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Spartan Narrative

It was a Tuesday in Sparta. The cars were bubbling, kids were crystal porting. I spotted my best friend Urina she is very rebellious just like me. I taught her everything she knows. She isn’t as hard to spot since her and I both have midnight black hair, everybody else’s’ hair is blonde. So it’s easier for us to stand out. The sky was filled with kids all around us. During the walk to school we passed by the Time square building. It’s the only building that was taller than all of the other buildings. It had a sphere on top of it surrounded by rings.

According to the robot teachers the rings represent a bond for our people. Which I hardly believe is true because the council is never there for us. We have to do what they say and wear what they give us plus serve them. “Urina and Nobely late as always I presume you were getting into trouble again. ” The teacher huffed. “Sorry ma’am” they both responded at the same time. As they sat in their assigned seats all the kids gave them funny looks. It was like this every day getting picked on because they looked different from the others.

Everybody had to have blonde hair and blue eyes perfect tan skin and a whole perfect type of beauty. Everywhere we went we got all kinds of stares, I was hoping that everybody would have been used to us right now, but no they just have to keep staring at us with our midnight black hair, starburst eyes, and pale skin we our own kind of beauty. “Can anybody tell me what is the answer to 3x + 5x – 2x = x – y + 5 is? ” “Well can anybody tell me? ” the teacher retorted. “How about you Urina? ” hoping to make her fail on this question.

Urina just sat there, I know she knows the answer because on the way to school she was going over this question, plus she is a math genius. Soon after when the class was sitting in silence because Urina still hadn’t answered the question the bell rang. “Urina why didn’t you answer the question? ” I asked her with concern. “If I did answer that would just give people another reason to laugh at us. ” She remarked. “You shouldn’t dumb yourself down, just so people won’t make fun of you. ” And with that said I walked off into my next class.

I wasn’t really paying attention much, I was daydreaming while looking through the window. A few seconds later the teacher started yelling at the class about talking too much. I looked back out the window and saw a glow from the Time Square building where the council lives. It could have been a trick of the light or my imagination playing a trick on me. When it was time for lunch they served us gourmet food like every day at school. Once I grabbed my food I went to the lunch table where Urina was sitting. “Urina guess what I saw. ” I excitedly exclaimed.

What did you see Nobely” she said as if she wasn’t interested to hear what I had to say. “I saw a glowing red and blue light from the Time Square where the council lives” I enthusiastically said. That got her attention and she just sat there staring at me with really big eyes. Finally she snapped out of it. “The Time Square building is blue it’s the only other color we have besides gold and silver. ” She stated. “But I know what I saw” I exclaimed. “It was just a trick of the light and nothing else. ” She yelled and ran off, but I knew that wasn’t it I just know it’s not.

I’m going to find out what’s going on there and I’m not going to stop no matter what. After school while I was walking home I got this strange feeling like somebody was watching me. As soon as I turned around to look if somebody was there I ran into a wall, or at least I thought it was a wall. When I looked up I saw it was Skylar my mortal enemy. “Watch where you’re going. ” Skylar demanded. “Sorry. ” I mumbled, and with that I walked off. Well that was strange he didn’t insult me at all today. What’s up with him?

Once I got to the street with houses I had to look for my house because all the houses are similar, well except my house it’s a different kind of silver, a darker color. Once I got inside I walked to my room and forced the door shut. According to council “rules” more like laws we can never shut our bedroom doors so they can watch everything we do. Then I went to my desk and opened my computer, when I looked out the window just ahead of me I saw a woman in brown sack-like clothes and frizzy pink hair staring at me. With her hard cold grey eyes that could turn anyone into stone.

I looked back down at my computer but when I looked back up she was gone. Once my computer was finished updating I saw the calendar, it said I had to work for the council in a week. This would be my last time serving the council. I had worked there a couple of months at a time, we only have to work there for a year and luckily they let us work there one month each year and we can’t start working until we are eight. I’m finishing early because they let me work two months each year. Well this will make it easier to spy on the council and find out what that glow really was.

With that said my parents called me into the living room. “Darling we have some bad news. ” My mom said sadly. “What happened? ” I asked not ready for what I was about to hear. “Your friend Urina has decided to leave the city and she is gone, it happened after school today. ” She sadly expressed. “You didn’t have anything to do with this did you Nobely? ” my mom asked with distain. “No I didn’t, why would you accuse me of such things, don’t you trust me since I am your son? ” I asked with tears in my eyes.

