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Haitian Minimum Wage Essay

“ As Haitian factory owners and U. S corporation profit from the low wages, Haitian workers struggle everyday just to feed themselves and their families. The typical diet for minimum wage workers consists largely of rice and cornmeal and beans; vegetables are rare and meat is an unheard of luxury. A minimum wage workers working 8 hours per day. In the other words, a full time minimum wage salary provides less than 60% of a family’s basic needs ( Eric, par. 26). ” It is obvious that Haitian factory is a rich company but they just pay a litter to workers.

The minimum wage is closely related to quality of workers’ lives. Those labors must work for long time but they are still faced many problems in life. Minimum wage means the minimum amount of labor paid by employer under the legal working hours that are provided by the employer. Minimum wage usually decided by government and the minimum wage usually depend on different countries that have different economy. Raising the minimum wage also will impact our society. In our society, have different grades of workers so have variety opinions on this case.

Basically, the minimum wage in the United State should be increase in order to strengthen the economy make a better society; make minimum wage labors healthier and reduce the poverty. Most of the minimum wage workers do not have much knowledges and the reason why they can not stop their works to learn more skills that is most of them must maintain their basic sources of life. A junior student Irby said “Raising the minimum wage is a great idea! It gives People who don’t have high paying jobs a chance (Scholastic, par. 10). ” A sophomore student Ray at SLJ also said “They give a lot money to basketball players.

It should go to people who actually work hard (11). ” Although those two students didn’t consider too much of society problems, their opinions are reasonable. Workers who without skills and knowledge that they don’t have much changes to look for a better job and spend extra time on studying. They may be need to work for their families. Likewise, they can’t do something with risks so raising wage probably is only change to reduce their living pressure and make a greater well being. Raising the minimum wage not only good for poor worker but also have some benefit for part time work students.

There are some reasons that why students want to find part time works. Another sophomore student, Garfield believe that raising the minimum wage would give teens an incentive to start work earlier. He disagree that some people say the teens only waste money that they earn on luxuries. In his views, all the students he knew who have part time jobs save most of their money for college. Some even use their earnings to help their parents(13). It is conceivable that raising minimum wage can help most of part time work students.

From those students mind, raising minimum wage can let they have more energy to accumulate social experiences and lessen their parents’ burden. Most of teens who are spend money on luxuries that are parents gave, it wasn’t earn by themselves. Raising minimum wage is a kind of encouragement for poor people and students. It is an opportunity to let our society better and better. The minimum wage is too low, there will cause many problems for society. When some minimum wage workers have unhappy life, they may be will stop working and do something crazy things.

Form the report, the insurgent Fight for 15 dollars movement is transforming the landscape, minimum wage labors want to fight for their benefit(Jaffe, par. 2). Kendall Fell who is organizing director for fight for 15 dollars says “Fifteen is a winning political issue. Raising pay for hardworking Americans has always been a winning political issue. The fight for fifteen courage political candidates from all parties to stand for up for higher pay and the right to a union. (4). ” It is universally acknowledge that in the United States, the vote from residents is very important part for the election.

If one candidate support minimum workers, the workers also support him. It has great influence on society and politics. The labor movement also can cause damages to society and companies. When a large amount of minimum wage workers stop working and protest in the streets. There is no doubt that our society will become very mess. For companies, their production progress will decline. The report shows that a large number of workers to strike caused a lot of companies are paralyzed at that time. When the companies can’t according to the original plan production items. The result of that is not enough goods to sell.

Slivers says “Underlies what the labor movement is trying to do in this movement in American politics, which is to insist upon a conversation about the structural changes that we need to make in our country in order to address runaway economic inequality and to raise wage(22). ” From the information above that the labor movement will cause economic dislocation. With the raising of minimum wage, those labors will have a better life and our society also will in order. It is time to raise the minimum wage in the United States. It can help to improve a lot of weak works and embody social justice.

Many rich companies in order to make more benefit so always let workers work for tired and long time work and just provide the minimum wage. So if government don’t raise the minimum wage, it is unfair to those labors. The company’s leaders enjoying their life of luxury. However, the employees to concern for the basic cost of living everyday. Improving the minimum wage have the advantage that may seen obvious. The minimum wage has not been adjusted for inflation for many years.

During that time, many living essentials increased their prices. Such as the coast of houses, gasoline(scholastic, par. ). From the report that minimum wage should be as the basic goods soared and improve. When the poor people’s living standards improved, the gap between the rich and poor will become smaller and the society will better and better. Raising the minimum wage not only on the surface see increased the money to poor workers’ pockets but also have many benefit for poor people’ healthy. Last year, Minnesota has already raised their state’s minimum wage(Krisbery, par. 4). State health commissioner Edward paid attention to the matter because increasing minimum wage is connected to nation’s public health.

So it was a greatest legislative victory of the year. He felt so happy about that. Edward and his colleagues were researching for the evidences based associations between income and health status(5). Form the released paper shows that income could let people to get healthier. He also said the most impact health condition is income(7). There is no denying That healthy is most important part in our modern life and more and more people care for this topic. Because if there is no healthy is equal to lost all. If low income workers can get more revenue so they can buy more nutritious food and lives in a better environment house.

