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Personal Narrative: My Love Of Reading Essay

I have always liked to read. I was taught how to read at a very young age and have never lost the love of reading throughout school. I was taught how to spell correctly and how to write neater as a young child. My parents knew that I would need to know how to read fluently to succeed in school, but they never worried about writing. My mother would read books to me every night, and as I grew older I started to read them to her. I loved to read as soon as I learned how. When I entered school, I loved to read all the books in my classroom, but I never like having to write about those same things. This has followed me throughout school.

I loved to read all of the children’s books in the bookshelves. The stories fascinated me with all the places to visit and people that I could see. I would always look forward to being able to read new books. The older I got, the more learned to love reading. I would sit in my room after school and read for hours some days. My mother brought me to the library in Park Rapids every week. I would get five books every time. By the time I was in the third grade, I was reading The Magic Tree House series. I kept a book with me at all times. Though I loved reading, I often struggled with the writing assignments.

The more the teachers made me write, the more I came to dislike writing. In fifth grade I started to read The Hardy Boys series. The fifth grade teachers told me that I had to write a research paper. I struggled getting enough down on paper and almost never did the project. I procrastinated because I thought it would just go away. My teachers had to push me hard to get it done. When I finished it felt like a weight came off my chest. Then in sixth grade, they changed the projects so the sixth graders had to write an even longer paper. I was very worried because I had never written a paper that long on something! had to research.

But even though I didn’t think it was possible got it done, before the due date. I was so excited when I got to seventh grade, when I had a class where we read more books until the papers came with it. When I entered the eighth grade had a different teacher, Mrs. Farnam. She taught me how to write with better punctuation and vocabulary. That was when I learned to appreciate writing and the usefulness of it. Though I never thought it was possible, I actually started to like writing as long as it wasn’t to long. When Mrs. Farnam made us start writing longer papers, I started to get worried. I had to write papers like never before.

I was forced to write with more thought put into my papers. I know now that it made me the average writer that I am now. When I entered into high school out of junior high, I knew that the writing would get harder. I wasn’t wrong about that fact. I had to write five paragraph papers almost every other week. We were assigned longer papers. I struggled because we hard to write all different types of papers. I was told to write informative, research, fiction, and many other types of stories. The most challenging part was the poems. I struggled putting the rhymes together or even thinking of ideas. I really had work harder to get good grades.

I never gave up though, and I know these were all preparing me for my future education where writing is almost as important as breathing. Thave had to write many multiple page papers. I learned how to put citations into the papers. I have learned to do the work, so I don’t have to make a mad scramble just before it is due. I have had teachers that showed me more ways to appreciate and learn to like writing even more. I know how important writing is now, even though as a child I struggled with this fact and dreaded writing. Writing is still a weak point in my life, but I try my hardest to write neatly and use correct vocabulary.

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