The Effect That Material Goods Have On The Happiness In Our Lives

Does minimalism equal happiness “Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important, so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.” -The MinimalistsIn Graham Hill’s NY Times commentary, Living with Less. A Lot Less, in which he examines the effect that material goods have on the happiness … Read more

Can Money Buy Happiness For You?

Hold on, think to yourself for a second about this question “Can Money Buy Happiness”? You’d say “oh that’s obvious I’d just give you some money and you some money and now we’re best friends”! Not exactly, just give me a moment of your time and I’ll give you a better understanding of this question. … Read more

Executive Pay and Compensation, Golden Parachutes and Incentives

Abstract This research paper explores executive’s pay and compensation and the impact of golden parachutes and incentives within the workplace. Specifically, this paper homes in on the various types of compensation and how each organization determines pay rates and salaries. This paper also details persons in U.S history who have received significant amounts of golden … Read more

Is College worth the Money

Is College Worth the Money? Exercise 1.2 After interviewing two of my friends, I have come to the conclusion that college is worth the money. Although since we are international students on scholarship, our opinions may be bias. That is, because we do not have to pay any of the expenses that occur. However, for … Read more

Money Saving Tips on your Credit Card

How you can save money from spending on your credit card? In today’s economy, saving money has become an important concern for every individual. Thinking of credit cards, saving money would never come to a person’s mind. All one could think is about bill payments, daily expenses or debts before suggesting it as a money … Read more

Global Waste Trade

In this advanced age of urbanization and industrialization, the volumes of producing wastes are increasing alarmingly. According to The World Bank, 1.3 billion tonnes of waste was generated globally in 2012. Hence making the footprint of one person 1.2 kilograms of waste per day. Nonetheless, at this continuous rate of waste generation, it is predicted … Read more

List Most Expensive Fruits

Everyone needs the fruits of this world. When a person falls sick, people go through the fruits to see him, then if doctors lack any hemoglobin or any other thing, then doctors recommend taking fruit or fruit juice. The role of fruits is also very important in the finest creations made by nature and it … Read more

What are 4NEW Platform and KWATT token

The rise of cryptocurrency money has step by step started changing how things function, blockchain and smart contract has been utilized as a part of illuminating some genuine difficulties extending from Transaction administration, character check, and administration, et cetera. Each Blockchain arrangement is relied upon to render some sort of answer for genuine issues. Proffering … Read more

How to save money on clothes

Did you know that the average American spends 1400$ on clothing every year? That amount of money might seem high, but it can even become higher if you can’t resist those gorgeous pair of designer shoes, or you buy cheap clothing items that wear out too quickly . So what would the best solution for … Read more

Barter System or Real Money?

The barter system and the evolution of early money. Barter System Barter System is the medium of exchange between two people for the exchange of goods and services according to their needs. They complete their needs by exchanging goods and services. This system has been used for centuries before money was invented. Barter: exchange goods … Read more

For The Love Of Money

“A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart” (Jonathan Swift) Money is any clearly identifiable object of value according to the Webster Dictionary. The history of money concerns the development of how it is exchanged and used. Money is generally known as something used as payment for goods, services, … Read more

Why don’t we print more money?

In this work, we will approach the problem of printing too much money. To the layman, this would hardly seem like a problem at all. But the truth is that having too much money is as big a problem as having too little money. Economists have studied this phenomenon for quite some time now and … Read more

Axnet Group – A Popular Form Of Digital Money

There are many trade stages surfacing these days from various points consistently. In the interim, this has contributed tremendously to the prevalence of both cryptographic money and fiat exchanging the world on the loose. These trades depend on blockchain, exchanging of different coins in return for either Bitcoin, Etherium or Fiat. Numerous trades bombed inside … Read more

Dangers of Credit Cards

Dangers of credit cards Credit cards are dangerous, especially for new credit card users who may be interested by what seems like “free” money. Some credit card users fall into credit card traps. If you’re thinking about getting a credit card, understanding the dangers that come along with credit cards can help you develop better … Read more

What’s the Salary of a firefighter?

Firefighters train hard for their accelerated careers in which they must make quick decisions but people in this profession are faced with important decisions away from fire station. Although most firefighters work for the government, full-time workers who want to earn higher wages must seek employment elsewhere. The employment location of a firefighter has a … Read more


Demonetization was a process adopted by the the govt to eliminate many issue which have been challenging the governance since time immemorial like black money,funding for terrorism and counterfeiting of fake currency. By adopting such sudden and quick step of declaring Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes as illegal, govt thought to eliminate these obstacles.Various … Read more

Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

The story starts as we see Charles Bovary entering a new school in the town of Rouen in France. People laugh at him because he isn’t sure what to do and how to act. He is the son of a doting mother and a very strict father. Charles isn’t sure what to do with his … Read more

Les Miserables: Review

Jean Valjean spent 19 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread. He made several attempts of escape and never made it but finally released.  His imprisonment hinders his chances of refuge for the night as shown at Digne where he is repeatedly refused shelter until he arrives at Monseigneur Myriel’s Jean Valjean spent 19 … Read more