ISIS: Social Media Analysis

Each day ISIS (now known as IS, Islamic State) gains followers and territory in the Middle East, their social media presence has expanded its influence well beyond any organization before them, taking the battlefield directly to everyone. ISIS is the first terrorist organization to successfully use social media as a recruiting process for today’s youth … Read more

African American War Conflicts

These days we have become so accustomed to war that we don’t even know how many wars are currently active. Do you know how many there are? As I write this paper there are 10 wars and 8 active conflicts. That said most of these conflicts are taking place in Africa. But why there? Well … Read more

Essay On 9/11 Attacks

Girls and boys sleepily hit their alarm clocks. Adults walked or drove to work. Tourists planned out their day. A few hours later, everyone’s life would take a drastic turn. Four hijacked commercial planes crashed in 3 different places in the northeast. The US reacted and invaded Afghanistan, disrupting and destroying the government. When did … Read more