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How Did Kids Work During The Industrial Revolution Essay

The Industrial Revolution was a very historical time, although many people got injured. Many amazing inventions were made during the time. Many people got rich off of their inventions during this time period. During the Industrial Revolution, children were forced to work in the factories. Many kids had to stick their hands in a moving machine to get a loose bolt out of the gears, if the kids weren’t fast enough they could get their hands cut off. Although many great inventions were created, the children were very mistreated. Young girls would die from the sulfur in the match factories.

The boys who worked in the coal mines worked from 4am to 5pm. For many kids from the age of four and up they had to work. The work consisted of selling newspapers, working in match factories, coal mining, and any type of factories. Many kids wanted to learn but couldn’t. Many kids did not know their ABC’s, some didn’t even know how to spell their own name. The parents of the children fought for their kids to have an education. The protest turned into a fight. The military got into the protest many parents fought with the Armed Force’s, many parents were beat to death or put in prison for a very long time.

The kids without parents were owned by the owners of the factories. They were locked up in cages in debt to the factory owner until they paid off their debt. The kids only ate one meal a day and only had the scrapes off the table that the factory owners and their family did not eat. They got paid half the amount of adults. If the children got hurt and couldn’t work they just took them out of the factory and put another kid to replace the injured child’s job, they didn’t care about the injured kid. Children remained an integral part of the U. S. slave-based economy until after the American Civil War 1861-1865). (www. worldbookonline. com)

Children were slaves from(1700-1865). One of the greatest inventions of the Industrial Revolution was the railroad. The railroad opened a lot of opportunities that helped a lot of people get from one place to the other quicker. Before the railroad mules and horses had to pull the engine. Lots of mules and horses labored so hard that they would die will working. These animals weren’t just only pulling the engines they were also pulling boats the animals were tied to the boat while they walked. Thanks to Thomas Newcomen in 1775 the first reliable steam engine was created.

The mules and horses still had to pull the boats for twenty-two more years. In 1807 Robert Fulton invented the steamboat therefore the mules did not have to pull trains or boats again. Many things were invented during the industrial revolution. The things that were invented during the Industrial Revolution are the steam engine,cotton gin,power loom, telegraph,sewing machine, telephone, phonograph, airplane, internal combustion engine, diesel engine, and the automobile. These inventions created changed the world forever. Without these inventions the world wouldn’t have the technology it has today.

There were many inventors of the Industrial Revolution. Many are really famous like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. If I named all the inventors of the Industrial Revolution it would take forever. If these men did not live the things we have today would not be here. The lightbulb wouldn’t have been invented without Thomas Edison. The Industrial Revolution started because there was access to all sorts of things. Britain was one of the fairest places at the time. It held many smart people at the time. Britain was also known as the land of opportunity it had tons of mines for coal and silver.

In 1820 the Industrial Revolution moved to America. The industrial Revolution was between 1760 to 1840. The Industrial Revolution changed their lives for a very long time. Many people had the chance from going from poor to rich in a matter of one invention. Many people that were rich for making things went out of business. Everybody wanted something new. Many people called the time before the Industrial Revolution the Dark Age. The cotton gin was a machine that cleaned cotton. It has spikes that let the cotton come through but not the seeds. The cotton gin was created by Eli Whitmire.

He did not patent his invention. Eli went to court to take care of the problem. Eli could not prove that he created the cotton gin. The cotton gin was easy to duplicate. Eli finally gave up and went to work with the U. S. military. Eli finally got his patent. The Industrial Revolution was one of the hardest times in history for many factories. They were put out of business while other people went into business because they had newer inventions. The mines had to work harder to supply the factories with the metals that they needed. Many people went to the mine to get work. The mines went deeper.

Many people came from other places to work for the mine because they needed the money. If they could not get a job at the mine they sent their kids to work for the factories or to sell newspapers. The automobile created by Henry Ford was one of the greatest inventions of the Industrial Revolution. Many people needed the automobile to travel from one place to the other without walking. Many people could not afford to ride a train. Harrison Ford was producing more cars than ten car companies put together. Ford produced so many cars that he put a lot of other car system out of business.

