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Personal Narrative: The First Day Of School Essay

Before 7th grade, I never actually believed in bad things. I just didnt think of them as things that actually happened to people. I don’t even know why I thought that, I was actually a pretty nice person.
I had a somewhat unremarkable life, except for my mom being gone. I lived with my dad and my 7-year old brother in the suburbs. Life was hard sometimes, but I got through it. Eventually it came to the first day of school yet again.
It was a typical first day of school. Rushing to get ready, finding the perfect outfit, cliche first-day-of-school pictures. When I got to school, everything was normal. Life was good. But, in a weird class I had called “Creative Learning”, we were given an assignment. It wasn’t a normal assignment. We had to write a horror story, and we were…

“Merly a favor. You must give me that locket.”
I was really angry now. “I came all the way to get this locket….AND YOU WANT ME TO JUST GIVE IT TO YOU???!!!?!?”
“Yes, it’s either give me your locket or die.”
“Ugh, fine” I said reluctantly, taking off my locket and laying it down on the floor near the snake.
“Good”, the snake hissed, “Be gone then.”
Before I could answer, I was back at home. I was in my bed wearing my pajamas, and the clock said it was midnight, like nothing had happened at all that night. I wasn’t even hungry anymore. Even the bite on my right calf wasn’t there anymore. I was so scared the next few weeks that I barely talked or left my room, I didn’t tell anyone about what had happened. I spent hours and days thinking about whether this was real or not.
The mill wasn’t there anymore either, I kept going back to the spot where it was, but it was just an empty field. Even my teacher didn’t know anything about going to the mill.
I thought I was completely insane until I go the note. It was a rainy Saturday, when I was reading my favorite book, and a small, folded piece of paper fell out of the book as I turned the…

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