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Who is the real Hero of this Play

The dictionary defines a hero as man/woman who is famed for courage or deeds of prowess. The character in the play Julius Caesar, who best fits this description, is Brutus. Brutus is the hero in this play because he demonstrates certain character traits that would be necessary for a person to be defined as a hero. Brutus demonstrates how he loves Rome even more than himself and those close to him. He demonstrates honesty and leadership qualities throughout the entire play.

Brutus is the only true hero in this novel due to the fact that the other characters in this play do not demonstrate these character traits to the same level, as did Brutus. Brutus’ selfless qualities are but one trait that proves him to be a hero. The killing of Caesar is a truly heroic deed. He kills Caesar because he knows that with Caesar becoming the only ruler of Rome, the latter would become a tyrant and enslave the people of Rome. “It’s not that I love Caesar, but that I love Rome more. ” (3,2,22-3) -Brutus.

This love for Rome is known by the people, and that is why the he is so popular and well respected. Cassius states, “O, he sits high in all the people’s hearts…”(1,3,157-60) and Antony asserts Brutus is “The noblest man to live in this tide of times. ” (3,1,256-7). Brutus is not only seen as a hero by most readers, he is also seen as a hero by the people of Rome up to a certain part of the play. Brutus is the most honourable person in Julius Caesar. How many killers would tell the whole city that they had just committed a murder?

The only one that comes to mind is the honourable Brutus. He tells to Romans that the killing of Caesar is in the best interest of Rome. He is also honourable to his country; he puts his best friend and himself after the well being of Rome. When he began to realise that killing Caesar is not in the best interest of Rome, he admits it like an honourable man, and then kills himself. “Caesar, now be still; I kill’d not thee with half so good a will. (5,5, 51-2)” All in all, a person so honourable as Brutus should be considered a hero.

Over the years most great heroes have been great leaders, and that is no exception when it comes to Brutus. As soon as Brutus joins the conspirators, he immediately takes charge. He decides to kill Caesar but not to kill Antony; he speaks to the angry mob right after he kills Caesar, and he is the main leader of the army fighting Mark Antony. He falls down with his army just like a good leader should. He also states that killing Caesar was a mistake, and he apologises for it before he kills himself.

Basically Brutus may make some mistakes, but he makes up for them and that’s what makes him a great leader. In short these are but three of the many reasons why Brutus is a hero. Only a hero puts his country before himself and his friends. Only a hero admits to killing a man with giving just cause, right after he commits the murder. Only a hero can lead so many men into a losing battle with just cause. Quite simply, Brutus is a hero because his enemy Mark Antony said so; ” He is the noblest man to live this tide of times.

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