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Should Athletes Use Performance Enhancing Drugs Essay

Is it OK for athletes to use performance-enhancing drugs? There are many factors associated with why performanceenhancing drugs shouldn’t be used in sports one of the main association is health risks. Performance-enhancing drugs should not be used in the sport because as they use the enhancing drug they are destroying the sport fair play and roll models in other people’s eyes.

Enhancing your body with drugs may lead up to overdosing or illnesses however If everybody took these performance-enhancing drugs everyone would be unbeatable and it would be unfair to the people who are allergic to the drugs but they still want to play the sport, but can never win because all the other people who take the drugs will guaranty win. Another reason enhancing drugs shouldn’t be used in the sport because if our sport roll models are taking drugs to enhance their body, children get influenced and want to become like hem so there take the enhancing drug which they may not know how much to use so they overdose and die.

Once a person is on a drug or an enhancing drug its hard to get off them so they feel like they have to keep taking the drug so it could get out of hand with taking enhancing drugs to play better at a sport. Enhancing drugs should and always stay illegal in sport it would influence other proper in general to take drugs also it’s unnatural to play with a performance-enhancing drug. The health risks that enhancing drugs can cause body issues and this may lead up to illnesses but these drugs can help a person o get better faster than normal which would mean they could get back on the field of sport nimbly if they injured their selves. Even if the performance-enhancing drugs can help the person to repair quickly it is still hard to stop taking performanceenhancing drugs which may lead to getting addicted and then over-dosing. Taking performance-enhancing drugs effects your body and also your mindset.

The performance-enhancing drugs are as addictive as smoking so if they want to get off the performance-enhancing drug that they have been taking, in their mind they want more and more, but inside of their body what is happening? Inside of the body that has been enhanced drugged has a horrendous effect on the body. The negative effect of taking performance-enhancing drugs is the heart attack, diabetes, increased heart rate, more common headaches and performance-enhancing drugs can also cause depression.

Performance-enhancing drugs are not healthy to take for your body and even your mindset attracting you to become addicted to performance-enhancing drugs. performance-enhancing drugs would not be a fair game to people who want to play the game but keep get beaten by the performance-enhancing drug people who take it. This would be unfair to the people who are allergic to the performanceenhancing drug, they would not have any opportunity to be able complete their dream because they can’t take these drugs to make them better.

It’s unfair how the allergic people can’t achieve their goal to become the top player in their sport because they can’t take the performance-enhancing drugs to help them become the same level as the people who are taking the performance-enhancing drugs. Taking performanceenhancing drugs is not a fair game to the other people who don’t want to be hooked on drugs because of their disability or even, in general, they would like to play a fair game. These drugs would destroy the fair game play.

All of the sports players are role models in the world and for the sport plays to take performance-enhancing drugs, young children would look at the sports players and want to do the same as them so without thinking they take any type of drug which may lead up the risk of death and overdosing. These role models are other people life goals for us to ruin them with any time of drugs anyone would also want to be then because they are the best and who doesn’t love being the best person or even just the best.

To take these role models and make them a mess with performance-enhancing drugs, overdosing, dying because of performance-enhancing drug, addict to drug, is what children see in the world and would want to lead up to the ‘roll models’ but actually they are leading into death and a low life because of these ‘roll models’ that have been taking performance enhancing drugs that this child has tried because they want to be like the role models.

Taking performance-enhancing drugs are a disgusting role model materials that influence children to take drugs. erformance-enhancing drugs definitely should not be okay to use in any sports. the players could overdose or even been an addict to the drug. these drugs also affect your body in weird ways they can give you a high heart rate, diabetes and even depression. Sport roll models that are taking these performance-enhancing drugs can influence a young audience to take drugs to become better and strong but they may harm themselves by over dying or risking them self to die.

It’s not a fair game to take performance-enhancing drugs to become better at the sport that they play because what happens to the people who are allergic or don’t want to use these performanceenhancing drugs, they can’t fulfil they dream because everyone is too strong or to great to beat because they take the performance-enhancing drugs. In all sports performanceenhancing drugs should not be okay to use.

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