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Where Am I Eating Character Analysis Essay

George Pippin
Professor Hays
HMXP 102
July 15, 2015
Does society need to change?
In Kelsey Timmerman’s book, Where Am I Eating, he travels the globe in search of answers about where our food comes from. He travels to Columbia, where most of our coffee is imported. He travels to West Africa, in search of where cocoa, one of the main ingredients in chocolate, is imported. He travels to Costa Rica, where most of America’s bananas are imported. He travels to Nicaragua, where most of America’s lobsters are imported. He travels to China, where two-thirds of apple juice sold in America is made from Chinese apple concentrate. (Timmerman 199). During his travels, he searches for information about the living conditions of these men and women who produce…

After reading this book, I have come to the conclusion that society is in desperate need of a change. The methods by which these imports are harvested and acquired are very disheartening. American society needs to address how our imports outweigh our exports so heavily, how corporate giants are taking advantage of these less privileged regions, and how the living conditions and working environments in the places mentioned above are immoral and unethical.
In any strong economy, an appropriate export to import ratio is needed. Growing up in America, I have seen the struggles of farmers in America, and have also seen ways in which society should change. My father and uncle both farm, and members of my family have farmed for a living for many generations. My father farms bell peppers and many other types of vegetables, but his main crop are bell peppers. I have witnessed firsthand how hard it is for American farmers to make a living due to the strict regulations held here in America that do not apply in other countries that produce the same product. If America was to have maintained the domestic market share of produce it held from 1998-2000, it would have created $4.9 billion in additional farming income and…

government. In Milton Friedman’s short story “The relationship between economic freedom and political freedom”, he says, “It is entirely appropriate that men make sacrifices to advocate causes in which they deeply believe.” (Friedman 64). I believe what Friedman is trying to say is that what may need to be done for change is not always comfortable and easy. After reading Where Am I Eating, there is no doubt that society is in need of change. America’s import and export ratio, corporate greed, and the working and living conditions of individuals providing these goods must be improved upon. America, since the 1900s, has always led from the front and given the rest of the developed world standards by which to follow. Not only has our government closed their eyes to the people who provide these imports, but also so have the American people. The American people have to become more vigilant and aware of these issues or we are no different from the people taking advantage of others. Buy local, be conscious of what you are buying, demand change, and change will eventually…

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