally came up with the idea of the Holocaust. This event included mass murdering of millions of Jews by torturous events held in concentration camps during World War 2. From burning, lethal injection, poisonous gases, and shootings, six million Jews were tortured and killed.

In the spring of 1945 Adolf Hitler made his last political testament and said the cause of war was from the “International Jewry and its helpers. ” He told German leaders to resist against the Jews and to follow the strict obedience of the racial laws Hitler made for them to follow. The next day Hitler committed suicide and a week later Germany surrender World War 2. Soviet troops arrived to the concentration camps to free the Jews that were still remaining. Survivors found it hard to return to their normal lives and many of them had lost everything, including their families.

To help out the Jews and to punish the leaders of the Holocaust, their Allies held the Nuremberg Trials in 1945. These showed the leaders as horrifying people and punished them for their consequences they made. Over the years Germany still suffered from the Holocaust and in 1953, the German government acknowledged the German peoples responsibility for the crimes that were committed and made payments to individual Jews. These two actions show that other countries were helping out the Jews because of the terrible event that they witnessed.

Countries were trying to help the Jews regain who they were before the Holocaust and get them back to normal lives with support. This shows that once again our world was affected by this one event that happened in an individual country and how it affected everyone, not just that country, and how we overcame this experience in time together. For my fifth and final genre I chose to do a political cartoon representing global warming and how it is affecting our Earth. Decades have been spent trying to figure out the cause of global warming, and many factors have been determined.

The major cause that scientists have found is greenhouse gases that are emitted by humans in a variety of ways. These releases a gas called carbon dioxide and poison our air. In my genre I depict different behaviors that humans do that affect our atmosphere. At the top of the Earth I show factories producing smoke and fossil fuels that harm our air. These fossil fuels release extreme amounts of carbon dioxide. Cars also release fossil fuels that are harmful. On the land, I show trees that have been cut down, which affects global warming because trees store carbon dioxide.

With less trees to store carbon dioxide, there will be more that is in our air. Finally, at the bottom of the Earth, I show water melting away from the Earth that has garbage everywhere. This is showing the effect that littering and landfills have on global warming. Landfills release methane gas which is harmful to our ozone layer. There are many more contributors to global warming, but these are the major ones. As you can see, everyone in the world takes part in these events, whether they realize it or not. Most people drive cars every day to work or school.

When doing this, they are releasing fossil fuels that are harmful to our environment. Also, deforestation is happening everywhere to make paper products that companies can sell for money. During this process, paper factories are used, which release fossil fuels. Humans are a big impact on why global warming is happening, but if we all join together and come up with solutions we can help end this problem we currently have in our world. In conclusion, our world is experiencing many different tragedies and problems every day.

We can choose to sit back at watch as they happen, or we as a world can join together and come up with ways these difficulties can be solved. Past events like the 1920s, the Holocaust, and the bombing of the World Trade Center, have given us knowledge that can be used and applied to current issues in our world like the bombings in Paris, and global warming. Every day events happen that help form relationships between countries and in the end, make all of us connected in some way. This connection is useful in solving current and futures devastations and complications that our world has yet to face.

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