“Go to your room, young man don’t talk to me like that I am your mother. he screamed. “Fine I will. ” I shouted and stormed off. When I got into my room with its dark dreary silence I had time to think. Maybe her disappearance had something to do with that lady I saw earlier. When I turned on the lights and the light shown on the black walls and I saw something. Some kind of boxed shape thing was on my desk. It had a bow and paper on it. I wonder what it is, as I opened it was a film disc. I put the disc inside the computer, and pressed play. I can’t believe this it’s the lady I saw with the pink hair outside my window.

Hello Nobely. My name is Coral, I work for the rebellious group against the council. We believe that the government are hiding something and that’s why we are recruiting you to help us expose the government for who they really are. Plus you can find out the truth about what really happened to your friend. Meet me by the outskirts of town by 4:30 p. m. and make sure nobody follows you. Or else you ever loved or cared about will be in danger. ” And with that the disc vanished into purple smoke. I guess I’m going to meet her, and with that I went off to sleep.

The next day at school wasn’t very interesting, a few classes here and there. Finally when the bell rang, I started my journey to the outskirts of the town. I walked toward the hologram store and turned right, and went straight past all the other business. Finally I made with 5 minutes to spare. She was there, or at least I thought she was. As I walked up closer I realized it was a hologram. “Hello again Nobely, sorry I couldn’t meet you it’s just that something important came up and I would put you in danger if I went to meet you. So I will find another way to make contact with you, and remember don’t trust anyone.

With that the hologram was gone and I was left alone in the coldest wind I had ever experienced. As soon as I made it back to town I ran straight home and locked myself in the darkness of my room. Only then I realized that my thoughts were turning against me. “It’s your fault Urina is gone, you hurt her, you made her go insane, you made her leave…” this is what my thoughts were telling me and I couldn’t take it anymore so I turned my music at maximum volume and screamed and screamed until I couldn’t no more. Why did she leave I asked with tears coming out of my eyes. Why?

I was indulged in darkness and let it wash over me until I fell asleep. The next day when I woke up and realized that we didn’t have school today, I decided to lay there in my bed not wanting to face the world today in all of its cruelty towards me and her. I can’t even bring myself to say her name, I didn’t realize how much this was affecting me. There was a ding and another and another, so I finally went to the window to see what was making that noise and it was her. It wasn’t Urina but it was the lady with pink hair, I think her name was Coral, yeah I’m pretty sure that’s it.

I went in the garage and she was already there. “I don’t have much time to tell you everything you need to know, but I can tell you this your friend Urina was taken by the council so whatever your parents told you, don’t believe it. Also your training begin after school on Monday at 4:00 p. m. sharp, don’t be late” After she said that she was gone like the wind. Finally Monday came around and as I went to class I noticed that Coral was standing there watching me. I decided to go to the back of the school and wait there for her, I was hoping that she got the message to follow me.

About five minutes later she was there. “There has been a change in plans. ” She spoke with no emotion in her voice. “Your training begins now! ” She had shouted just before she right hooked me in the jaw. After three hours of fighting and going over plans she told me I could go home. I didn’t want to go home, I wanted to take down the council once and for all. Once I started to the Times Square building people didn’t give me any strange looks because they knew I had to go work there. Once I got in I rode the Elevator all the way to the top floor. Once I was there I took the stairs to the council’s room.

What I didn’t expect was that Skylar was there, guarding this secret door I have never seen before. I went out of the shadows to confront him. “Skylar what are you doing here. ” I inquisitively asked. “What do you think Nobely, I am serving the council. ” He irritatedly said. “You can leave now” “No I’m fine right here” He yelled in my face I grabbed the closest thing near me and hit him with it. Once I got inside the c council’s room I looked around and saw Urina. She’s lying on the table looking very blue. Just then the Council came running into the room.

“What are you doing here boy? They yelled. “You killed her didn’t you? Didn’t you!!! ” I yelled with tears forming in my eyes. “Yes we did” they said with smirks on their faces “Why” I could barely whisper. “Well we had to eat now didn’t we. ” They started to take of their faces and once they did. I could see why. They were aliens, with big giant black eyes and insect like faces. I ran out of there as fast as I could. I went behind the time square building ripped out all the wires and turned out the power to the whole city. The people started gathering and I just ran out of Sparta like no one before me has ever done.

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