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Problems With Paying College Athletes Essay

This problem with paying college athletes has been introduced in lots of courts throughout the years. The question where these millions of dollars should go. Should all this money go into paying college athletes for the sports that they play in college? They play these sports and help build a good reputation for the college that they attend, but the answer for whether to pay them is simple. I do not believe that college athletes should be paid in college. This might be a shocker for a lot of people, but this answer is very simple with facts on why paying these athletes could be a very bad thing.

My personal opinion on the issue comes from my personal insight and experience with sports even now. Even though I am not in college and have not played college sports, I have personal experiences that have really placed my opinion on the issue. My knowledge and experience on the subject goes back to when I was the captain of the swim team for Kimberly High School. When I was captain for the swim team I had to do a lot of work for the team in general. I had to organize relays and how and who should be swimming in it and what they should be swimming.

I also competed in four events on top of all that. So | was doing a lot for the team, but I also had problems with what other people would do on the team. Other kids would not have to do much work at all or swim that much on the team making it very easy for them to slack off and not do what they need to get done. Some even missing their events entirely. So based on this alone I could be very angry if we were paid for being swimmers on the swim team here. Sure, I would be able to get paid money for doing the sport, but so would the others who do not do as much work as I had to do.

So we would be getting paid the same amount of money, but I would be doing more work than the other person would be. So this would not be fair to certain athletes that would be competing alongside these other swimmers. Some may say to pay me more money because I would be doing more work than other people are, but this would lead to protesting and demanding to be paid the same which wouldn’t solve anything and would make the issue grow even bigger then it was before. This would happen in college a lot too because there are tons of players that do not do as much work as other athletes do.

So, just based on my own experience with the sports that I have played I would have to go against the fact that they should be played for playing sports in college. A huge problem that I see with paying college athletes is what | referred to in my pervious paragraph which would be paying athletes the same amount in the sports that they play. As Kristi Dosh said in her essay “The Problems with Paying College Athletes” said that It would not be fair for those players who do way more work than others to be paid the same amount as those players that do minimal work at most.

And paying these athletes more for what they do will start fights with players for equal pay since they are playing the same sport and are on the same team. No matter what this will start another topic of paying all college players the same amount which will end up starting another problem and will not fix the issue at all. An example of this happening could be for football for instance. Most big college teams will have hundreds of players on the sideline in games at a time. But, only 11 players are actually on the field at a time.

Adding both offensive and defensive players and substitutes this can add up to about maybe 40 players playing in games a lot and more frequently than others. But even though there is a large portion of players on the sidelines who do not do as much work as others they are still counted on the team. So if you were to pay these players, then you would be paying both the players who play frequently in games and do tons of work and paying the players who are on the sidelines not doing much work at all. But you would still need to pay all the players fair and equally if you were to decide to let all players be paid for what they do.

Another big problem with paying these college athletes will be that paying them will end up ruining the game entirely. If you start to pay all these players for playing for your team then all the big colleges with the most money will be the ones who get the best players and the ones who are the best. Because these colleges are offering so much money to these players to play there would not bother with going to a small school to play. This will end up hurting tons of small colleges because now they aren’t getting a lot of funds from sports because all the good players are playing for the big colleges in the nation.

And now the sport will just be owned by all these big schools so it won’t be as fun to watch because now the sport is all just about who has the most money and all these players will just be playing the sport as if it were a job. Now with these big schools they will start to charge more at games to help pay for all these good players so it will also affect the parents and students who will want to go and watch these games. So now they are paying for the athletes to play now which doesn’t help them at all. Money is a huge issue when talking about this problem because now you have a bunch of athletes that you will have to pay.

Most people just think of football when talking about this issue, but if you start paying college athletes then you’ll have to actually pay every single sport as well. This means paying volleyball, basketball, swimming, golf, etc. All these athletes for each sport that they play. And this will cause a lot of money for the school to pay for and could really make the school struggle financially because now it has less funds then it normally had to begin with which will cause more problems at the school and can even make the school cut out sports just so the school doesn’t have to pay for them.

So now those students will not be able to play the sports that they love to do. Which also should be another reason why they shouldn’t be asking for pay at all. They should be doing the sport because they like and enjoy playing it and to represent their college. Most likely the college that they are attending if they are playing the sport will give students full rides and pay for everything to have that student play for them which really should be a reward in itself.

Because now that person doesn’t have to worry about paying for loans or for school because the college is allowing them full access to come to the school to play for them. So asking for more money for having them play in games seems to be like they are being selfish in a way. Now there are plenty of good reasons out there of why college athletes could be paid like, since they are playing in these sports and also have to focus on academics then it can be really hard for those athletes to get and find jobs that work with their schedule.

Also a lot of the really good players are really helping the school get tons of funds, popularity and money for the school and they are doing all the work without making money at all, so they feel like they should get a little piece of the pie for helping out the college in that way. And the final thing is that a lot of the coaches for these sports are making hundreds of thousands of dollars for being coaches for the sport and coaching the team on what to do, but in reality the players are the ones who are really doing all the work and making it happen and without them the college and the coaches wouldn’t be making as much as they could.

So those are reasons on why college athletes could be paid, I just feel like there are way more reasons that they should not be paid and how it could really hurt and be bad for a lot of people if they were. Paying college athletes would be an extremely bad thing to do and would not help our country at all. This can lead to a bunch of money being used, prices going up exponentially, more arguments and fighting, and even making the school cut sports that students could play in.

More problems would and will sprout from this if athletes start to be getting paid and it will leave a lot of smaller schools to be in a lot of trouble who will struggle financially with this. So the question on where should the money goes answer should be into the school itself because paying the athletes could be the downfall of a lot of athletes and schools around the nation.

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