The successful retail store strategy

Shopping has transformed itself from mere necessity to an adventure. It is an experience now, an opportunity for celebration with friends and family. The old days have gone when a list was made and shopping was done at the nearby Kirana store. Now shopping is a welcome break from hectic schedules. Retail giants like Big … Read more

Trader Joe's: A Strategic Analysis

Trader Joe’s: A Case Study and Analysis Joe Coulmbe, the innovate and unorthodox founder of Trader Joe’s, opened his first grocery store chain in 1958 called Pronto Markets. Originally located exclusively in Southern California, Joe Coulombe began to build his quite empire by revolutionizing the traditional business strategies employed by the supermarket industry. After 10 … Read more

Scientific Glass, Inc.: Inventory Management

Scientific Glass, Inc., a glassware manufacturing company looking to take advantage of growth opportunities within its industry, both domestically and internationally. Before leaping into expansion the company is well aware they need to drastically improve their poor inventory management and controls. In this paper, I will access the company’s key issues and through analysis, I … Read more

NATEX Org and Culture

NATEX is a subsidy of CANEX, a Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services entity. CANEX is a retailer available for tax-free purchasing for those serving in the Canadian Forces. NATEX similarly offers tax-free purchasing for those NATO employees assigned to Geilenkirchen, Germany. NATEX is comprised of a retail store, which offers clothing, kitchen items, jewelry, … Read more

Advantages of Online Shopping

In our new emerging society today with the amazing access to online shopping instead of traveling to the store, which could take precious time away from us. As we can see the delivery trucks passing by our neighborhoods, more and more boxes pile up from the deliveries and the constant truck drivers gives us the … Read more

Best Cheap E-Juice Brands in Canada and the USA

E-liquids shopping can be an eye-straining task when you’re looking for the “best” affordable e-juice brands. Since the rise in vaping over the last 5 years, thousands of new e-juice companies have come about. Many of them advertising “cheap” or “affordable” solutions. In reality, the cost of production for a bottle of e-juice is relatively … Read more

JVZoo Affiliate Marketing

Entering the web associated marketing business is extremely simple and easy. The initial step starts with finding the right associated projects and putting an application to start. A part of the web-based marketing programs have an extreme procedure for obtaining the endorsement, but all the projects do not fit into that classification.JVzoo is one of … Read more

The Computerized Inventory System

In 1999, the University of Alberta Facility Inventory System benchmarked the practice of computerized Inventory System of equipment on campus for departmental, faculty, and central administrative functions. The accountability to ensure that all new equipment acquisitions are itemized is always given to the Facility Inventory System. At the outset, this involves scrutinizing all completed purchase … Read more

Grocery Stores and Their Strategies

Consumer Target Strategy of Grocery Stores This past week I visited three stores in the greater portland area that specifically target consumers who need groceries. These three stores were Market Basket in Biddeford, Sam’s Club in Scarborough and Shaw’s in Scarborough. The first store I visited was Market Basket in Biddeford. Market Basket is a … Read more

The National Mall

Noah FoutsGrammer. Period 1 January 17, 2018 The National Mall The National Mall has a rich and very interesting, complex history with many monuments to important events, fun attractions and museums. It also very old, dating back to when the capital was moved to Washington D.C. (Aaron Steckelberg, et al.) It is also quite interesting … Read more