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Essay On College Athletes Should Be Paid

College athletes put blood, sweat, and tears on the fields and courts they play and practice on. Should players get reimbursed for their contributions and efforts to the college or university? They bring in billions of dollars and funds for their school why should they be credited and rewarded? It would help create a sense of financial awareness, show how dedicated the player is to the game, and help them deal with the many expenses they deal with while at school. Athletes should be compensated for their efforts based on the attention and financial support to colleges nd universities.

Do you think if you were in their shoes you would want to be paid for your effort and hard work? Dedication, heart, sweat, and tears are laid on fields and courts by player year around athletes risk their bodies each game they play. Should players be rewarded for their dedication and contribution to the school they are exhibiting their talents? If the college athlete pursues his or her interest and makes the sport a job and career they are entering a legitimate business. Contracts, bills, business offers and many more wrap up the young adult and overwhelms them.

Coming out of college the average college athlete has no real world financial experience, thrown into the real world with no experience it can intimidate the young adult. Drastically leading them down a narrow road of agony, pleasure of spending, and wasting money atrociously on anything they can buy without thinking twice about the purchase, and how it may affect their funds. Ruining many athlete futures in the world today it is on the person to provide his or her own money. “R. Antoniello “complex|making culture pop” Complex.

Mark Ecko, 18 Burkins 2. Mar. 2002. eb. 01. Dec. “around sixty percent of nba players are broke within five years of retirement”. 2016 Dealing with the career, bills, expenses of living, luxuries, and living life in general can be overwhelming for one individual and especially at a young age. Providing some type of payment and finances while in college will most definitely benefit the student, promoting good spending habits and other smart financial traits that will help them in the long run.

Schools bring in millions of dollars yearly, the money brought in is dispersed all throughout the entire chool but surprisingly not going back to whom was the cause of the money getting there in the first place. Providing athletes with serious financial scenarios can affect their life and give them he advice and experience, giving them some money literacy will go a long way for them. ” SmartAsset. com. ” SmartAsset. Ed. P. Camilleri. Micheal Carvin, 12 July 2012. Web. 01 Dec. 2016. “help athletes leave school with more than just a degree”.

The sports organizations bring in majority of the school income, Big school or small school the sports teams are the main money maker; other than tuition and others expenses egarding the school. The entire school is a business concerning money regarding big bills and cost to attend. If the school did not have all the sports teams they have, the school’s income would drop incredibly, unless the school was mainly based upon education.

The sports teams basically show off the school either to make it look better or to bring attention “Top 10 Lists – ListLand. Top 10 Lists | ListLand. com. N. p. , 4 Nov. 1023. Web. 04 Dec. 2016. “they use athletes to mainly promote the school and advertise all over bringing more fans, students and money”. Although some schools take much pride in their sports industry it all falls back to a business and money management, how can they make more, who should they try and scout and get to bring in more fans and money? To most colleges profit is the big picture, money will take Burkins 3 them to new heights and make them look like a better school.

Schools forget what is the main reason they were created and introduced to the world which is the students and athletes attending it and trying to better themselves and find a path to success. U. S. News & World Report. U. S. News & World Report, n. d. Web. 04 Dec. 2016. money is the main priority, colleges focus on and what funds come into the school to help build up and make the school seem more impressive”. High school students do not think about the future and where their income is going to come from and colleges especially do not worry or think about it for them.

They get big time players in high school so they can promote and help bring attention to the school, not worrying about the student future and legacy he or she may leave. PBS. PBS, n. d. Web. 04 Dec. 2016. “colleges can be called selfish for the way they do their student athletes, by mainly just thinking f themselves”. Colleges tend to worry about themselves concerning the outlook and appearance it will display money revolves around schools. College athletes are nearly the same as regular students. They both have some of the same expenses the only benefit of playing a sport is the free scholarship.

