PRIMARY MARKET In primary market, the securities are created by the company for trading purpose to the investor. In the primary market, companies will issue or sell their stocks and bonds for the first time to the public to raise the funds. The best example for the primary market is initial public offer. Here, for … Read more

The principle of Fair and equitable treatment

Out of the many debatable issues in international investment law, the most significant one is the discipline of fair and equitable treatment and more precisely the protection of the legitimate expectation of the investor. The principle of Fair and equitable treatment is through a common concept found in multiple treaties related to trade but still, … Read more

Scams Related to Cryptocurrency Investment

Globally investors are targeted by cryptocurrency or Bit coin currency scammers. Crypto or bit coin is not a regulated investment in the UK. The trade of crypto currencies across exchanges are not regulated/ approved under the FCA. To prevent investment scams in cryptocurrency, one need to know ways investors are lured into such schemes. Regulated … Read more

Contractual Entry Modes

These types of entry modes consist of several similar, but get different contractual arrangements between the firms form the domestic market and the company that licenses the intangible assets in the foreign market (Bradley 2005:243).Root (1994:86) mention licensing, franchising, technical agreements, service contracts, management contracts, construction/turnkey contracts, co-production contracts and other. As a firm you … Read more

Evaluating Of The Strong Form Of The Efficient Market Hypothesis

In this essay I am going to be critically analyzing the validity of the strong form of the efficient market hypothesis whilst evaluating the Efficient Market Hypothesis, to determine the credibility of it today. To be able to critically analyze the Strong Form of the Efficient Market Hypothesis, I will first define the hypothesis, its … Read more

The Adverse audit opinion paragraph

Adverse audit opinion An adverse opinion is issued after having obtained sufficient appropriate audit evidence, the auditor concludes that the misstatements, individually or when grouped with other misstatements, are both material and having pervasive effect to the financial statements.An adverse opinion will be issued when the auditor discovers that the financial statements of an auditee … Read more

Economic Growth

Economic Growth is defined as the way that the real income of an economy increases over time. This generally signifies that the economy is wealthier and producing more, individuals are better off, and that living standards are higher. A more technical definition would go into the way that Economic Growth is measured – usually in … Read more

Economic Growth

Subjects: Economics, Investment, Goods, Capitalism. Keywords: total productive capacity of an economy, Economic growth, decisions of the individuals, Buechner Recording, real wage rate, United States, alternatives uses of an economies, better machines.   Economic growth is the most important study in economics today. The first book on economics was by Adam Smith The Wealth of Nations … Read more