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Compare And Contrast Soccer And Football Essay

When it comes to comparing and contrasting between soccer and football it is pretty simple to spot the differences and similarities. There are a few similarities between soccer and football there are far more small and big differences. Some of the main similarities are the number of players on field, the number of referees on and the size of the field. The many differences range from many different things but some of the biggest differences are how to play the game, the many differences for the athletes and pay.

There are many ways that soccer and football are different the first of these many differences is in the way that these sports are both played. To begin with football is played with an oval pointy shaped ball and the ball is passed through the air and caught by hand. While in soccer the ball is an ordinary round ball and is passed by the ground by kicking to teammates. Another difference in how to play these two sports is in how to score points. For football the offense has to pass the ball down the field by throwing it, the ball has to be caught to advance till who ever has the ball is tackled by the other team.

Which is completely different from soccer in one main difference. The biggest difference is that while football gets to use their hands soccer does not let you use your hands. In order to play soccer you have to kick the ball down the field using your feet and only the goalie is allowed to use his or her hands. These are only a few of the main differences between the two sports and yet they already show how much they are not alike. There other differences besides how to play, like the differences for the athletes that play both these games.

In football there are usually at least 22 players in total eleven players for the offense and eleven players for the defense plus substitute players. While in soccer there are also eleven players usually stay on the field unless there is a substitute needed, in which case another player comes in. Another way the sports are different for them is that when playing soccer you have to use your feet, and if a player (besides the goalie) uses his hands the ball is turned over to the other team.

Where as in football the ball is thrown in the air from the quarterback to a receiver that e is a pretty big difference in these two sports for athletes. Another big difference is the amount of protective gear the athletes have to wear first off in soccer the only protection the athletes need is a pair of shin guard’s and a protective cup and the goalie wears padded gloves. While as in football the athletes must wear a helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, thigh pads, protective cup and knew pads to keep from having any serious damage caused.

These are only a few of the differences in the sports for its athletes but they are some of the most important that any athlete should know that’s considering playing these sports. The last main difference’s in these sports is where they are most popular and the pay rate. Both of these sports are fairly popular in certain areas of the globe for football it is mostly watched in the United States and is very popular. Football is so popular that every year at super bowl time most Americans have a party and watch the game together.

Where as soccer is popular on more of a global scale, it is more popular in, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, and many other countries. Seeing as that soccer is more worldwide you would think that their players get paid more, but they actually don’t. Major League Soccer players on average get paid around 226,454 and makes one of the lower paid sports despite how many people watch it. While foot ball players get paid on average 1. 9 million which has a few good reasons why they get paid more then soccer players.

One of the few reasons is that while you can get hurt while playing soccer there is a bigger chance of getting more seriously hurt in football. Despite the many differences that soccer and football have it is interesting to see all that these sports are also pretty similar but with not many big difference’s in both. A lot of the differences are actually just the amount of protective gear or one sport may have more necessities then the other. Another difference is just simply where the sports are watched.

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