Of course the scholarship can down play a lot of the total income of going to a certain college, never underestimate athletes still have to pay for a lot of things. Athletes have car bills, phone bills, light, gas, and water the list can go on for days but those are just some things the college student, ncluding athletes, have to worry about weekly and monthly. Students have hundreds of payments piled up on them and can be very overwhelming @ListLand. “Top 10 Lists – ListLand. ” Top 10 Lists ListLand. com. N. p. , n. d. Web. 04 Dec. 2016. the average college student can’t pay much of the bills and luxuries without obtaining two jobs if they don’t have one then they are screwed”. Colleges do not realize how much weight is on the student athlete to Burkins 4 have classes, playing a sport, having to manage and pay bills can effect and stun a young adult so early in their life. Many cannot handle all the overwhelming stress that overloads them. Paying the athletes could make so much of their college career much easier and less stressful.

The housing and food supply may be handle for from athletic scholarships but that’s only a little they still have many expenses left to handle. ListLand. “Top 10 Lists – ListLand. ” Top 10 Lists | ListLand. com. N. p. , n. d. Web. 04 Dec. 2016. “Athletes have it a little easier than the average student, but don’t disregard them they still have some of the same expenses and responsibilities as them”. Athletes are looked upon for being money stable and dependent with money but many are struggling with payments just as much as the regular student. If the colleges pay the athletes a load of stress will be taken off of the athlete and will help them focus on the sport and career they are trying to reach.

Universities paying athletes will push them to strive for better opportunities and help enhance business strategies. Schools do not realize how much power and guidance they have on students even their student athletes, for them that’s where they start their career and where they an show off and improve many things. Providing the young adults with a steady paycheck can teach them the responsibilities of having and obtaining money and teach the importance of it. “R. Antoniello “complex|making culture pop” Complex. Mark Ecko, 18 Mar. 2002. web. 01. Dec rewarding young adults at a young age will teach them many responsibilities and learn the priorities of having money and the sole purpose of it”.

Colleges have to think ahead and see how paying them can influence their decisions later in life and see where it takes them such as business wise. Schools bring in billions of dollar every year especially top named schools such as Kentucky, Alabama, and Oregon. There is no telling how much many they bring in, why can not Burkins 5 they pay the players. It is just business for them they do not think long term about their players.

They bring the players in and have them bring a big name to the school get some hype and send them on their way. The only money the kids are receiving are from local jobs or other advertising projects not regarding the school. U. S. News & World Report. U. S. News & World Report, n. d. Web. 4 Dec. 2016. ” College students are in debt by the time they are in there second semester of the year athlete or not”. Of course full ride scholarships can go a long way but with all the bills, and supplies needed to get through college can be an overload on even a student athlete.

A human being can only endure so much the college will be taking a load off the student. Of course it would not be fair for college athletes to be paid and rewarded for playing a sport, while the other ordinary students that are there for educational purpose get rewarded for nothing. Complex Making Culture Pop. ” Complex. N. p. , n. d. Web. 05 Dec. 2016. “it has to be understood that these athletes are risking their physical health and much more while playing these games, you can’t compare them to an ordinary student”.

Athletes sacrifice so much time, effort, and energy to putting in hours and hours of work to achieve their goals to not be rewarding nothing but a win and creditability. The average student puts in many hours as well studying, preparing for test, and making ends meet trying to sustain a good grade and be able to reach their goals to stay n the college. They both have much work and responsibilities to handle but the athletes have it more physically and mentally harder, it’s so much for them to handle outside of their sport, they come back and have to complete school work.

It is very demolishing for the body and brain for them to not be appointed any retribution. Athletes do not see how much impact it would be on getting paid in college would be. They only worry about the sport and their career and hope to have one. Burkins 6 The question has been lingering all around throughout history and the better these young dults get in their sport the more money they should be rewarded with Meaning they should realize their importance they have at that college.

College athletes should be paid for multiple reasons:they need a sense of financial intelligence needing to understand what to do with money, how to spend it, and how to save it. They have many bills and expectations they have to depend on to get through college, they sacrifice so much and be so dedicated they forget there actually value. College athletes deserve to be compensated for their efforts based on the attention and financial support to schools.

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