Factories were the base of inventing things. Many companies would only take women or men. Many women were not paid for there job and just stayed home and did house work. If you worked in a factory the owner could do anything to you. The people that worked for a factory would have to do everything that the owner wanted them to do. Many people called this slave work. Many people refused to work for companies because they did not want to be a slave. The factories started to complain to the police. Many people fought not to work but they eventually lost the people were forced to work.

Many factories were built during the Industrial Revolution. There was a lot of work done and a lot of money spent. The factories didn’t only make thing it also traded its products with other companies. Ther trading got bigger and bigger the British started trading with other countries. The companies got more money and started to make the company lager. Many business got a monopolies. After about three years there were no more monopolies. Many companies started to sell their products at cheaper price. The companies did not have enough money to buy high grade metals.

The companies started to get low grade metals. The prices went down and down. The business who did not have enough money to pay for their factories and were forced to sell. Many companies that had to sell went into the cotton business. Many people worked at cotton mills. The cotton mill industries was one of the biggest factory system. Many families worked at it they didn’t get paid a lot but they made at least twenty to fifty pounds of cotton a day. The twenty to fifty pounds would go to the women and they would make shirts or pants out of the cotton. The employees would work up to twelve hours a day.

Although they didn’t get paid much the money was better than none. Many people wished that they could work at the cotton factory but there wasn’t enough room. Many people thought that it was unfair but they learned to deal with it. The cotton factories got bigger and bigger. The more people that worked at the factory the richer the company got. The biggest concern of the Industrial Revolution was people moving out of a town. The less people in the town the more companies that would go out of business. If a company went out of business the less products that the people would have to live off of.

If one family found a better place the next family would go and the next. One company would try to make their products less than the one in the next town. During the whole Industrial Revolution the products would go up and down in the city’s. A whole bunch of companies would sell out to fast just to keep people in their town so they can sell their products. The that their relatives gave prices of the Industrial Revolution was one of the lowest prices in history. Many people bought a lot of products in the Industrial Revolution some families did not even have enough room to put their furniture they bought for a low prices.

Many families had so much cloths that they didn’t have enough room in their closet to put them. The family just kept the extra clothes so if there clothes ripped. Most of the families that had a lot of money had at least twenty pairs of cloths. Many families were so poor that they got hand me downs that thand me downs that their re them. The families that ha hand me downs got picked on and were treated unfairly. They didn’t have the new trends that other kids had. They had the old fashioned clothes that were ar clothes before the new clothes that came out.

Many families were driven out of the town. The families that were driven out of one town were driven out of the next one to until they were forced to get new clothes. Many people started their own shops for clothes during the Industrial Revolution. After the cotton mills were created they started to work harder to buy more clothes from the the cotton mills then they started to sell them. Many families got more money for buying and selling their cloths. Many families started to make shoes and other products that they could sell. The merchants started to put factories out of business.

The factories started to make more and better products to put the merchants out of business. The merchants didn’t go out of business they just got less money. There were many fights during the Industrial Revolution the army got involved in many of them. The people started many of them. Some were for good reason others were not so good. The people won a lot of them but some of them lost. Many people got hurt and went to jail. Many people fought with the soldiers the soldiers fought back with them. Their were many boycotts. The people would start a boycott if they didn’t get something at a low price at a company.

They would tell people that the company stole your money. Many people would not go to that company until the prices went down. The people that were alive during the Industrial Revolution were very selfish and rich. Many people would not buy a product from a mean and selfish. Many people didn’t get any products from rich people. The rich people would only buy things from other rich people. The rich people avoid the poor and the poor avoid the rich. The rich and poor weren’t really different except for the money difference. Eventually they came to like each other. Many companies didn’t cooperate with each other.

The companies fought daily about who’s company as better although they sold different thing. Companies still do this to this day they still have arguments weather their better or and who’s not better. Many companies will say things about the other companies so that people will want to go to their company the companies would say things like they steal your money. The Industrial Revolution is still going on. People are still inventing things to this day. Plenty of companies still create some things that they did in the Industrial Revolution. Many people are still trying to come up with something that they want to create to get rich.

People don’t avoid other people they think of them as equals. Although the companies still fight they do not put it out in public. The people that are alive now don’t make the mistakes that they made during the industrial revolution. Kids still get picked on for not having the latest trends. Although the Industrial Revolution was a long and hard time, we got many things out of it. The things that we have today wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for that time in history. The people in the past inspired the people today to go for their dreams and go big.

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