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Personal Goals

I am a teacher in the Detroit Public School system. Being a teacher did not start out being the profession of choice. However, I do enjoy teaching. Pedagogy is in fact an art and a science. Being a pedagogue is most rewarding. Thus, pedagogy has its own unique complications. Technology has revolutionized the art of teaching. This revolution has presented a strange dichotomy in the field of education. Whatever teaching may have evolved into; it is and will remain a dichotomous field. The dichotomous or two sided existence in teaching is due to human factor. We are social beings.

There are ways in which we receive and process information. In our reading it talks about learning styles in pathways of learning. We do have different learning styles. Within this complexity is the basis of the dichotomy. On one side we have the ascent of technology. On the other side there is the way we learn. My personal goal is to be a teacher able to identify, understand, and without prejudice respect the various learning styles. Prejudice is also talked about in “Ethical Reasoning”. I believe it is not possible to be successful at teaching without understanding various learning styles.

Our learning styles are affected or influenced by social and economic conditions. I believe that University Of Phoenix has the program to equip me with much of what is needed to become a better educator. The conditions in which to apply pedagogy is extreme. Lets briefly examine some of the conditions in which teachers must prevail. In my conclusion I hope to have demonstrated what my personal goals are. As a teacher in the Detroit Public School System; there is a great deal of planning that must take place.

Planning to utilize building space, room capacity, teacher assignments, curriculum, security, and parent involvement must all be planned. This planning occurs in the beginning of each year. The planning stage is a critical part of the school programs. Planning establish the academic and social direction, and tenor of the school for the entire year. The Detroit Public Schools are dramatically affected by social trends, economic changes, demographic changes, cultural and political changes. In the upcoming paragraphs I will briefly discuss the impact of these external factors.

Thus, we will address some of the many internal factors. After describing many of the external factors, I will briefly introduce the plans to address these factors. Thereby, accomplishing the overall strategic goals of the Detroit Public School system. Beginning in the 1980’s; there has been some dramatic changes in the school systems throughout the United States of America. In fact, the 1950’s was the genesis of change in the American school systems. When the atom bomb was created, a new era began. The nuclear age demanded more competent workers.

Thus, curriculums across America were redesigned to accommodate this need. America became the front-runner in nuclear technology. Its schools and universities attracted students from around the world. The American Education Institution is today the vast talent bank which supply the most important asset to the American Armed Forces and corporations. That asset is the human component. The American Education System has become one of the worlds great resource pool. Many countries throughout the world send their citizens to be educated in America.

The American is divided into four distinct systems. There is the urban education system; the rural education system; parochial education system; and advanced education system. Though the advanced school system consists of mostly collegiate, trade, and professional (law, medical, and seminary) schools. This system is largely self sustaining. Thus, is directly tied into the corporate, and military domains. The urban, parochial, and rural function as three different entities. Although, they are all basically K-12. Thus, should offer the same level of education opportunities.

Varying levels of educational opportunities is the main vein which differentiates the three systems. It is a true statement to say that many urban school systems have great facilities, equipment, staff, and funding. While that statement is true, it is also true that many more urban schools are lacking many important resources. This particularly true for what has come to be known as inner city schools. The term inner city schools to further differentiate from many of the urban schools. The Detroit Public Schools fit this description.

Many inner city schools are housed in buildings that should be condemned. Many of the buildings have inadequate ventilation, heating, plumbing, and are fire hazards. Cities lack the resources to either build new schools or update existing facilities. Most inner city schools receive their funding from State resources. With this in mind, planning for upcoming school years is a real challenge. Many inner city schools lack having enough books for the students. Based upon these conditions it is my endeavor to be able to improvise hen necessary to apply the art of teaching.

American society depends on teachers ability deposit information in the minds of students. That is elementary. middle, high school, college, and continuing. Teaching is always evolving. Therefore, the teacher must evolve. In conclusion, my personal goals are to graduate from The University Of Phoenix with a Master of Science in Business and Education. These degrees will enable me to teach a wide range of perspective tudents. Thus, equip me with the essential basics to manage schools, departments, and or businesses. This is also a life fulfilling pursuit.

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