Their health problems will be less and less. The public health also will increase. Think of the minimum wage always think of poverty, then the poverty can also let us thinking poor will increase the risk of illness. Many health organizations very focus for the minimum wage. Suraj, a manger of the foundation’s HIV prevention said “poverty and HIV go hand in hand, HIV is becoming a disease of poverty in many ways. You can raise your health status and lower your risk for many other condition(13-15). ” The American Journal of public health had mentioned the increase low wage can decrease the risk of premature death(8).

Although sick have a lot of factors and income may be is not the most important reason for it. Raising the minimum wage can reduce the sick people and let minimum wage workers reduce the pressure for their basic needs, their psychological health is also improved People living in poverty is always living in unhealthy, they can not choose a healthy lifestyle. They are eating unhealthy foods because they don’t have enough wage to maintain a good life. New research in economics discovered raising the minimum wage will improve many low income Americans(Paul, par. 1).

In a paper published of economic research, two specialists analyze the data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System from 1984-2006. They find minimum wage is associated with body mass(Paul, par. 2). Date display when the minimum wage raised then the proportion of obesity will be declined. Otherwise, during the inflation, value of the minimum wage declined that the proportion of obesity will be increase(Paul, par. 3). From the author survey is given that the minimum will influence the rate of obesity. Obesity is a kind of unhealthy. To reduce the obesity rate will relatively improve the public healthy.

Low wage will not only bring obesity. Low wage also can have other health problems. Low wage workers only choose some cheap food because they just want to fill their stomach. The mechanisms through that low wages’ disadvantage for health are varied(Paul, par. 5). These poor workers have too much pressure on low wages such as pay for rent, no money to buy groceries(Paul, par. 5). The stress of lack of medicines adversely affect their healthy and cause some diseases like diabetes and anemia(Paul, par. 6). Raising the minimum wage will effectively for reduce the diseases of poor.

They have enough money to buy nourishing food and in a timely manner to buy medicine. Raising the minimum wage will affect a lot of things, some opponents will enumerate some reasons to prove their point of view. In 2010, Joseph estimated “nearly 1. 3 million jobs will be lost if the federal minimum wage increased( Cato, par. 1). ” Neumark says “as largely solidifying the conventional view that minimum wage reduce employment among low skilled workers( Cato, par. 2). ‘Those opponents thought companies will reduce labors and almost minimum wage workers are unskilled so they unable to find better job.

They thought companies in order to not cut their own interests will cut labors. Those opponents not only point out raising the minimum wage will hurt workers but also not helpful to reduce poverty. If raising the minimum wage can not solve the problems that raising the wage is not a good idea. The business that hurt the most from a wage increase are the small business. When a business owner told to pay more money to his or her employment, they are forced to cut jobs and raised prices or spend less on expanding their business(UWIRE. par. 4). Those people above says living basic needs price also increase with the minimum wage.

Some commentators have argued against indexing the minimum wage to inflation. A article of the economic policy institute argues that “a raising minimum wage had no beneficial effect on reducing poverty(Leigh. par. 4). ”Other opponents said “raising the minimum wage is by definition inflationary. It adds to the cost of most things with a basic labor component(5). ” Business will pass the higher cost to consumers in the form of higher prices(7). If a minimum wage worker working full time, he and his family still live in the poor is how sad thing. Poverty life will bring some negative energy for them.

For example, when their children have no enough money eat delicious food like other children and their parents also will feel sad about that. The author indicates raising the minimum wage combats poverty. Thought the investigation of the author that raising the minimum wage could reduce public assistance expenditures per year and the government can use those money to help more people in need(Solis, par. 5). This can let more and more families away from the poverty(6). When workers who working full time have enough money to buy necessities, government can use the limited money to help poor people who can not work normally.

At the same time, the author point out that raising the minimum wage promote the economic growth then reduce the poverty rate. When the wage increase, the purchasing power increase. The author knew that many people worry about the minimum wage increase is a threat for many small companies(7). She said that when the worker have money , they will immediate spend their increased income by buying basic needs for their families have a better living conditions(8). So it can stimulating their local economy and will not influence the small business benefit.

The minimum wage is the lowest hourly wage and raising the minimum wage can boost the economy for poor. From the report that raising the minimum wage can reduce many employees overturn and increase low wage employees’ purchasing power(Margot, par. 11). Some economists say “higher wages benefit business by increasing consumers’ purchasing power, reducing the costly employee turnover. Raising productivity and improving the production’s quality,customer satisfaction and company reputation(14). ” From the information above, it pays to raise the minimum wage.

Minimum wage stdies have never shown conclusively that raising the minimum wage has significant negative effects on employment. Studies investigated 100fast food restaurants in Texas(Berlasky, par. 16). The result shows when the minimum wage increased no reduction in employment(17). The report also point out over eighty percent of minimum workers are adult not part time work student. From the above survey date that raising the minimum wage properly will not influence the employment and most of the minimum wage workers are adult and they have to maintain the family life.

The minimum wage become one of the most focus on the hot topic of people. Raising the minimum wage can bring us good influences from different aspects. Raising the minimum wage also promote economy so that reduce the poverty rate, let the country’s society more peaceful so citizen in the country can have better life. The minimum wage also can increase the public health. There is no denying that raising the minimum wage have some disadvantages but the advantages are greater. By raising the minimum wage, the country can become better and better.

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